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No evening plans? Why not visit RWAQ Ramadan at The Walk in JBR ?

‘RWAQ Ramadan at The Walk” features 5 zones, dedicated to Art, Food and Beverages, Retail, Art activities and Exhibitions, and will run daily from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am during Ramadan, and from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am during Eid. The event promises to reveal the true essence of Ramadan’s culture and tradition, through a unique concept, connecting contemporary art and cuisine to the region’s rich heritage and spirit of the Holy Month.

In addition to the different food and beverage section with Street food and contemporary Arabic fusion cuisine, there is an entire art activities and exhibition section. It showcases a full-scale light installation of larger-than-life 3D stars, titled “1001 Nights, Alf Laila wa Laila, by Tahir Sultan and Loop.pH, as well as the “Lunar Dome” designed by Loop.pH, which will represent the dynamic and slowly changing moon shape and the passing of time during Ramadan. Furthermore, there is also a Ramadan gallery, curated by Tima Ouzden, which exhibits works of leading artists with a focus on the Holy Month and the culture of the region. Last but not least, among the distinctive art installations, an interactive mosaic mural will also engage audiences, as it will be made up of hundreds of portraits generated by visitors. By printing their picture, participants will be able to donate AED 5 to Al Jalila Foundation, a charity that supports medical education and research in the UAE.

Sounds like worth visiting right?

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Tried out: Iftar at 3in1, Vida Downtown Dubai

Last evening we had been invited to try out the Iftar at the 3in1 at the Vida Downtown Hotel here in Dubai. I am in Dubai since five years but had till date never been on a Iftar as I had been either out of country or busy with loads of things. This year that has changed and so I could experience the amazing Iftar at the 3in1 Restaurant of the Vida Downtown. The setting in itself already is really cool, you got a relaxed almost Mediterranean style indoor seating with a nice view to the outside Pool area with its Cabanas. There was as well the option to sit outside, but because of the high temperatures we decided against that. This place can as well be recommended if you want to take somebody on a Romantic Date out with these stunning settings.

The 3in1 is located on the Ground-floor of the Hotel, if you arrive by car and you use the valet parking you need to go one floor down. If you use the underground parking of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard you can use the Stairway 2 or 4 and get out in front of the Hotel which lets you enter the Restaurant from the front side. If you use the second option you will be stunned by the welcoming Pool Area with its stylish ambiance.

Once you are in you will find basically three different main areas. One is holding the desserts, another one the starters and in the middle is a live cooking station where you can get fresh starters done.  The Beverages are kept in an Ice Table in cool Swing Top Bottles. I had the orange juice and another one and both had been super tasty and full of flavor.

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Updated: Restaurants that are open at daytime during Ramadan in the UAE!

In case that you are not fasting during Ramadan we have put together a selection of Restaurants and Cafes that are open at daytime during the holy month.  We will not list Hotels here as they are having their All day Dining and most even some other outlets open during the day anyways, and that is by law. So if you are not sure even after seeing out list – head down to a Hotel! My Favorite is definitely Doner & Gyros, and I am really thankful that they remain open at a couple of locations so I can get my fix.



Abu Dhabi


These are surely not all, but these are places I kinda like as well. There are loads of other places open as well probably, so  if you know any more places just leave a comment or mail us!

Last updated: 03.07.15

Dubai Metro, Tram and Marine Transport Ramadan timings announced!

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the Ramadan timings for the Dubai Metro, Tram and Marine Transportation .

Dubai Metro:

All stations of the Red Line will open from Saturdays to Wednesdays from 5.30am to 12am (midnight). On Thursdays the service will be from 5.30am to 1am (of the following day), and on Fridays from 1 pm to 1 am (of the following day). All stations on the Green Line will open from Saturdays to Wednesdays from 5.50 am to 12 midnight, on Thursdays from 5.50am to 1am (of the following day), and on Fridays from 1pm to 1am (of the following day).

Dubai Tram:

The Dubai Tram will offer service from Saturdays to Thursdays starting from 6.30 am up to 1.30 am (of the following day), and on Fridays the service timing will be from 9am and continue up to 1.30am (of the following day).

Dubai Water Bus:

The Water Bus at the Dubai Creek and Marina stations will operate from 12pm to 12am  from Saturdays to Thursdays. On Fridays and public holidays, the service will start at 2pm and continue to 1am (of the following day).

Dubai Water Taxi:

The Water Taxi service at the Marina Station will run from 2pm to 10pm, at Ghubaiba Station from 4pm to 10pm, and at the Palm area from 4pm to 10pm.

Dubai Ferry:

The Dubai Ferry at Ghubaiba Station will operate at 11am and continue up to 6:30pm in a journey from Ghubaiba Station to Marina Station. From the Marina Station a tourist journey will be operated for one hour at 5pm and pass through tourist landmarks of Dubai such as Atlantis Hotel, and the Palm Island. Other journeys will start at 11am and continue up to 6.30pm from Marina to Ghubaiba stations.

The Electric Abra:

  • Burj Khalifa – Dubai Mall will be from 8pm to 11pm
  • Al Mamzar from 8pm to 2am(of the following day)
  • Atlantis from 1pm to 9pm

Looking for a cheap and tasty Ramadan meal for you and friends?

If you want to invite your friends on a cheap though very tasty Ramadan meal and you like Shawarmas than Farooj got you definitely covered.

Farooj offers for 65AED the Shawerma Feast. This includes aside from a big bottle of water:

  • 5 Shawarma sandwiches
  • 3 Shawarma Platters
  • 2 Shaw and rice
  • 5 dates
  • 5 soup

Considering that a platter alone costs you 28AED this price is an amazing value for money, even though the Shawarma sandwiches are not full size….



a visit to the Ramadan Night Market …. Was it worth it?

We had visited today the Ramadan Night Market at the Dubai World Trade Center. Arriving there by car and willing to use the Valet Parking option for 40AED we found out that this means you get a ticket and you park your car yourself and keep your key. Somehow not really what i expected under Valet Parking but fine, we parked directly next to the entrance which made it for me worth it.

Going inside the exhibition Halls it was still quite empty at around 8 when the doors opened.

To make it short, this was a complete waste of time to go there. It is the same as the Ajman China Mall in Arabic and Indian and just bad. I found nothing interesting over there. The below which is the text from the official website makes you believe this is quite a huge event. Well, it isn’t.


The whole 2 exhibition halls 7+8 took us with 2 little kids around 25 minutes. Ad above is mentioned the bigger, better and more exciting Ramadan Night Market i am really curious how it looked last year.

If you are planning to visit there i can just recommend save your time and drive a round with the Dubai Metro…

Here are some impressions: