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Cool: The App-Controlled LEGO Batmobile

With Christmas coming closer this is quite a cool gift.  Speed to Gotham City crime scenes with the motorized LEGO® DC Super Heroes 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile. This cool vehicle features 2 motors powered by a Bluetooth-controlled battery hub, an opening minifigure cockpit, 4-wheel drive and 2 dual stud shooters. Simply download the app to control the vehicle from your smartphone or tablet. This set also includes a new-for-August-2018 Batman™ minifigure.

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Star Wars: The Lego Porg

Love them or hate them, Porgs are one of the most iconic creatures from the new Star Wars sequel trilogy. Nearly universally loved for their cuteness, the tiny feathered creatures have featured prominently in promotional materials and scores of toys from The Last Jedi right from the beginning. The first minifigure-scale LEGO Porgs appeared in the 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon last year, but LEGO is now releasing a life-size sculpture of the fuzzy birds. 75230 Porg contains 811 pieces, and it retails for €69,99.

LEGO brings The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart this May!

Last year The Simpsons’ house was LEGO-ized. This year they have got the beloved Kwik-E-Mart joining them from this May onwards for $200. The set consists of over 2,000 pieces including Apu, Homer, Bar, Marge, Cheif Wiggum, and Snake the Jailbird minifigs.

It’s an incredibly detailed set as far as you can see already.  Check behind the break for more images… Continue reading LEGO brings The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart this May!

LEGO to release a AVENGERS’ SHIELD Helicarrier…

The Wall Street Journal has had an exclusive look at the new set based on the Helicarrier from the first Avengers movie, and it’s massive. Said to consist of 2996 pieces this thing looks great. The main attraction here is the 60 centimeter-long Helicarrier itself, but the full set also includes two Quinjets and various fighter jets and ground vehicles. A few characters are also included — namely Hawkeye, Maria Hill, Captain America (with Cap’s vibranium shield!), Nick Fury, and Black Widow, alongside a few generic SHIELD microfigures.

The set will go on sale in March for $349.99.

Here a few more images:

The Lego Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon…

We had been in The Toy Store at the Mall of the Emirates last night where I have spotted a completely fixed Star Wars Millennium Falcon. That thing is huge.

Checking it further I found out it is recorded to be the largest Star Wars set ever produced by LEGO, measuring 84 cm length by 56 cm width and 21 cm height. It is just stunning.

It contains of 5195 LEGO pieced and as well included the mini figures of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

The set is not produced anymore and the one in The Toy Store would set you back a whopping 19.999AED. (you read right). You can get is slightly cheaper here on Amazon (LINK).

The Batman LEGO Superheroes Tumbler

Pretty cool and surely not easy to assemble. Coming with a hefty price tag of 299$ though (LINK).

uild the awesome Tumbler from the Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy!

Take on the challenge of building The Tumbler, an amazingly cool LEGO model of the iconic vehicle from the Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy. Construct this black armored vehicle highlighted with new color LEGO elements and brand new LEGO front wheels. Check out the cool, detailed interior and adjustable top wings. Includes 2 new and exclusive mini figures: Batman  and The Joker.

  • Includes 2 mini figures: Batman and The Joker
  • Features an armored exterior, adjustable top wings, detailed interior and huge rubber-tread racing tires
  • Batman and The Joker mini figures are new and exclusive to this set!
  • Model includes new LEGO front wheels
  • Includes a fact sheet about the Tumbler vehicle used in The Dark Knight Trilogy movies featuring Batman
  • Tumbler measures over 5” (15cm) high, 15” (40cm) long and 9” (24cm) wide

Pretty cool: a LEGO Lamborghini Gallardo…

Now you can build a detailed and authentic Lamborghini! Out of LEGO. Yes, Lego…

This LEGO Lamborghini Gallardo is authentic right down to the engine and the famous Lamborghini rims.  741 LEGO pieces.

The set includes instructions for rebuilding it into a coupe Gallardo or spyder Gallardo with retractable top

  • Length = 26.7cm
  • Width = 11.4cm
  • Height =7.6cm

That makes it a 1:17 scale model which includes decals for an even more detailed look.. Sadly having a quite hefty price tag with more than 260$… (LINK)