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Facebook for BlackBerry 10 gets an update…

Today an Update for Facebook for BlackBerry 10 popped up in the BlackBerry Appworld which brings the version to


Here are the changes I can see on the Passport:

  • Improved news feed. Get more stories and content in your news feed.
  • Active frame support. Facebook when minimized, will display the 5 most recent notifications as well as the updated notifications count.
  •  Poke back. Now you can poke a user back directly from notifications (does anybody really still use this??)
  • Rename user albums. Power to rename albums to your liking

As there is no change log there might be more that I have not seen yet…


Etisalat offers now the Social Package for all smartphones…

sidebanner-unlimited-social-data-packEtisalat send out messages today offering the new Social Package for all smartphones.

The charges are 2AED per day or 49 AED per month, you get billed only on days where you use the service.

It obviously depends on your smartphone if all apps are available. While the BlackBerry Messenger is available for BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices it is not yet available for Windows Phone.

Interesting is as well the fact that they write only about BlackBerry 10 devices, so legacy devices seem to still require the BlackBerry social package….


In general not a bad offer. But I am wondering if this really works.

The Facebook Government Requests Report…

An interesting report has been published by Facebook showing which countries have requested Data or blocked content.

In case of the UAE this is not really a high number. 2 Total requests for data, 2 User Account requests and 12 content restrictions. Compared to Germany who has 1687 cases of Data requests, 1950 User Account requests and 84pieces of content blocked.

facebookuaeThe US is here quite far upfront with 12598 total data requests, 18715 user requests but no content block. Interesting as well is to see that there is additional National Security requests in the US not only Law Enforcement.

Looking on Russia i was really wondering, 1 total request for Data only and 1 user account request together with 4 content blocks….

If you want to check out the very interesting report you can find it here (LINK).



need an appointment in the Philippine Consulate in Dubai? Use Facebook…

If you require like me an appointment in the Philippine Consulate in Dubai you might get a smile on your face. The only option rather than driving there to get one is to message them on Facebook.

Yes , Facebook. read below…


I kind of like this approach, but i believe they should offer at least email as well for people who are not on Facebook… The German Embassy should consider also using Facebook rather then the idiots in the application center…

Facebook updated on BlackBerry OS10

IMG_00000018today morning had a little surprise in form of a Facebook upgrade for the BlackBerry 10 phones. I got in on my Z10 and the Q5.

The update brings you Facebook Chat finally on the device.

Additional Facebook 10.2.1 provides aneasier way of setting your Profile and Cover Photos. Set your Facebook profile photo or cover photo right from the Camera app, or from within a Facebook photo album.

Also for Page Administrators posting and seeing statistics is now possible.