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Aramex Shop and Ship or stupid is as stupid does…

I had once again ordered something  from the US via my Shop and Ship Account from Aramex. Where in general I had no problems in the past with Aramex they recently make me go crazy.

I had a package landed in the New York Mailbox on the 15th.

aramex1It reached the Dubai Hub on the 19th, so far so normal,

aramex2Another day later reaching Abu Dhabi…

aramex3Finding out the don’t know the address that I am using since a few years… Call me? Nope, lets send it back to Dubai… Suddenly the Delivery address is incomplete. The same address I am using on my Amazon account since years as well… At this stage I called them to ask if they are geniuses or completely stupid. They promised me the delivery the next day between 9 and 5. Perfect.

aramex4Next day, great news , status is out for delivery, can’t be too long until I have my new toy in my hand, brilliant. Or?

aramex5Unfortunately they tried a delivery way past the agreed time and they are not let through. Well, at least they know the location now…

aramex6the 23rd was a Friday, so of course nothing happend. on the 24th just before I wanted to call them a new status, out for delivery. Great. Or?

aramex7Well, again not exactly. Despite my family being home all day and having door bells on every floor they pretended to have tried it and nobody was home. Sure. I called them and asked why nobody tried at least to call me? No answer. They promised delivery the next day. Today. Great ! Or?

aramex8Today Aramex managed to send the package of which they know the destination already as somebody was supposedly here already back to Abu Dhabi. I called them and was still promised delivery today. Interesting. 2 hours after my call Aramex Mussafah has found out that my home is beyond their delivery area. The home that they have visited just yesterday but found nobody available to take the package from them! Seriously?  – I called them again to be told they will deliver it tomorrow… Sadly no really trustworthy statement.

aramex9Aramex managed to get a package from New York to the UAE within wtf4 days. But was unable for another 6 days to delivery it within the UAE. I am living literally 15 km away from the Aramex main hub at the Maktoum Airport….  Disappointing would be a very positive description of this ordeal.

For me the future is DHL, more expensive but in the past I had no problems, where Aramex seems to get worse by the month….


Update 26.01.15: They made the impossible possible and delivered it today!

Trying out Crazydeals.ae…

last week I had seen in an Facebook ad that Crazydeals.ae is offering the just launched BlackBerry Passport already with a relatively huge discount at a rate of 2499AED, The even bigger amazement on this was that it seemed the only store in the World taking an order for a white BlackBerry Passport!

So I placed the order, knowing that this is not going to happen anyways within an acceptable time frame, and waited…

A day after ordering I got a call telling me order will be dispatched within 3 days… That was a surprise already… I thought they would call me in tell me that the offer is wrong…


The next 3 days nothing has happened obviously. So I called for a follow up. At least this time I was told they have no stock yet and do not know exactly when it arrives. But I should not worry even during Eid they will do shipment on Sunday…

Having checked with a contact at BlackBerry Middle East there is no chance at this stage they will be able to deliver a white BlackBerry Passport anytime soon.  I got the black one anyways since some time so I am not in need for the white one, but it would have been cool.

Learning out of this:  If an offer is too good to be true (a unicorn phone that is not released already on a discounted price) than it is not true.

Crazydeals.ae should mention on their website that they have no stock of these items and delivery depends upon release and availability in the next 12 months…  The way they do it they make customers believe they actually have the items they are selling, which they don’t. I have luckily ordered cash on delivery so will have no running behind a refund here…thumbdown

I will certainly not try to order via crazydeals.ae again as the experience was rather bad…


Seems Etisalat needs an own Category here….

not enough that Etisalat is incapable since 5 weeks to get my eLife at our new home working properly. No, that would be too easy. Following their credo We are more stupid than you can imagine! They have sent me the last bill for the old apartment in Business Bay with a little surprise.

elifebillSo they charge me 850AED for not having returned the 2 TV boxed and the main box. Stupid only that on the 8th of March already i have returned these to the Al Wasl Business Center. So once again Etisalat is messing it up.

Calling the most useless hotline in the World (Etisalats 101) brought no news, as expected. I have to visit again the Business Center i was told. Brilliant. So we visited the same Business Center again yesterday afternoon. After waiting for one hour (would have been less if not permanently people without tickets would have been entertained) the guy who i had to deal with looked a bit helpless and walked left and right to his colleagues to check.  Finally after 15 minutes he started deducting the amount from the final bill and i paid the difference. He said within 4 weeks my issue will be solved and i can follow-up calling 101. WTF? I believe there is not a single competent or intelligent person working in that company as i can now again happily follow-up with their useless support.

In case it turns out that they will still ask the money i probably will have to call the police as the Etisalat guy who took the things has probably stolen them if Etisalat itself has not received them. Luckily my end can be proven…

Etisalat must be trying to proof something….

It has been 6 days again since the last contact. Within various phone calls made to most useless customer care center in the World (dial 101 to call them) and even more promises it should have been fixed by now already 3 times this week. Which obviously it did not.

I will visit their Business Center now as speaking to the clowns on the phone is having zero value. If i was the boss, i would fire them all for being incompetent. Will see what the visit to the business center will bring…


my Etisalat ordeal continues….

today it is one month since we applied for Etisalat eLife services. At that time we had been told within 5 to 6 days it will be installed. Well it got installed. Partially. And since then i am forced to call Etisalat as they get nothing done by themselves.  While last week they told me they have no boxes available to complete the order. This week they have no idea any longer why it is not activated. The mysterious concerned department knows it.

