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Ordering with Souq.com? Never again… WTF

i had ordered a Canon Eos 650D via Souq.com on the 30th of January. Delivery should have been between the 3rd and 8th of February, which would be tomorrow. Today morning i checked the delivery status and found still not shipped Coming home now i just seen that the order has been cancelled because the item is out of stock.


well it takes 7 days to find out you cannot deliver an item you are selling online? That is really b*st. I can not recommend shopping at souq.com at all after this experience. The seller is not honest and the whole principles of the souq.com system are highly doubtful.

Looking around a bit more i found that the same seller (honey777) is offering the same camera again, but now for more money. So out of stock was just a lie. WTF. Online shopping here in the Middle East is far below the experience in Europe and North America….


I just called the Souq Customer support. They are sadly as well a joke and told me the money will  be refunded within one week. He could not explain as well how the seller has the same article online again. I will push this to consumer protection tomorrow… Let’s see what happens..