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Movie Review: The Last Witch Hunter

If you havd been given a chance to have a gift of immortality, what will you do?? For Kaulder ( Vin Diesel), half of his never ending life is about hunting and slaying all of the bad witches that walked on Earth, as it is his sworn duty to be “The Last Witch Hunter”. Now on the present time, he needs to accomplish one task, to finish what he had thought that he had done, slaying the Queen Witch that started it all.


I do like how they manage to incorporate old tales and modern era, giving the vibe and lightness for the viewers. They have manage to squeeze in what is the modern witches doing at the present day, and how they fit and adapt on the society. I like how Chloe (Rose Leslie) shows of her perkiness, which adds a little flavor of laughs for the movie. I do however, thinks why Dolan 37th (Elijah Wood) is added on the movie, doing nothing for most of the film. It feels like, he is just an extra, popping from scene to scene without no one is noticing him, giving Wood less lines, less perform, less to be seen, if given a sequel.

Vin Diesel though, gave his best impression of what he is in Dungeons & Dragons (young generations.. check on the internet!), as Kaulder. He did what he should have done, combining a lot of movie elements ( Blade, Van Helsing,  Torreto, F&F franchise, Stoick of How to Train your Dragon) but with extra power, immortality, I would say he is Vin Diesel after all, and this movie is co-produce by him and definitely viewers will watched this because of him.

The story itself is very direct and well script, connecting every part from the start to the end. But somehow it loses the wow factor, lacking on the story line progression. It’s like you’re watching it on a loop, the first part that he kills the Witch Queen is the also the last part, showing  flashback of Kaulder’s love ones all over the entire film, giving the viewers the chance to eat they’re popcorn for the sake of waiting it to finish.

All in all, “The Last Witch Hunter” is probably an okay movie. They have provided a new scope of world where witches and sorcery is alive. And they do give some hints of a sequel, to develop the story even further. So I suggest keeping in mind that this movie has potential to it, and can be developed for further more projects to come.

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars

The Last WItch Hunter is in UAE cineams and right now and you can check out the Trailer below:

Reviewed: The Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones

Did you ever wish to be able to use Headphones that do not cover or stick inside your ears? We have given the Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones a try as they promise a new way of listening to audio on the go. Instead of covering you up and make it impossible to hear the world around you the Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones are using the  ‘Bone Conduction Technology’ to transfer the sound from your cheekbones direct to your inner ears, leaving your ears completley free to any ambient sounds. Specially on a bicycle this is a huge advantage.

Quality / Feeling:

At first the headphones that are sitting around your neck are feeling a bit awkward, this was the first time ever to have Headphones not over or inside the ear. But once getting used to this I really liked the advantage of the unique Bone Conduction Technology. While listening to your favorite tunes you can still react and pay attention to your surroundings. Needless to say that this makes your life much safer specially if you are one a bike or running down a road. Pretty cool is as well that you can use them while swimming. Yes, you read right, they are waterproof too and work well despite water in your ears. For me as a person enjoying deep bass while listening to music the real only single point I disliked about the headphones was that they could produce more bass to fit better my taste.


The Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones are connected to your computer or charger via astandard micro USB cable. A full charge of the device gives you around 6 hours of usage time which is really good. It as well gives you the change to pair to other devices via Bluetooth. We have tried connecting it with various mobiles and even tablets and none of the connections gave us any problems. Paired to your phone it lets you even answer phone calls directlyfrom the headphones, so your phone can stay in your bag.


The Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones are a first of its kind with its brand new technology. It is a great step towards safety while using headphones and they are having a sleek design. They are multiuseable, comfortable to wear and deliver a good and clear sound, though the bass could be stronger for me. The connection possibility via Bluetooth makes this device a real allrounder and very useful if you are an active person that is enjoying music on the go.

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Reviewed: “Hitman: Agent 47”

Hitman-Agent-47Thanks to the lovely people at Empire Movies we had been able to attend the Premiere Screening of “Hitman: Agent 47”.I really liked the 2007 Hitman starring Timothy Olyphant and could hardly imagine that somebody could be cooler than him.

Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) was grown a perfect killing machine under a Genexperiments. His current contract leads the professional killer to Berlin, where he apparently has to eliminate a young woman named Katia (Hannah Ware). This scans the files of the city archives feverishly for an about a decades ago lost man even though she does not even know what exactly connects her to the wanted. In addition to that she has such a sharpened perception that she even realizes what is going on behind the closed doors of a city block away. As 47 is waiting his target in Berlins Alexanderplatz station,  the opaque agent John Smith involves (Zachary Quinto) and rescues together with Katia into the American embassy. But although this is one of the best-guarded buildings in the city, no one there could be really feel safe from Agent 47.

