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Review: German Doener Kebab in JLT

doenerlogoAfter almost years of waiting German Doener Kebab in JLT’s Cluster W, Liwa Heights Building is finally open. We found this out by pure luck only so we went in..

The ambiance is really nice, the staff is extremely friendly and Doener Kebab is really tasty. As of today they only had beef and no chicken, but said that will change from tomorrow onwards. Also they offer 20% discount right now on the bill. We were sitting outside which is great at this weather right now and very enjoyable. They have quite a big menu compared to Mr. Doener in Mirdiff but they had no take away cart yet.

There were some processes in the service not perfect yet, but it is the first day, Bosporus first day was a disaster with 2 hours waiting time… So congratulations to the Team. Well done.

As i was not prepared for that i had only my mobile with me, below the picture of their Doener Kebab.



German Doener Kebab ,JLT
easy to find, good to park
very friendly staff, table service offered, great .
Go and try it out yourself today...

You can find them on the map below. contact them on 800 Doner or visit their website here: (LINK)


Doener Kebab JLT seems to be opening shortly…

we passed by Doener Kebab in JLT today and it seems they are really going to open not too far away. The last time i passed by there it looked they would never open with all the windows full of newspapers… It looks quite cozy and i like the wall picture of the Brandenburg Gate.


their latest Twitter post says as well they are going to open in January, well January is only 6 more days to go, really looking forward.


Doener Kebab in JLT ever going to open?

i passed by today again in JLT at the place where Doener Kebab is about to open since a very long time. The last time i was there in December it looked like this:

IMG_0520on passing by today it looked like this:

I’m not sure if this means the final stage is reached before the opening or if that means it will never happen. Most shops you see the news papers in the window have closed down for ever…

On twitter they recently showed off below image which shows the inside of the Restaurant and recently as well stated they are hiring, seems that this will get a happy end in the future…



Doener Kebab in JLT is still not open…

November 2011 it was announced that the Doener Kebab Restaurant in Liwa Helights will open soon. Now more than a year later it still is not open. Why the spot next to it which was started much later it is operating already. On their Twitter account they are announcing a very soon opening as well as on their Facebook page but as this is announced for quite some time now it is hard to believe it. Luckily we do have Bosporus and Mr. Doener which are also an excellent choice.

Their homepage donerkebab.ae also does give no clue of when they will open…