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Bosporus Turkish Restaurant got hit by an explosion…

explosion-bosporus-restaurant-dubai-300x211Today morning an explosion ripped through the famous Turkish restaurant on Dubai´s Jumeirah Beach Road.

A resident who lives nearby said emergency crews at the scene said they suspected it was caused by gas and that no one was hurt. However, the explosion severely damaged the building, ripping through the restaurant. The ground floor, which included a wooden extension, appeared worst hit, with the walls and ceiling laying in tatters.


As it seems  the upper levels of the building are damaged as well, with debris hanging from the ceiling. All the windows were shattered and glass was strewn across all four lanes of Beach Road.

Sad news for such an iconic Restaurant.

Restaurant Review: Bosporus , Wafi Mall

Bosporus has opened their second Full size Restaurant this week at the Wafi Mall in Dubai. We have been already down for a visit and checked out the new location. First impression: This place is huge. More impressive even is the look when you are coming from the Valet Parking. The area looks really cool with the Restaurant on the first floor.

The inside with the wooden floor and the very cool ceiling looks really high class and very stylish. Certainly an upgrade to the one on the Jumeirah Beach Road. You got a balcony as well where you can smoke Shisha if you fancy to. We had decided to sit rather inside due to the hot weather.


We started the order with a bottle of water, a Vanilla Milkshake and a Mango and a Strawberry juice.  The Vanilla Milkshake that I had had a very nice flavor and has the power to make you addicted to it. Rarely I had a milkshake that tasted so good.  The Strawberry juice not only looked good but as well tasted very good, same can be said about the Mango juice.

As a starter we ordered the Mini Lahmacun, rather than one big one you get with the Mini Lahmacun’s four pieces which are easier to share, specially if you are with more people.  The Lahmacun came not really as a starter but together with the main course, but nevertheless it was super tasty and for me a must order item. If you visit Bosporus, make sure you order the Lahmacun, else you are really missing out on something.

Main course we ordered the Iskender Kebab, a chicken Doner Durum, a mixed Grill and a Kuzu Tandir.  Prepare some time with you if you visit Bosporus, everything is made fresh upon order and that takes a bit, not that we felt boring, but you might plan your visit with some extra time, it is well worth it. The main courses came relatively soon and the looks of the food where stunning. If the taste would only be half as good as the looks we still would have a superb dinner. But the taste was definitely matching the look and my Iskender Kebab was amazing. The lamb was tasty and very soft and scrumptious.


The Doner Durum (chicken) came cut in halfs and as well was lovely. The chicken was plenty inside and tasteful. The mixed Grill is a lot of items and I tried quite some and all were brilliant. Specially the slightly spicy chicken Kebab was awesome. The Kuzu Tandir (Lamb) came with potato and was a delight. Overall we could not have been more happy with the mains we had chosen. The amount was just right and not too much or too less, a perfect arrangement.

Of course we couldn’t go without trying out the desserts, so we picked a Sutlac and a Kunefe for this. Again, as well this is freshly made, so bring some time in order to enjoy everything that Bosporus has to offer. The Sutlac was superb tasting and had a savory sweet flavor.  I did not try they Kunefe as I was too full already, but I was told that there was nothing to complaint on that one either.

Bosporus in the Wafi Mall is my new favorite Turkish Restaurant. It has enough space that you probably never need to bother how full it might be and the ambiance is simply perfectly chic and still relaxing. We enjoyed our dinner out very much and will definitely return to try out some other items of the long menu.  Value for money wise we had been on around 500AED for three persons with starters and all around which is a fair price and quite reasonable in my opinion.

Check out more pictures in the Gallery:

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Restaurant Review: Bosporus , Wafi Mall
Easy to find, great style, superb ambiance
heavenly Perfect
Friendly, helpful, always there
An amazing place with great food. My new favorite Turkish Restaurant.

Contacts for Bosporus , Wafi Mall


04 – 380 8090





Bosporus now open at Wafi Mall !

Today, finally, Bosporus has officially opened its newest outlet at the Wafi Mall!

After the main branch in Umm Suqeim this is the second full size branch of the very popular Turkish Restaurant. They got as well the Bosporus Express Restaurant on the Jumeirah Beach Road and another upcoming Express Restaurant in the Dubai Marina, but so far there was no real second full size Bosporus. This gap is now filled.

The location looks stunning and you can bet that the Review will be on this Blog very soon!

Restaurant Review: Tike – Taste of Istanbul , The Beach

We had visited Tike -Tate of Istanbul at The Beach in JBR the other day.  I had seen Tike long time ago but never realized it served actually Turkish cuisine until I stumbled on it on Zomato.  The last time passing by we had time to try them out.

Tike has a pretty nice ambiance, the inside has relaxing Sofas as well as big round tables for bigger groups. We decided to sit outside which gives you a nice overview over the beach as well. If you can try to sit upstairs outside and you will have an even better view.

Tike offers quite some variety on their menu which made it harder to choose from for us. After going back and forth through the menu we decided to go for Lahmacun as starter (not listed in the starter menu but we ordered it like that) a Lamb Doner Kebab and Kuzu Incik (Lamb Shank). The Lahmacun was the best I ever had here in the UAE.

The Lamb Doner Kebab was coming with Rice and grilled Tomato as well as with a very spicy chili and sauce. The Lamb was not too dry and really good, The bread was not authentic turkish but OK. I to still prefer burgul over the white rice but that is just me, the rice however was OK as well. The Kuzu Incik was very soft Lamb and very good. The french fries it came with are crunchy and the capsicum matches the total packages greatly.

