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Restaurant Review: Shawarma Factory, JLT

While scouting for locations to take some pictures in the next evenings we made a stop at the Jumeirah Lakes Towers to look for some food. Once again the Zomato App was quite helpful guiding us to Shawarma Factory located on the Lake Level of the Platinum Tower in Cluster I.  Having left JLT more than three and a half years ago I had been really surprised how much has changed. But this might be due to not being in JLT and specially on the Lake level very often since.

Shawarma Factory is a nicely styled clean Restaurant whose basically full main menu is what the Restaurant name says: Shawarmas. You can choose between small and regular, but be warned, regular is huge! I made the mistake and the regular one has the size of a normal mans underarm!  I have not seen the small one, but guess this would have been very sufficient as well.

Taste wise this is probably something that can keep people discussing for years to come. This is not the standard arabic Shawarma, it is big, almost like a Sub. For my part, I prefer this version over the most traditional versions I had in the past years. I choose the Garlic Mayo sauce and was very happy with the outcome of my Chicken Shawarma. If in JLT this is surely a place I will visit again as from ambiance to taste everything was perfect for me.

Reviewed: Shawarma Factory, JLT
nicely decorated located on the Promenade Level
Huge but Loved it!
Friendly, patient, helpful
Shawarma a different, but tasty, way.

Contacts for Shawarma Factory, JLT


 04 554 7318




Restaurant Review: Shawermaty , JLT

We passed by Shawermaty at the Jumeirah Lakes Towers last night. Having a little hunger we stopped to Shawermaty which is a Gourmet Shawarma Restaurant located below the Palladium Tower in JLT’s Cluster C.

They have not really much space inside but a quite nice outdoor seating area close to the green area. Specially in the evening this is a really nice place to sit and relax with a good Shawarma.

We ordered a Pita Sandwich and a Maty Sandwich paired with two bottles of water.  We had just sat down outside when our order already arrived – that was really quick.  My Maty Sandwich was really good and tasted very flavorful. The chicken was tender and the Maty was much better than I had ever expected.

The Pita Sandwich was good as well, and if you compare it with value for money there is really nothing to complaint at all. The Pita Sandwich came in with 10AED and the Maty Sandwich with 20AED, both very reasonable and light on the pocket.

Overall definitely a place to visit again for the little hunger and a good Shawarma.

Reviewed: Shawermaty , JLT
Easy to find, Cluster C, below Palladium, nice outdoor seating,small inside
lovely Sandwiches
a nice Shawarma for the little hunger.

Contacts for Shawermaty , JLT


 04 451 6661







JLT Outdoor Cinema is running from tomorrow onwards…

If you don’t know what to do tomorrow you might want to catch a movie in the Outdoor Cinemas in JLT, the best thing is it is even free. Every weekend two Movies are shown. The Friday one is for children and the Saturdays one is for adults. Like in a real Cinema snacks and drinks will be available.

The open air cinema will happen every fortnight and run until the end of February. While all movies will start at 8pm, other entertainment will be available from 5pm onwards which gives a big enough time frame for a cool night out of the ordinary.

Looking around 15 degrees at night you might want to dress up a bit and wear something to keep you warm.

Here is the planned schedule of the Movies:

  • January 16: Horrid Henry
  • January 17: The Motorcycle Diaries
  • January 30: Zambezia
  • January 31: Where do we go now?
  • February 13: Ponyo
  • February 14: Persepolis
  • February 27: The Secret World of Arietty
  • February 28: Goodbye Lenin

You can find more information on the official website (LINK). If you have no idea where the Park in JLT is please refer to the location map below:


New route on Dubai Tram in JBR, JLT and Dubai Marina from tomorrow…

A new route encompassing the loop that Dubai Tram makes between the stations 1-4 will start tomorrow morning . The new route will not extend beyond these stations, only serving the stations included in this loop which are Dubai Marina, JBR 1+2 and JLT.

dubai-tram-map-2From the stations JBR 1 (station 1), JBR 2 (station 2), Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) (station 3) and Dubai Marina Mall (station 4) a tram will pass every 6 minutes, serving the 4 stations. The loop-within-a-loop route will enable passengers to quickly get from one point to another in the popular areas of Dubai Marina and JBR. Previously, traveling between the stations could be long, because of the single-track structure in the ‘loop area’.

Seems good news if you are living in that area and are just taking short trips around.

2 years after the Tamweel Tower Fire nothing has happened…

It is on the day 2 years ago now that the Tamweel Tower in Jumeirah Lakes Towers was on fire.  Nothing really has happened since back then. The tower looks exactly the same when you pass by on Sheikh Zayed Road. You would think that a city so much looking after its public image would have ordered something to happen on this long time back.

The tower went on wire 2 years supposedly which was caused by a discarded cigarette that fell into a pile of waste…


New road linking JLT to Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road …

Tomorrow will see finally the opening of a new connection between Sheikh Zayed Road at the JLT junction (Interchange 5.5) with SMBZ Road nearby Al Houdh R/A. The Road is named  as Qarn Al Sabkha Road.

You can see below where this road goes exactly:


Phase II of this project will be opened by the end of March 2015 where Al Saadah Road will be linked with Ibn Battuta Mall district, besides completing some bridges and roads in the neighborhood which will mainly serve JLT, the Gardens, Furjan, Jumeirah Islands, and Jumeirah Park by linking them with Sheikh Zayed Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

Additional Al Khail First Road would be extended to Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road, Discovery Gardens and Ibn Battuta Mall and would include a link to Jafza in the future as per a RTA spokes person.

Restaurant Review: Pizza Me, JLT

pizzameAs Figaro’s Pizza and a bunch of other Restaurants we quite liked had closed down in JBR we had driven to JLT to have a look around.

Next to McGettigan’s we found Pizza Me. A small but lovely Italian Restaurant. They sadly have no tables outside so we sat inside. The staff was very friendly and we went for the Garlic Bread as starter with a Carbonara and a Pizza Margherita as main course. The Garlic bread was very tasty and i have not had it similar to this one before.  The Margherita was thin what i normally completely dislike but this one was really good. My wife was as well happy with her Carbonara so all was well.  Price wise this was with 118AED total in range and not overpriced.

The sad thin on JLT is that while driving in front of the Towers you really do not see what is on the Promenade side available. Probably there are the one or another nice surprises there.

Pizza Me, JLT
Nice location, but parking is a mess.
good taste, good size, fair price...
Service was good , fast and friendly .
A decent place to enjoy a nice Italian dish in a pleasant atmosphere...

Pizza Me is located below the Mohamed Ibrahim Tower next to McGettigan’s Bar in JLT. You can get more info’s and a map on the official website: (link)

Jumeirah No Lakes Towers could become reality.. Almost.

As per an Interview with Arabian Business Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority executive chairman Ahmed Bin Sulayem stated that he hates lakes and that there is no requirement for them and he did not like Developer Nakheels plan. Good thing is that he as well said “The only lake that I think will be untouchable is the one facing the Dubai Diamond Exchange because of the view.”

The Lake on the Armada Towers is currently already removed and turned into a Park including an Amphitheater and Basketball Courts…

Read the full story here: (LINK)IMG_1251