Since todaym, the anyways only limited to basic TV channels , TV box which was supplied stopped working. All channels including the Etisalat info channel are not a pack of my subscription. So rather than getting a step forward it wend one step back.

I am wondering why Etisalat wants to expand in other markets. Fix your problems in your home market first…

Will spamming getting more and more annoying…. WTF

In the last days i am getting plenty of Last Will spam emails…. I have decided to start posting these annoying companies now, wondering if this is legal here. I have obvious never registered a newsletter or anything there….

So here we go., the first one is coming from:

Linda Tovey
Business Development Team Administrator | Holborn Group
Al Shafar Tower | Level 15
Tecom, Dubai | P.O. Box 333851
Phone: +971 4 457 3807
Mob: +971 50 977 1946
Fax: +971 4 457 3999

Here is the email in full:

Dear Thomas,

Working here in the UAE without an up-to-date Will is a risky decision. And yet, thousands of ex-pats are doing it. Maybe you’re one of them?

If you are, it’s easy to understand why. Frankly, when you move here, there are so many adjustments. You have to get used to the climate and the style of driving, not to mention the mountain of paperwork from Immigration, the bank, the tax office…it’s little wonder that your Will fell off the to-do list.

But still, being out here without a tailor-made Will puts your family at risk. Whether you’re living without a Will altogether, or relying on one you made back home, your situation here is far from straight forward…so if the worst should happen tomorrow, your estate won’t be an open and shut case. Far from it.

I certainly don’t want to be the voice of doom, but it’s vital that you see the complex legal position that your family could be facing when two entirely separate jurisdictions are involved.

So I’ve put together a page of info telling you exactly what’s at stake, and how we can help you turn the situation around:

Click Here

With the help of our expert legal and estate planning teams, you can be sure your final wishes will be respected. And better still, we’ll help you keep inheritance tax to a minimum – wherever you happen to pass away, and wherever your assets are based.

I know it’s a painful subject, and I know you’ll probably be alive for many years to come. But nothing is certain. So please take a moment today to keep your family safe for tomorrow.

Wishing you every success and happiness here in the UAE.


Linda Tovey
Business Development Team Administrator | Holborn Group
Al Shafar Tower | Level 15
Tecom, Dubai | P.O. Box 333851
Phone: +971 4 457 3807
Mob: +971 50 977 1946
Fax: +971 4 457 3999
P.S. If you decide this month that we’re the right people to protect your estate, we’ll take 10% off our professional fees. It’s all detailed here:
Click Here


Etisalat eLife, soon having more Episodes than Star Wars…

So it seems my ordeal with Etisalat won’t come to an end. After calling the Etisalat No Care Center everyday on 101 and speaking to agents, Supervisors and Managers I came to the conclusion that the whole Customer Wannabe Care Center is a bunch of clowns…

It is easier to buy a nuclear rocket than getting Etisalat to activate my eLife account….

After having had yesterday the promise that within 24 hours everything will be solved ( he spoke to the concerned department while i had to wait on line). Astonishingly 25hours later absolutely nothing has changed. No call of the technician or anybody else from the Etisalat Team, no secret or hidden activation without passing by or anything else….

Pure Frustration.  So I had to call the Customer No Care Center of Etisalat again today. Result, they will send an email to the concerned department for follow up. WTF!?!

The people have no idea how to deal with complaints at all. If i was Etisalat i would replace these highly unqualified people with a recording tape on which you can leave your message. They would save a lot of salaries, and as right now, nobody would care about the tapes as well. So at least it is not going backwards.wtf

I’m not sure how difficult an eLife activation can be after the box is installed and Internet is working. But it seems that this is a Mission Impossible. Also to mention they still have to get outgoing calls working and deliver the second TV Box which they surely had only forgotten on the first visit….

I had also contacted Etisalat Care on Twitter which not very surprisingly wasn’t helpful either…

Etisalat e-Life: The Saga continues… WTF.

After last Thursday the Etisalat guy finally made his way to bring over the incomplete order i have called Etisalat again on a daily base. Obviously completely without success. I am not even sure if the people i have spoken to on the phone are having would even be qualified to walk alone cross a 1 lane road.

Speaking to them is so frustrating that it took everything in me, not to completely lose it.  You can see dealing with Etisalat an exercise in endurance. They asked me today within a 13 minutes conversation 3 times for my name. You should expect they know your name as you call and they ask you your name for verification, so asking five minutes later for the name and phone number again is just a joke. Not enough with that the guy had problems getting clearly spoken numbers in the right order…. Qualified care center staff? Hell no.


Ending up with the usual ‘ sir i will create a complaint and the concerned department ( still unnamed, still top-secret) will call you to rectify your problem.‘  It is more plausible that MH370 is found within the next one hour as that Etisalat would call.

The connection of the future that has the support staff of the past. And when I say past i mean past.  I would recommend Etisalat to rename eLife to E-death, that is at least directly communicating their service level.

Sadly the monopoly they are holding keeps them alive, in an open market with competition they would probably bankrupt within 3 months as no customers would be left over…

Thank you Etisalat, you almost made my day….

After chasing Etisalat for my eLife connection for more than 10 days and getting the installation appointment for today somebody really turned up. So far so good.

Unfortunately the guy came in my absence today. Even more unfortunately he brought only one TV box. despite me having ordered two which was clearly written on the order form. ..

So i am again chasing up Etisalat to deliver the second box and get the landline working which they also did not get done. Not important as Internet for me, but nevertheless. It should work. Seems this is going to be a never ending story…