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We urgently need your help – Please support Mari #HelpMari

It has been quiet some time since my last post here. Shifting house , being busy working on other things and vacation plus important time with my family had been my priority for the last months.

I am writing today as I came to know that Mari, a loyal friend, a contributor on the Blog and a generally very lovely person is suffering from a stage 5 Kidney disease.  The Kidneys are working only at a very few percent as of now. She needs urgent dialysis treatments and a kidney transplant . She is currently in Dubai,  she is due to her sickness not on a job any longer and is also without healthcare and a valid visa right now. She has failed to meet financial obligations which make it impossible for her just to leave the country and get (a still very expensive) treatment in the Philippines.  She has as well two kids who still need her mother with them.

Her sister has setup a gofundme.com campaign in order to raise money for improving her health status as there is no other way out. If you can support the Campaign or work for or know an organisation that could help her here in the UAE please let me know. Any help is much appreciated.  Our prayers are with Mari and her family.