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Update: Get your childs vaccinations for almost free in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

vaccineAs the old topic on Get your childs vaccinations for almost free in Dubai got quite busy i decided to make a more actual post on this.

I have checked with the Authorities and this is the outcome:


Free for Sharjah residents, either visa or rental contract has to be produced upon visit. Else you are send home. Allowed for kids up to 7 years of age.


you can do your vaccination free of cost for kids up to 7 years in DHA health centres provided you have a valid health card which costs you another 110AED for kids up to 10 years old.

Abu Dhabi:

offers as well free vaccination for kids , you have as well to have Abu Dhabi visa to get it.  It is located in : Al Nahyan Maternal and Child Health Care Center, General Authority for Health Services for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Preventative Medicine, 11th Street between Airport Road and 24th Street (02 616 9521).

a visit to the Middle East Auto Awards @ Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah

We had passed by today at the Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah where the other day the Middle East Auto Awards took place. Winner was the Jaguar F Type S. All cars had been on Display within the area but somehow nothing spectacular was present. The cars where as the pictures show not really clean which shows that nobody really bothered to display the cars properly. Nevertheless a few nice pics…

Also i was not able to find out about the single category winners.


a visit to the Sharjah Aquarium and Sharjah Maritime Museum…

Sharjah Aquarium

we went today to the Sharjah Aquarium and Maritime Museum. The entrance fee is 20AED per adult and children 6-15 pay 10AED with kids below free.

The Aquarium is quite nice even if not really big. With the entrance fee paid for the Aquarium get also free entrance to the Maritime Museum which is directly next to the Aquarium and well worth a visit..

More infos: (LINK)

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The Aquarium is located direct on the seaside:


a visit to the Sharjah Classic Car Museum

we went today to Sharjah to the Classic Car Museum. I had not been there yet so it was a nice idea specially as a few cars are parked outside and i wouldn’t do that in mid of summer.

The Museum is located at the Sharjah Airport road, next to the Airport. The entrance fees are free till the 31st of January after the reopening this year and will be on 5AED for adults and 15AED for families while children are free.

The Museum is really having loads of cars displayed and it is really worth a visit. The cars parked inside where all closed when i tried but the cars outside are all open. More infos you can find hereL (LINK)

More pictures below in the gallery:

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Al Manjaz Waterfront , Sharjah

a few impressions from the Al Manjaz Waterfront in Sharjah,

more in the galleries:

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here a video from the Fountains at Al Manjaz

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