Keeping in line with the stealth shooter template “Hitman: Agent 47” is a (nearly) humorless action thriller whose makers have taken the abstruse story to zoom bred Barcode killers and an all-powerful international criminal organization (whose name also matches the ’80s Feeling with “Syndicate”) noticeably seriously. This is refreshingly old-fashioned and now on the big screen a rarity where straight old-school action is unfortunately produced almost exclusively for the home theater market. The trouble is merely: Unfortunately, the action could be even more in my eyes. While the Gore-level rises every now and again in extreme heights (in a Berlin factory is so long fought and shot until the doctor no longer needs to come), but overall it lacks the necessary punch. Whether it is a tribute to the Game template that CGI can be seen in the stunt scenes or not. When Rupert Friend and Zachary Quinto hitting on a Berlin subway, the decisive moments are all coming out of the computer. As wel when motorcycle thugs are falling on theirface, this is often nothing else than pixel art. In 2015 it should be possible to do better than this. ‘Mad Max: Fury Road ” has done this quite well in my opinion.

Rupert Friend (Homeland”) as Agent 47 is just like its predecessor Timothy Olyphant very convincing obviously such an emotionless killer just not necessarily makes it as a role model. This job would thus actually had fallen to Hannah Ware (Oldboy”) , but the newcomer is completely pale in her first starring role. But after all she still does better than Zachary Quinto (Star Trek”) and Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers 2“), which, as villains, come with painful cliché loaded dialogues at best for a pinch of unintentional comedy.

Conclusion: After Xavier Gens with Hitman” In 2007, at least ended up still as an action midfielder, it is likely his successor Aleksander Bach with Hitman: Agent 47” for me has not done way better than the first installment. I would have wished more action, more coolness and better villains.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Hitman: Agent 47 is in cinemas right now and you can check out the Trailer below:

Movie Review: Pound Of Flesh

Last night we had attended the Premiere screening of “Pound of Flesh” directed by Ernie Barbarash (Assasination Games) and starring  Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Deacon (Jean Claude Van Dame) was preparing to donate his kindly to his little nine years old niece Isabella, who was dying in the bed in requirement of a Kidney. Her father George registered her name in the list awaiting for the organ to be arranged by the hospital which is naturally taking time. On the day before the arrival a gang of dealers had stolen his kidney to be sold to one rich man. This man is controlling the city through a company called Harmony Corparation which controls the most bars and night clubs in the city with the assistance of the police. The love to his niece pushes him to take a revenge against this issue and to help Isabella to survive. With the help of his old friend and his brother George, Deacon begins the hunt for the man that has his kidney.

The movie is an eye-opener to what is happening in our world today and that the world is facing a humanitarian issue that has evolved into a fairly negative dimensions of murder and robbery of human organs from those who have no other options left in their life becoming an easy target for human trafficking member without pity and mercy. It shows in a pretty scary way on how the human life itself has become an article only for many people and having less value than money.

With the Far East being the setting of the Movie it is happening in an area where crimes for human organ is happening in wide and non-humanitarian way in reality. It is not only the Far East, this is also a worldwide problem mostly happening in third world countries where a huge number of people has no money for daily food, it gives a chance for high profile people to invest in this black market and to generate big money out of it and to give the ones who can afford it a new life.

0001_Movie Still-

What you get is still a typical Van Damme Action flick with loads of fight scenes and Action. Another thing I enjoyed was that there were quite a few twists in the story. Some of these might really surprise you. Whenever you think that you know something up comes something else to consider and change your mind. That said you the movie is backed with some surprises up to the end.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“Dark Places” is showing in UAE Cinemas starting today and as usual you can watch the Trailer below:

Movie Review: Dark Places

We had been out last night to attend the Movie Premiere of “Dark Places” courtesy of Front Row Filmed Entertainment. The question of this movie is Can a woman leave her dramatic past behind ? How can you escape your demons when a terrible multiple murder case shapes your life and you just cannot start over? Against this dilemma is Charlize Theron fightning in Dark Places, in which she plays a desperate young woman who gets ever again overtaken by the past.

Libby Day (Theron) had to witness as a young girl in 1985, as her mother (Christina Hendricks) and her two sisters were brutally murdered. Libby was sure that her brother Ben (Tye Sheridan) was in charge and brought him with this statement behind bars. The massacre became a media phenomenon and even 28 years after the murder Libby can not pull herself away from it. When a group of almost obsessive hobby detectives , who are trying to clear out former crimes, contacted her, Libby gets to deal with her past one last time and allows the question of whether Ben is actually the real culprit.

We went with a completely false expectation into this film, because we unconsciously let us confuse with the poster for Let Me In from 2011 and expected a story of eagerly undead. No way! Dark Places presents a thrilling psychodrama with a great Charlize Theron and a even better Christina Hendricks. This is not a loud noisy movie, but a personal, deeply shocking drama in which a family is almost wiped out and leaves so deep scars in the survivors – Libby and her brother Ben. Or, as he aptly talking with his sister at the end of the film says: “You are just as trapped as I am.”