Value for money vise Tike is not extraordinary expensive. You are on the same level as a Bosporus or Turkish Village but in my opinion in a nicer surrounding. We paid 223AED for 2 which is in range.

Restaurant Review: Tike - Taste of Istanbul , The Beach
Relaxing, Comfortable, stylish
our choice of orders were excellent
Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable
a super located, great tasting and friendly serving Restaurant. Recommended

Contacts for Tike – Taste of Istanbul


04 550 9266








Restaurant Re-Review: Mr.Döner – Uptown Mirdif

It has been quite some time since we had visited the last time Mr.  Döner in Uptown Mirdif. Looking back a few years this was the very first Restaurant serving the Original German Style Döner. Döner Kebab opened later on only but overtook them with their franchise system by storm and lately it is Döner & Gyros which has passed by as well….

First thing was that almost a year after the last visit Turkey Döner is still coming soon. Well…

Second thing was that the Staff did not advise us at all. If you take a drink to the meal you pay 9AED on top. If you take the meal for 8AED on top you get a drink and fries… Brilliant concept to save money on single sales…

We had one Mr. Döner Sandwich (Veal) and 3 Durum Sandwiches plus a Lahmacun. The Lahmacun was really good, but the Döner is just not up on par with the other options available. Both Döner Kebab and Döner & Gyros serve a better Doner, later named one is the best in the UAE in my opinion.

Overall I was not very impressed, the nevertheless friendly staff could not help over a rather disappointing experience. I might pass by again after a year to give them another chance, but for now I rather stick with others….

Mr.Döner - Uptown Mirdif
Nice place, super outdoor sitting
below average sadly on Doner and Durum, great Lahmacun..
friendly, though not advising on best options .
Mr. Döner had served better before, this way we won't return...

4 255 9696








Restaurant Review: Sultan Baba Iskender, Jumeirah Beach Road

It has been a week ago that I had spotted the newly opened Turkish Restaurant Sultan Baba Iskender on the Jumeirah Beach Road. As promised in my initial post a Review will follow soon, and soon isIMG_20141212_125725 today. We had visited the Restaurant to see what the new kid on the block has to offer.

Parking is easy, and if you cannot get one of the few in front of the Restaurant you can park surely on the next side road which is a 20m walk way…  Entering the Restaurant which has quite a big outside seating area, with even a little playground for kids, you feel directly cozy. It is a nice ambiance with nice tables, chairs and arrangements.

The service was very friendly and we got the menu paired with some explanations. We went for a Lahmacun as starter paired with 2 bottles of water and an Urfa Kebab and Tavuk Izgara.

We had not expected it but as starter we got as well bread with dip’s and butter, but be careful here, if you eat too much of this you will get a problem with the main course. The Lahmacun arrived shortly after and was fabulous. For me so far the best Lahmacun in town together with the one of Bosporus.  The Urfa Kebab was great as well and I loved the Burgul which came with it. The lamb was well grilled and you could taste the grill what I love.  The Tavuk Izgara , which is in the end grilled chicken with white rice was superb as well and the Chicken was very nice.

Overall a Restaurant we will surely visit again. Next time I will try out the Doner Sandwich and the Iskender Kebab. Price wise we had been on around 150AED for 2 Persons which is totally in range for what you get.

Sultan Baba Iskender, Jumeirah Beach Road
Nice location, great outdoor sitting
Good friendly staff, fast and advising. .
If you are into Turkish food this is surely a place to visit...

You can find out more on Sultan Baba Iskender on their official website (LINK). The location of the Restaurant is below:

another Turkish Restaurant is open on Jumeirah Beach Road…

Passing by the Jumeirah Beach Road yesterday I found just another Turkish Restaurant has opened up close to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The name is Sultan Baba Iskender.

I stopped my car shortly to have a better look and I grabbed a menu card. First impression: I need to try this out, unfortunately I was on the way to an appointment and could not take the time right away. From Kebabs to Pita, from Soups to Salads and Sandwiches you have a gigantic choice over here.

I can’t wait to come back and try them out. Review will surely follow shortly…  You can visit their website meanwhile (LINK).

Review: Turkish Village, Jumeirah

IMG_00000145It was time to try the Turkish Village Restaurant in Jumeirah next to the Spinneys today.

We had been quite early at around 6 and the Restaurant was o. We choose to sit outside which was just great at this weather. The venue is huge and the inside has a lot of seating space as well. After being left alone for a longer time the waiter picked our order.  We went for 2 Doener Kebab plates one with and one without rice and one Chicken Saj with Bread, the mini Lahmacun as starter as well as a bottle of water and 2 Coke.

The drinks were served fast and sadly as well as Bosporus they are serving the Coke in a 0.3l can. I am just not a fan of that, but that is the way it is. The starter sadly came with the main course and was hence not really a starter. But it was very tasty nevertheless.

The Doener Kebab i had been just great and the rice was very tasty as well. I tested as well the Chicken Saj which was good too.  The prices are reasonable and there is nothing to complain about.

All in all a beautiful venue with good food and a direct competitor for Bosporus down the road. We will surely go there again.

Review The Turkish Village, Jumeirah
Nice venue with a great outdoor seating. Nice ambiance as well inside.
loved it.
Friendly Staff, nothing to complain. .
Nice Venue with good food at reasonable prices..