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Microsoft to open Authorized Reseller Store in the Dubai Mall

Passing by the Dubai Mall today the Nokia Store has finally closed down. After Nokia had been acquired by Microsoft I had always been wondering why the Nokia Store is not getting re-branded anyways. And now it seems this is going to happen.

No information though when the new new Microsoft Store will open in the Dubai Mall, but I guess it can’t be very long.

Restaurant Review: Five Guys, Dubai Mall

We had been trying the newly opened Five Guys in the Dubai Mall. The First Five Guys in the Middle East. If you don’t know Five Guys, they are a US born Burger Chain operating plenty of Stores in the US, Canada and UK. The Five Guys have been born as family business and all 5 Guys are still involved in certain roles in the business. Of course the amount of stores operating are not family owned, but majorly franchised.

We tested out the first Restaurant located on the lower Ground-floor of the Dubai Mall last night. First impression: Looks great. second Impression: Again waiting lines… (Jollibee still in mind). The Restaurant is kept very clear with white and red  as dominating colors. The whole atmosphere is really nice and you can as well sit outside and view the Dubai Fountain while eating.

Waiting in line was luckily not really a big deal, and after only a short waiting time we could place our order. The menu is quite easy to overview.  You can choose between Hamburger or Cheeseburger and both are available as well in Little versions.  You can have two different sorts of Hot Dogs (All Beef and Cheese Hot Dog) and 3 different types of Sandwiches plus you can of course have fries which come either in Five Guys Style (Salty) or Cajun.


Sounds not like too much choice right? Wrong. You can customer make your Burger or Hot Dog with 15 different toppings. So you get what you really want. The normal Burger has as standard a double patty which is juicy and very tasty, but it really makes you full, so if you are not having the big hunger, better get the Little version. I found the buns at Five Guys being a bit sweeter than most normal buns I had on burgers around. But that is nothing negative. The burger in itself (the way I liked it ordered) was simply amazing and for me as of now the best burger in the UAE.

The Hot Dog which I had was as well awesome. Tasty beef, soft bread, great and tasty ingredients. I am normally not a fan of Hot Dogs at all, but this one is awesome and I would order it again and again and again.   We had as well ordered Five Guys Style fries,  these are coming as standard a bit salty, but that is the way I like them. They have been really tasty, but paired with a burger you need to be very hungry to finish them.

Another thing you get is complimentary peanuts that are offered for consumption close to the order area. I am not a peanuts fan, but if you are this will surely give you something.  We ordered as well two Milkshakes (Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Vanilla withot) Needless to say, as well the Shakes where great. So is there really nothing to complaint? Basically no. But.  The presentation of the Burger when you get it wrapped in Aluminum foil is really not stylish. Sure it keeps your burger warm, but that could be done better in my opinion.

Reviewed:Five Guys, Dubai Mall
Stylish, comfortable, nice view if you sit outside
Best Burgers, Fries and Hot Dogs in Town. Not to be missed
very friendly and patiently explaining the order options
Couldn't be better. If you fancy Burgers do yourself a favor and visit Five Guys..

Contacts for Five Guys, Dubai Mall


04 277 5644








Restaurant Review: Jollibee, Dubai Mall

It is not too long ago that Jollibee got the first branch opened in the UAE, located in the Level 2 Food Court of the Dubai Mall. We had been there on the opening day which was total chaos and ended up in us leaving.  My wife grew up with Jollibee and loves it, so we had to leave house early morning today for our pilgrimage to Jollibee’s at the Dubai Mall. IMG_20150516_093436

We arrived at the Food Court at 9:15 (official opening 10 for the most Shops and Restaurants) just to find out that Jollibee opened at 8. New is the Token machine on which you have to take a ticket to be served.  Funny on this is that the Token itself says that you wait for you number to be called, but actually nobody calls numbers up , neither is there a display that is working. Instead the security helps you to explain when is your turn…

As you can see at 9:20 we had already number 279. At that times it was serving number 130 or so. The security told us that it might take an hour, but even if we come later we don’t need to wait in queue and can proceed.

