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Jabra launches world’s first wireless headset with cross training coaching in the UAE

If you’re a fan of burpees, lunges, squats and planks and want the added motivation of individual coaching and your favourite music, you need to know about Jabra Sport Coach Wireless. This pioneering wireless workout solution uses personalized in-ear coaching and premium Dolby sound to let you get more out of your cross training workout.

With Sport Coach Wireless Jabra extends its sport audio range of in-ear coaching solutions.

Jabra pioneered this area with the award winning Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds that gave users in-ear heart rate monitoring for the very first time.

Download your personal coach

Developed to meet the needs of cross training enthusiasts, the Jabra Sport Coach Wireless can create customized workouts based on over 40 different exercises. By downloading the Sport Life app on a Smartphone, users can design their own personalized workouts with real-time audio coaching through the unique earbuds.

This special Jabra developed app lets you plan, track, and analyze your cross training. Choose exercises from beginner to advanced. Get in-the-moment, personalized in-ear audio coaching, with time or repetition-based training. Jabra will ensure continuous app developments to maximize the customer training experience.

Creating the workout is only the start. To ensure you achieve optimal performance and your overall fitness goals, the integrated TrackFitTM motion sensor provides advanced tracking of pace, distance, step count, cadence and calories to make every workout count.

81% of consumers report[1] working out with music, and the Jabra Sport Coach makes it easy to get this extra motivation. By incorporating Dolby sound, users get their favourite tunes delivered in premium sound quality through the wireless earbuds. In other words, there’s no excuse for not staying focused on fitness.

Jabra Sport Coach (4)

First sport audio solution for cross training

This ground-breaking music and coaching solution for indoor workouts is the latest sport audio solution from Jabra. Renowned for pioneering in-ear heart rate monitoring with the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds, the innovative Jabra Sport Coach Wireless embraces the current trend for cross training.

Hanny Hanna, Regional Director MEA & Turkey at Jabra says “Jabra Coach has received an overwhelming response from the global markets and we are extremely pleased to launch the revolutionary headset in the UAE. Today, we are extremely encouraged as we witness a growing switch towards a fit lifestyle. The Jabra Coach enhances the training experience for fitness enthusiasts and we are committed to delivering innovative audio solutions designed to all needs. He continued by saying, “We started by specifically targeting runners, and now we are taking coaching to the next level by delivering a solution optimized for cross trainers. We see clear possibilities for in-ear audio solutions combined with biometrics,” he continues.

Reviewed: The Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones

Did you ever wish to be able to use Headphones that do not cover or stick inside your ears? We have given the Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones a try as they promise a new way of listening to audio on the go. Instead of covering you up and make it impossible to hear the world around you the Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones are using the  ‘Bone Conduction Technology’ to transfer the sound from your cheekbones direct to your inner ears, leaving your ears completley free to any ambient sounds. Specially on a bicycle this is a huge advantage.

Quality / Feeling:

At first the headphones that are sitting around your neck are feeling a bit awkward, this was the first time ever to have Headphones not over or inside the ear. But once getting used to this I really liked the advantage of the unique Bone Conduction Technology. While listening to your favorite tunes you can still react and pay attention to your surroundings. Needless to say that this makes your life much safer specially if you are one a bike or running down a road. Pretty cool is as well that you can use them while swimming. Yes, you read right, they are waterproof too and work well despite water in your ears. For me as a person enjoying deep bass while listening to music the real only single point I disliked about the headphones was that they could produce more bass to fit better my taste.


The Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones are connected to your computer or charger via astandard micro USB cable. A full charge of the device gives you around 6 hours of usage time which is really good. It as well gives you the change to pair to other devices via Bluetooth. We have tried connecting it with various mobiles and even tablets and none of the connections gave us any problems. Paired to your phone it lets you even answer phone calls directlyfrom the headphones, so your phone can stay in your bag.


The Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones are a first of its kind with its brand new technology. It is a great step towards safety while using headphones and they are having a sleek design. They are multiuseable, comfortable to wear and deliver a good and clear sound, though the bass could be stronger for me. The connection possibility via Bluetooth makes this device a real allrounder and very useful if you are an active person that is enjoying music on the go.