Charlize Theron (Monster, Young Adult) plays as one would expect from her, and provides both strong and vulnerable facets of her role convincingly out. You can feel how Libby herself is rowing as a woman in her late thirties without firm support from one occasion to the next occasion, in herself turned untouchable and acts proud at the same time while actually only wanting to forget her inner exhaustion. One day she meets Lyle (Nicholas Hoult, Warm Bodies) who wants to solve the case with her, because many details are speaking against Ben’s guilt talking. Sometimes his scenes seem a bit poorly designed although the “enlightenment” does not come out of nowhere, but does not look as harmonious. Also worth mentioning is Sweetie Chloë Grace Moretz (Carrie), which does not act quite innocent in Dark Places. Who can look so nice lascivious-torn and simultaneously innocent, is really acting great. Particularly poignant but plays Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), the abandoned wife and mother of four children. She seems so fragile and self-sacrificing, and in spite of the strong reluctance the star of the film.

No, Dark Places is not a drama that would be highly praised at film festivals, but the always alternating dramatic and quiet moments arise with the interspersed flashbacks make up a really good movie that touched. And the tension can in no way be ignored. It is also the subject of Satanism – allegedly discovered by many teenagers in the 80s for themselves – played as a hanger, which manages to confuse the Viewer and leaves him with fascination , wonder and also a bit helpless throughout this film.

I can recommend the film with absolutely clear conscience. For me, it is above average in terms of excitement and Entertainment although the wheel is not reinvented here, but it still surprises at the one or other Occasion.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“Dark Places” is Releasing in UAE Cinemas on July 30, 2015 and as usual you can watch the Trailer below:

Movie Review: Pixels

We had watched “Pixels” last weekend. Here is our opinion on the movie about Aliens that put Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Tetris and Co. in a competition with earth in order to destroy the world in case they win. To prevent this, the US government requests the help of the video game Cracks Adam Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage. Pixels is a motley, creative action animation hit with a lot of humor and 80s charm.

The early ’80s, NASA sent a video of the computer game World Cup into space to send out a peaceful greeting to aliens. These, however, understood the “video greeting” not as a peaceful message but as a declaration of war. More than 30 years later, the aliens want to destroy the earth. They send brought to life, pixelated game figurines to a large destructive attack on Earth. Only the Arcade Champions and gamer nerds Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), Ludlow Lamonsoff (Josh Gad) and Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage) can prevent the disaster. Pixels

The candy-colored mix of action, sci-fi, comedy and animation is based on the short film by French director Patrick Jean from 2010 who at that time allowed the game characters to attack New York. In the Hollywood feature film “Pixels“, which was filmed in summer of 2014 and used about 90 millions of dollars in production costs, the game characters ate attacking now entirely in the style of “Independence Day” different targets in the world. Directed by comedy specialist Chris Columbus (Home Alone).

The highlight of “Pixels” is mainly that it is interesting for an extremely broad target group. Children and young people will have fun with the splendidly animated action and the typical sympathic loser humor of Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Adam Sandler convinces as pitiable, former games ace, which now works as an installer of hi-fi equipment and Kevin James simply rocks as absolutely incompetent US president. However, the top guy to laugh about is the Long Haired Donkey Kong World Champion Eddie Plant, who calls himself only “Fire Blaster”.

On the other hand the older movie goers will like the many successful allusions and references which are aimed at pop culture and music of the 80s. Moviegoers above 35 are welcomed with high charm and nostalgia factor of memories seeing Madonna, Max Headroom or US pop duo Hall & Oates, while in between hits by Spandau Ballet, Loverboy or Tears for Fears – whose “Everybody wants to rule the world gets a very special presentation by Josh Gade, are played. Not to mention the countless legendary game characters: From Frogger, Mario Brothers, the Smurfs to Pac-Man. The real , eerie-scary doomsday scenario does not become very present in this movie. It is anytime colorful, playful and entertaining, and that is why even children will have their enjoyment on this high-pitched Pixeled world.

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


Reviewed: Boardwalk @ Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

We passed by last night at Boardwalk which is located within the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. Being located directly at the Dubai Creek makes it almost needless to say that the location is stunning. Specially the outdoor seating is giving a great view on the Skyline and over the Dubai Creek. We had not had the luck of very clear weather, but still you could see Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa. Thanks to the outdoor AC units you can sit easily outside.

The menu contains of mainly Italian, Mediterranian and Seafood dishes which is matching quite well my taste. We went for a Bottle of still water, a Vanilla Milkshake and a Coke as drinks. On the food side we ordered the Fried Calamari as starter, a Margherita Pizza and a Lasagne Bolognese as main course. Complementary served was bread with a dip which was tasty.

