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Reviewed: The Huawei P8

With the recently released P8 Huawei wants to play in the same league as the previous top dogs Samsung, LG and HTC. Whether the company from the Far East has succeeded this attempt or not is what we have found out for you in our test.

P8 – this is the name of the latest and best smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The phone was introduced in April 2015 at an event in London. It is the successor of the two high end devices Ascend P6 and P7 Ascend. It is a high-end phone as we are used to from Samsung or HTC, but can it keep up with the Galaxy S6 or M9 One ? Just opening the Box gives you already a feeling of a luxury item you are unboxing here. The Box is having a cool design and is very nicely build as well.

The Huawei P8 is available since a very short time in local stores here in the UAE. Currently you can only buy the version with 16 GB of memory. But there is something coming as well with 64 GB later on. Appearance and technology are almost identical though. The standard 16GB version comes in two colors Mystic Champagne (the one we are reviewing) and Titanium Grey. The so-called Premium version with 64GB memory will be available in the two luxurious colors Prestige Gold and Carbon Black.

P8 First Impressions:


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Build Quality & Design

The P8 is slim; It is just 6.4mm thin and feels solidly built and strong. We have slightly tried to bend the frame, useless: the chassis is build solid and resistant. The unibody is round off at the edges. According to Huawei, the process of producing this phone takes approximately 810 minutes. Only then do you get towards the phosphorescent appearance, hardness and processing precision. Similar to the Galaxy S6, S6 Galaxy Edge, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and many other devices as well the frame of the P8 serves as an antenna for different wireless technologies such as WLAN, Bluetooth and mobile.

The material is aluminum, the workmanship and build quality is very good. How does the device feel in the hand? The P8 has a very block-like form, almost like a block of Milka chocolate, which is not particularly ergonomic. The feeling, however, has improved a lot compared to its predecessors, mainly because the edges are rounded now. In general however it lacks of grip: The P8 easily slips out of the hands and the back has no adhesive. A cover or a sticker that adds some grip on the backside is highly recommended.

The P8 is not waterproof like for example the Xperia Z3. However, the case is nano-coated! That means that steam, water and raindrops cause no harm to the device. The phone has a mass of 144 grams, while it is 144.9 mm high and 72.1 mm wide. Despite the large 5.2-inch screen, the one-hand operation is still possible since the borders were kept narrow towards the display. In addition, a software mode can be activated which allows one-handed operation. For this purpose, you can sweep your finger over the virtual keys – from left to right or vice versa.

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Reviewed: The Honor 6 Plus

As the Apple iPhone 6 Plus – which is the big brother to the iPhone 6 – as well the Honor 6 Plus with its 5.5-inch display is the big brother of the smaller Honor 6. But the Honor 6 Plus is much more than just a little larger relative. So is the Plus Version the first to offer an innovative new camera technology with two lenses. But how does the Honor 6 Plus strike against its competition? You can read it here!

Honor 6 Plus: Precious design and large display

The case of the by Huawei developed Honor 6 Plus is similar to the iPhone 5S, but it is much larger with its 5.5-inch screen. Front and rear panels are made of glass, the frame is made of aluminum. Unlike the iPhone, the lower edge on the Honor 6 Plus is made of plastic. The screen itself is showing bright colors and is equipped with Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) which makes it equal sharp as that of the iPhone 6 Plus. The brightness is very good on cloudy days and indoors, but on sunny days the screen becomes slightly less visible. The phone feels solid and with just 165 grams of weight and a thickness of only 7.5mm it is really compact for its 5.5 inch.

Honor 6 Plus: First Impressions


Great Camera with a sweet Focus-trick

The highlight of this smartphone is the two 8-megapixel cameras built on the back of it. What at first glance is a relatively low resolution allows according to Huawei a combined resolution of up to 13 megapixels. But

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