Stay charged up this Summer with Microsoft Portable Dual chargers!

Whether it is planning a fishing trip with friends this Summer or having a family outing at the park, we always end up exhausting batteries of our devices and the absence of an electrical source outdoors only adds to the hassle. Well, no need to fret anymore! The new 5200mAh, 9000mAh and 12000mAh portable chargers by Microsoft will make sure your devices stay juiced wherever you spend your summer.

Leading this powered up line-up is the most portable of all: the 5200mAh charger. With its slender design and pocketable shape, it fits perfectly into your pocket or bag, and is easy to carry with you wherever you go.


For the more power-needy who might have more than one device or plan to stay out for longer, either the 9000mAh or 12000mAh charger might be the preferred option. While bigger in capacity and also physical size, these two are still portable and can easily be slipped into your bag, your glove-box, or in your tent while you prepare your smores.

All three portable chargers come equipped with not one, but two USB ports, which lets you charge more than one device at the same time.

The Microsoft Portable Dual chargers can charge your USB charging smartphone or tablet as fast as the AC-60 wall charger and can hold their charge for months at a time and still have up to 80% capacity after several months.

What more, all the chargers sport a easy-to-read LED power indicators, so checking your charging levels is quick and convenient and they all come in trendy, flashy colors complementing your personality and lifestyle.

The new Microsoft Portable Dual chargers will become available globally in select markets with an estimated retail price of USD 35, 45, and 55.


Reviewed: The Huawei P8

With the recently released P8 Huawei wants to play in the same league as the previous top dogs Samsung, LG and HTC. Whether the company from the Far East has succeeded this attempt or not is what we have found out for you in our test.

P8 – this is the name of the latest and best smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The phone was introduced in April 2015 at an event in London. It is the successor of the two high end devices Ascend P6 and P7 Ascend. It is a high-end phone as we are used to from Samsung or HTC, but can it keep up with the Galaxy S6 or M9 One ? Just opening the Box gives you already a feeling of a luxury item you are unboxing here. The Box is having a cool design and is very nicely build as well.

The Huawei P8 is available since a very short time in local stores here in the UAE. Currently you can only buy the version with 16 GB of memory. But there is something coming as well with 64 GB later on. Appearance and technology are almost identical though. The standard 16GB version comes in two colors Mystic Champagne (the one we are reviewing) and Titanium Grey. The so-called Premium version with 64GB memory will be available in the two luxurious colors Prestige Gold and Carbon Black.

P8 First Impressions:


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Build Quality & Design

The P8 is slim; It is just 6.4mm thin and feels solidly built and strong. We have slightly tried to bend the frame, useless: the chassis is build solid and resistant. The unibody is round off at the edges. According to Huawei, the process of producing this phone takes approximately 810 minutes. Only then do you get towards the phosphorescent appearance, hardness and processing precision. Similar to the Galaxy S6, S6 Galaxy Edge, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and many other devices as well the frame of the P8 serves as an antenna for different wireless technologies such as WLAN, Bluetooth and mobile.

The material is aluminum, the workmanship and build quality is very good. How does the device feel in the hand? The P8 has a very block-like form, almost like a block of Milka chocolate, which is not particularly ergonomic. The feeling, however, has improved a lot compared to its predecessors, mainly because the edges are rounded now. In general however it lacks of grip: The P8 easily slips out of the hands and the back has no adhesive. A cover or a sticker that adds some grip on the backside is highly recommended.

The P8 is not waterproof like for example the Xperia Z3. However, the case is nano-coated! That means that steam, water and raindrops cause no harm to the device. The phone has a mass of 144 grams, while it is 144.9 mm high and 72.1 mm wide. Despite the large 5.2-inch screen, the one-hand operation is still possible since the borders were kept narrow towards the display. In addition, a software mode can be activated which allows one-handed operation. For this purpose, you can sweep your finger over the virtual keys – from left to right or vice versa.