The Fried Calamari are a pretty big portion and can easily be shared with tweo or three persons. They come with lemon and garlic dip which is a tasty combination. The Calamari where crispy and delicous. While still enjoying the ambiance and looks over the water the main courses arrived already. The Margherita Pizza was crispy and flavorful and well worth ordering. The Lasagne was perfect in taste and just mouthwatering.

Even if you just go for a few drinks Boardwalk is a perfect combination with the amazing views of this location and the really tasty dishes they serve. Value for money wise you are not paying more than in other places serving similiar cuisine. We ended up with a bill of 261AED which is well worth it in my opinion.  We will be back and the next time I will carry around a proper camera…

Reviewed: Boardwalk @ Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
Amazing outdoor seating, enjoyable views and setup
Good taste and selection
Very friendly and attentive Staff
A great Place to hangout over a few drinks and dishes with a stunning view.

Contacts for Boardwalk @ Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club


  04 295 6000








Reviewed: Stars & Bars, Yas Island – Abu Dhabi

The other night we went down to Yas Island to visit Stars & Bars at the Yas Marina. The location in itself is pretty nice located directly on the Marina with a , specially at night, amazing view on the Yas Viceroy Hotel.  We had sat inside as the humidity was pretty bad, but this is not a turn down. We chose to sit on the tables with the car seats as chairs which is pretty awesome and really comfortable.

Looking at the menu probably anybody could find something they like, a massive choice of starters, a very good selection of mains and deserts and almost more importantly a good choice of drinks.

We went for Chicken Fingers and the Crispy Calamari as starters and a Margherita Pizza and a Tenderloin as mains paired with a bottle of water and a Vanilla Milkshake.  It did not take long until the Chicken Fingers and Calamari turned up, the Crispy Calamari Rings came with an aioli sauce and as well some spicy Marinara, all was excellent and I really loved the Marinara in combination with the Calamari. The Chicken Fingers were average at its best and had no real taste unfortunately. Even my  5 years old turn them down and rather hit on the Pizza instead. This could surely be done better.

The Tenderloin , ordered well done, came with mashed potatoes and vegetables plus a mushroom sauce on top. The Tenderloin was perfectly well done and matched exactly my taste. The vegetables where tasty as well and the mashed potato was superb, for me a perfect dish.  The Margherita Pizza we ordered came with olives on top and looked already yummy. Taste wise it is certainly tasty with the dough being luckily not too soft. As well definitely something I can recommend.

Overall the taste experience was mixed with one starter being brilliant and one on average and both mains really good. The service was friendly and helpful and paid good attention. One thing that surprised me a bit negatively was the below standard condition of the toilets, this is not up to par with this otherwise really lovely location. We will nevertheless surely be back to try out some of the other options, and hopefully be able to sit outside when the weather is a bit more on our side.

Reviewed: Stars & Bars, Yas Island - Abu Dhabi
Great place, great setting, great decor, loved it
Mainly realy good but the Chicken Fingers where off track
Friendly, Helpful, Attention paying
A nice place for an evening out with the boys or families as well, recommended from our side..

Contacts for Stars & Bars, Yas Island – Abu Dhabi

02 565 0101






Reviewed: Applebee’s , Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi

Last night we had been in the Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi. Looking around for a place to get dinner Applebee’s caught our attention. As there are not many Applebee’s available in Dubai (well, one) we decided to just get some food over here and there was luckily still a table free.

Checking on the menu quite some things have changed since the last visit to an Applebee’s outlet. The Ultimate Trios sounded very interesting, you can pick three starters out of a list and have these as starter or even as main. We picked this with Chesseburger Sliders, Fried Calamari and Boneless BBQ Wings as starters. As main we choose the Steakhouse Mushroom Sirloin in 7oz and some Ribs. As drink we chose a large bottle of water as I had overseen the Milkshake section in the menu.

The starters arrived within no time and the Cheeseburger Sliders where perfect and very tasty. The Calamari were good as well but the Boneless BBQ Wings have just been very soft and flavorful, loved it. If you don’t share this with somebody it is easily good for a full meal and not only a starter in my opinion.

The main courses arrived just after we finished the starters, brilliant timing I must say. While the steak was just average and partially like chewing gum the mashed potatoes have been pretty good and as well the veggies were alright. The Ribs have been really tasty and the BBQ Sauce used really gives it the additional  aroma.

While I love Applebee’s since Kuwait days I was not lucky with my Steakhouse Sirloin unfortunately. But the starters and Ribs had been very good. We surely will return , but I rather won’t pick a steak…  Price wise we left 213AED for some great starters and 2 main courses which is fully alright in my opinion.



Reviewed: Applebee's , Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi
Nice Ambiance, cozy and relaxed
Super Starters, Great Ribs, Average Steak
quick and friendly
good place for some classic American food.

Contacts for Applebee’s , Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi


02 491 7799