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Visited: Girders Garden BBQ Smoker

We visited the other day Girders Garden to attend the Ultimate BBQ Experience we had been invited to. Girders Garden is located within the J A Ocean View Resorts and Hotels in JBR. The place is really nice and it was a cool, fun and relaxing experience. We had spent few minutes with the Head Chef Thomas, a German national who gave us  a couple of tips of how to marinate the meat with different kinds of delicious tricks and preparation so the meat specially the beef gets the tasty and tender soft outcome that later on made us wanting and craving for more. They have their own way of preparation using cherry wood in a slow low fire for 8 to 12 hours. We tasted the yummy smoked beef brisket, Bbq Beef ribs, the road kill grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, French fries, corn on the cob ,vegetable salad, lemon mint drinks, really great was the strawberry drink that made me feel cool and refreshed.

Girders Garden the first in Dubai inside JA Ocean View Hotel and Resort started back in December 2014. I had the chance to steal an interview with  Ms. Lee Ann Lombard, the Restaurant Manager from Scotland and she was very pleasant and cooperative during the interview and she gave us perfectly detailed informations on our questions.

BBQ beef mania is available every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and their ‘Road kill 1/2 Chicken is always available daily, for pork lovers party Bbq is available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They are serving four types of sauce, Jack Daniel’s Smoke Pit Special, Guinness BBQ sauce, Smoky Russian Smirnoff and No booze BBQ sauce. Their BBQ is quiet amazing and mouth-watering and tender.

Aside from that, Happy hour comes every Wednesdays from 4pm to 3 am wherein they are serving Top 3 drinks and Beers between 25 to 28 aed at very affordable prices in JBR area and from A to Z you can order different kinds of Bombs liquor mixed with red bull in a variety of flavours like cherry bombs and many more.

Overall, we really liked the food most especially the beef bbq. The place is pretty cool and the Staff was superb either. A must try out place Folks – we loved it.

Tried out: Movie Monday at Tribeca

Last Monday we have attended the very first evening of Tribeca Movie Monday. Tribeca is located in the center of the Jumeirah Beach Residence inside the JA Ocean View Hotel. Parking is easy and friendly as the accommodating valet parking service is ready to assist you. Else you can park as well in The Beach Underground Parking if you fancy (paid of course).

Tribeca is a restaurant & bar featuring wholesome and organic food and alcoholic beverages, live entertainment and an impressive collection of art from local artists which is also for sale. A Mediterranean cuisine, a healthy eating throughout with a new York minded Theme is bringing a modern American style to JBR that made a Dubai twist on a cool urban vibe chichangout. The word Tribeca originated means:’ Triangle Below Canal’ which discribes a corner of the big Apple, better said in Lower Manhatten.

Tribeca has been launched 6 months back and it’s doing well in terms of customers satisfaction along with good offers, newly developed gigs and good programmes such as kitchen, bar & arts. Talented musicians on weekends are playing songs in live show, ladies nights on Tuesdays, Fridays brunch, nice paintings made by selected and professional painters, encouraging those artists to expose their paints for sale within the same place. The Tribeca team launched a new ideas of bringing out the best American movies on their 2.5m/3m screen that are airing every Mondays at a package price of AED 50 including one drink and one organic popcorn per person. The cool ambiance of putting cinema and a chic bar together gives a great ambiance and the feeling of having a home cinema along with bar and restaurant atmosphere. It was cool having Bluetooth headsets making customers more comfortable being able to listen and follow the movie without the needs that everybody around you is quiet. It feels like you are in the cinema at home.

We really appreciated the warm and welcoming along with the accommodating staff who served us during our visit to the bar/ lounge cinema. We even got a show around  by the Manager Miss. Michelle who allowed us to see and check all above mentioned information about the restaurant in and out. She explained in details about Tribeca and the newly launched Movie Monday created by the team.

We enjoyed the Movie Night having had a rather unconventional cinematic experience that gives you the impression of watching cinema at home sitting in a very comfortable Leather Sofa & Traditional table and having your food and drinks served in the same time according to your choice. While we were watching the first Movie of the Tribeca Movie Monday (Pulp Fiction) , we were able to place orders for our food and beverage:

  • Tribeca Burger & Fries: Organic ground beef, Cajun, mayonnaise, tomato, caramelized onion and Cheddar. How Cool is the presentation of the Burger?
  • Tribeca Hot Dog: sweet potato fries, organic beef sausage, bell peppers, shredded carrots, beetroot and feta cheese. As well here the presentation with the News Paper Wrap is soo cool.
  • Tribeca Eton Mess with meringue strawberries and cream.
  • Tribeca Organic Ice cream mango and pistachio.
  • Tribeca organic white wine and the organic popcorn.