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Reviewed: The Honor 6 Plus

As the Apple iPhone 6 Plus – which is the big brother to the iPhone 6 – as well the Honor 6 Plus with its 5.5-inch display is the big brother of the smaller Honor 6. But the Honor 6 Plus is much more than just a little larger relative. So is the Plus Version the first to offer an innovative new camera technology with two lenses. But how does the Honor 6 Plus strike against its competition? You can read it here!

Honor 6 Plus: Precious design and large display

The case of the by Huawei developed Honor 6 Plus is similar to the iPhone 5S, but it is much larger with its 5.5-inch screen. Front and rear panels are made of glass, the frame is made of aluminum. Unlike the iPhone, the lower edge on the Honor 6 Plus is made of plastic. The screen itself is showing bright colors and is equipped with Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) which makes it equal sharp as that of the iPhone 6 Plus. The brightness is very good on cloudy days and indoors, but on sunny days the screen becomes slightly less visible. The phone feels solid and with just 165 grams of weight and a thickness of only 7.5mm it is really compact for its 5.5 inch.

Honor 6 Plus: First Impressions


Great Camera with a sweet Focus-trick

The highlight of this smartphone is the two 8-megapixel cameras built on the back of it. What at first glance is a relatively low resolution allows according to Huawei a combined resolution of up to 13 megapixels. But

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Reviewed: The BlackBerry Leap

We have tested for you the new BlackBerry Leap which is not yet available in the UAE, as per information from the BlackBerry Store in the Dubai Mall it could arrive nevertheless within this month.

In recent months, BlackBerry has released three new smartphones. We got the current top model, the BlackBerry Passport, followed by the BlackBerry Classic and now the BlackBerry Leap. The devices each have different target groups. The BlackBerry Passport is designed to appeal to new customers offering the latest hardware and an unusual design. With the BlackBerry Classic BlackBerry wants to pick up Customers which are still using an older model to join the new BlackBerry 10 platform, while for the BlackBerry Leap thanks to its comparatively low price it should open the market for new rather price sensitive customers.


In terms of build quality and everyday usable design nothing negative could be said about the Canadian Manufacturer. It has the perfect size and is still small enough to fit in your pockets. On the Leap nothing moves, nothing squeaks. The relatively high weight (170 grams) further underlines the robustness of the phone. The dimpled pattern on the back supports the rubberized back in its slip resistance. On the right side you can find the usual three buttons for volume and voice control, left a door for SIM and microSD card. On top sits the really useless on-off switch, Useless because this function works way more convenient by swiping.

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BlackBerry follows the trend and uses a 5-inch IPS display. Whether viewed from the front or side, the view remains perfectly. Despite the relatively low resolution of 1280×720 pixels the display is pretty good and does not give any reasons for complain. The the dual-core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus 1.5 GHz) on the other side would also not be able to run a higher resolution. The S4 Plus is a discontinued model and since October 2012 in the market. The launch of Apps takes a short moment but when it is running there are no further delays to notice. For those if you who do not manage with the available 16GB storage (10.3 GB available after first start) will be happy that you can extend the memory via a microSD card to a maximum of 128 GB. Continue reading Reviewed: The BlackBerry Leap

And the Winner of the MyCandy Power Bank is…

The time of another competition has just ended. We had been giving away a MyCandy 5600mAh Power Bank. We had quite some  Participants in this competition, but as it is on such competitions unfortunately only one person can win!  And the winner is:

Win a 5600mAh Powerbank from MyCandy

Congratulations Ahmad S, you have an email from us  now and you have as well 24 hours to answer on our email to claim this gadget. Should no answer have been received by this time tomorrow another winner will be picked.

If you have not won than watch this space, another Competitions is just about to start!

Here again some Bullet Points on the Power Bank:

  • Portable power bank 5600mAh with 3 in 1 charging cable for iPhone 4/4s,iPhone 5 and micro USB port.
  • Torch light function
  • Portable, rechargeable, and universal power pack
  • Improve talk time and game playing time
  • Four LED indicators show battery’s real time capacity
  • Elegant and executive designed make it looks fashionable and smart