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Trying out Souq.com once again…

I have had not the best experience in the past with Souq.com and it seems neither had some of you who left comments on the old post on this blog.

Well a year has passed and an item has appeared on a good price which I wanted to get (Just another Microsoft Surface2) , so I ordered it expecting delivery within a week or 10 days…

The very next day it was shipped and I got a call for the delivery the day after. It took a total of three days to get the tablet delivered. That was impressive. Or was it just luck?

One time lucky is not good enough to write a new article I thought, so I placed another order for a Dell Venue 8 tablet. Again the same,  on day three the delivery. Improved service or twice luck? I was not sure yet.


So I placed a third order for a Canon camera. As well here the same. It really seems that Souq.com has done their homework and sorted out their problems. I am now happy to order with them as it fulfills finally my expectations.  You can find still items which are more expensive on the website then in any shop, But that is not the fault of Souq.com.

I am quite often complaining on the service level in this region, but if something works well it has to be said as well- Good Job Souq.com.

Solved : Souq.com failed once again… WTF

So another 4 days later i got finally the correct charger. That is the good news. The bad news is that souq.com represented in below communication by Leo Pio has absolutely not understood the complaint. It was not about getting the money back or keep the wrong item. It was about a wrong delivered item which was not the same as purchased….


The superior support of Souq.com despite being asked by me to Google souq.com and wtf and see the results for my complaint thought even it is a brilliant idea to send me a satisfaction survey! Seriously??? If these guys would work for me they would have been latest now terminated…

sougmailObviously my experience did not allow me to click Good,I’m satisfied , hence i filled out the unhappy form…

Just thanks to an enlightenment iStore Online and a check on their stock led to them picking up the wrong charger and delivering the right one today itself. Well done guys, late but at least you solved it in the end.

I can mostly recommend iStore and their way of having it solved but once again can only say keep your fingers away from souq.com.

Here a picture of the correct charger i have gotten today:



Souq.com failed once again… WTF

i still had some credit left on souq.com from my last horrible experience with them, so i decided to order the BlackBerry Premium car charger to stop my charging problem, and i could not find it available in any shop over here. The price with 55AED was exactly my credit i had with them so i paid only 12AED delivery charges which was great i thought.





This is what was announced on souq.com:



This is what came with Aramex today, the old standard charger…  I could have gotten this one anywhere…


and here is how it was offered on souq.com:


Honestly i don’t know what to say anymore, i believe just everybody selling on that platform is an idiot. I have of course files a complain which should block the payment to the seller, but i expect nothing to happen anyways. What a waste of time…. WTF

Update: Souq.com has finally reacted…

souq_logo_ENIts been 2 month now since my Souq.com experience

Today i got a call which i could not attend and when i called back a machine just told me that the customer care of souq.com has changed to a different number… I didn’t bother so i hang up. A bit later i found a comment on my Blog from them which you can see below…

I was a bit surprised as i did not expect any answer anymore from them. It shows at least that they do take complains serious even they are not handled very fast…

Thank you souq.com for a finally proper reply.


Update: Souq.com proofs finally to be stupid or ignorant…

wtfhaving had yesterday the mail of souq dot com explaining me that the seller who cancelled my camera order is not the same seller i got another mail today.

i send them yesterday the link to my blog which showed clearly the screenshot of the new offer for the same camera on a higher price. But Mr. Largadas, answered me again that this is not the same seller.

Proofing the opposite with the search function took me less than a minute. I don’t know if these people at souq dot com are stupid or if they just back up this practice. Seller that way cannot be rated by unhappy customers and keep a high customer satisfaction score. For me there was no further proof required that there are idiots working there, but they have replied on my mail…


Ordering with Souq.com? Never again… WTF

i had ordered a Canon Eos 650D via Souq.com on the 30th of January. Delivery should have been between the 3rd and 8th of February, which would be tomorrow. Today morning i checked the delivery status and found still not shipped Coming home now i just seen that the order has been cancelled because the item is out of stock.


well it takes 7 days to find out you cannot deliver an item you are selling online? That is really b*st. I can not recommend shopping at souq.com at all after this experience. The seller is not honest and the whole principles of the souq.com system are highly doubtful.

Looking around a bit more i found that the same seller (honey777) is offering the same camera again, but now for more money. So out of stock was just a lie. WTF. Online shopping here in the Middle East is far below the experience in Europe and North America….


I just called the Souq Customer support. They are sadly as well a joke and told me the money will  be refunded within one week. He could not explain as well how the seller has the same article online again. I will push this to consumer protection tomorrow… Let’s see what happens..