Overall our visit to Tribeca and its Movie Monday was perfectly great and we were extremely satisfied, we were amazed by the 3 in 1 concept that has been offered by Tribeca and we have really enjoyed having food and drinks with popcorn and burgers, dessert and ice cream while watching the movie using the provided Bluetooth headsets. This was awesome.

If you want to try it out now as well, here is the Movie schedule for the next week which you can find of course as well in our Events section:

  • 24th August – Wall Street
  • 31st August – Zoolander
  • 7th September – Back to the Future – Part 1
  • 14th September – Rocky IV
  • 21th September – Star Wars

I am looking forward for Star Wars, and would certainly watch Back to the Future if I could be sure part 2 and 3 will follow, or how about all 3 in one night ? Or even better put on Forrest Gump.

No evening plans? Why not visit RWAQ Ramadan at The Walk in JBR ?

‘RWAQ Ramadan at The Walk” features 5 zones, dedicated to Art, Food and Beverages, Retail, Art activities and Exhibitions, and will run daily from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am during Ramadan, and from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am during Eid. The event promises to reveal the true essence of Ramadan’s culture and tradition, through a unique concept, connecting contemporary art and cuisine to the region’s rich heritage and spirit of the Holy Month.

In addition to the different food and beverage section with Street food and contemporary Arabic fusion cuisine, there is an entire art activities and exhibition section. It showcases a full-scale light installation of larger-than-life 3D stars, titled “1001 Nights, Alf Laila wa Laila, by Tahir Sultan and Loop.pH, as well as the “Lunar Dome” designed by Loop.pH, which will represent the dynamic and slowly changing moon shape and the passing of time during Ramadan. Furthermore, there is also a Ramadan gallery, curated by Tima Ouzden, which exhibits works of leading artists with a focus on the Holy Month and the culture of the region. Last but not least, among the distinctive art installations, an interactive mosaic mural will also engage audiences, as it will be made up of hundreds of portraits generated by visitors. By printing their picture, participants will be able to donate AED 5 to Al Jalila Foundation, a charity that supports medical education and research in the UAE.

Sounds like worth visiting right?

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Restaurant Review: Tike – Taste of Istanbul , The Beach

We had visited Tike -Tate of Istanbul at The Beach in JBR the other day.  I had seen Tike long time ago but never realized it served actually Turkish cuisine until I stumbled on it on Zomato.  The last time passing by we had time to try them out.

Tike has a pretty nice ambiance, the inside has relaxing Sofas as well as big round tables for bigger groups. We decided to sit outside which gives you a nice overview over the beach as well. If you can try to sit upstairs outside and you will have an even better view.

Tike offers quite some variety on their menu which made it harder to choose from for us. After going back and forth through the menu we decided to go for Lahmacun as starter (not listed in the starter menu but we ordered it like that) a Lamb Doner Kebab and Kuzu Incik (Lamb Shank). The Lahmacun was the best I ever had here in the UAE.

The Lamb Doner Kebab was coming with Rice and grilled Tomato as well as with a very spicy chili and sauce. The Lamb was not too dry and really good, The bread was not authentic turkish but OK. I to still prefer burgul over the white rice but that is just me, the rice however was OK as well. The Kuzu Incik was very soft Lamb and very good. The french fries it came with are crunchy and the capsicum matches the total packages greatly.

Value for money vise Tike is not extraordinary expensive. You are on the same level as a Bosporus or Turkish Village but in my opinion in a nicer surrounding. We paid 223AED for 2 which is in range.

Restaurant Review: Tike - Taste of Istanbul , The Beach
Relaxing, Comfortable, stylish
our choice of orders were excellent
Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable
a super located, great tasting and friendly serving Restaurant. Recommended

Contacts for Tike – Taste of Istanbul


04 550 9266








New route on Dubai Tram in JBR, JLT and Dubai Marina from tomorrow…

A new route encompassing the loop that Dubai Tram makes between the stations 1-4 will start tomorrow morning . The new route will not extend beyond these stations, only serving the stations included in this loop which are Dubai Marina, JBR 1+2 and JLT.

dubai-tram-map-2From the stations JBR 1 (station 1), JBR 2 (station 2), Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) (station 3) and Dubai Marina Mall (station 4) a tram will pass every 6 minutes, serving the 4 stations. The loop-within-a-loop route will enable passengers to quickly get from one point to another in the popular areas of Dubai Marina and JBR. Previously, traveling between the stations could be long, because of the single-track structure in the ‘loop area’.

Seems good news if you are living in that area and are just taking short trips around.