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Mireo Don’t Panic not working well on OS 10.2 on the Z30 ?

i had reviewed Mireo Don’t Panic back in June and was extremely satisfied with it. Now i have it running on my Z30 and everything is displayed in 15 identically fields which is horrible.

Uninstalling and reinstalling has not helped sadly… It seems sadly that despite being as per appworld approved for the Z30 it does not work… I have of course contacted the developer by email, let’s see what happens….

Here a screenshot how it looks like for me:


BlackBerry Z10 not working on Etisalat BB Social plan, on DU it does…

etisalat-vs-duEtisalat has announced that the BlackBerry Z10 will not work with the BlackBerry Social Package which Etisalat is offering at 49AED. That makes not really much sense to me, but putting up 30AED monthly  to upgrade to the BlackBerry Complete package is not such a drama but DU is not offering a limit of their social package which is on 30AED only. I am using Etisalat BlackBerry Unlimited for the reason that DU has no unlimited bundle available. Else i would go for DU directly as the service at Etisalat sucks.