So we left for an hour and returned just to find out that it did not get further than 165 yet. The security told us another hour. Luckily the Dubai Mall is big and gives you enough shops to look at and spend time… After an hour we returned to find out that the 200 mark had just past. Stunning. 70 customer on 4 counters in 2 hours?  Normally I would latest at this point just leave. But as this is from my wife’s home country and I would have no happy life after just leaving I decided to wait further. Another hour later our number had indeed been passed and we could proceed. Not to the counter, but to the seated waiting area for the privileged few that will be allowed to soon proceed to the next waiting line in front of the counter.

1020Unluckily, or luckily, only 1 person is qualified allowed to go to the counter. So my wife wend and I kept waiting. For another hour or so. I felt so bored that I for fun took another token just to see where we are.  1020? Almost 750 people took numbers after us. Epic. I cannot remember any Restaurant that opened and had such a waiting time. One reason for this seems the sheer amount of food people who had ordered had been taking away. On some I thought they have probably invested their full month salary in Jollibee’s food.  I believe the Restaurant Management would have done good in restricting the order size in an attempt to push through customers more quickly, but fine.  They only restrict the purchase of Chicken Buckets to one. But you can order unlimited burgers and everything else…

We left the Food Court at 2:20 pm. 5 hours after we took the initial ticket. As well we spend more than 300AED on loads of food from Jollibee.

Moment of Truth, is this hype really worth the time? I tried at first the Yumburger Champ. A Beef Burger that looked quite good on the picture. But the special or amazing taste you would hope on after 5 hours of waiting did not turn up. It is not a bad burger per se, but if you compare it even with a Burger King Cheeseburger I would rather take that one.

Next for test was the Hot Dog. I must say this one was pretty good. The most Hot Dogs I tried were rather dry and not really tasty (Yes IKEA I talk of you), but this one is really good, and till now the only reason for me to go there again.

The Yum with TLC is a simple Cheeseburger which as well does its job to make you full when you are hungry, but taste wise this one is as well rather only average at its best.  The Jolly Spaghetti was good and so was the Chickenjoy.

Verdict: In my opinion the Hot Dog is definitely worth going there again, surely not with such a waiting time. Unfortunately the hype could not meet my expectations, but that is just me. Different people have different tastes. So my advise to you: Try it yourself and judge it yourself as well.

Restaurant Review: Jollibee, Dubai Mall
located in the Level2 Food Court, easy to find
average only Burger, good Hot Dog, good Chicken
Value 4 Moneywww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
OK if you don't calculate waiting time
Overhyped and Overrated

The White BlackBerry Classic is now available in the UAE!

That went quite fast. Just recently the White version of the BlackBerry Classic was released in the UK and today it was released in the UAE already!  The white colored BlackBerry Classic is available now at the BlackBerry Store in the Dubai Mall and leading telecom retail stores for a  price of 1799 AED.

I really think about getting the white one as addition to the black Classic, Passport and Leap…

BlackBerry Classic now available in white in the United Arab Emirates

New Color Offers Greater Choice to Productive Mobile Professionals Looking for a Familiar QWERTY Design Merged with the Security and Speed of BlackBerry 10


Dubai, UAE – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), a global leader in mobile communications, today announced that a white color version of the BlackBerry® Classic™ smartphone is now available in the UAE. The no-nonsense smartphone is built to meet the needs of productive people who appreciate the speed and accuracy that can be found with a physical QWERTY keyboard. The white colored BlackBerry Classic is available today at the BlackBerry store in the Dubai Mall and leading telecom retail stores for a suggested retail price of 1799 AED.


Ron Louks, President, Devices and Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry, said: “The introduction of the BlackBerry Classic in white offers yet another color choice to users who desire a stylish smartphone, yet understand the need for a mobile business tool that keeps them productive and securely manages their information.”


The BlackBerry Classic upgrades the BlackBerry® Bold 9900 experience with:

  • Three times faster browser
  • 60 percent more screen space
  • 50 percent longer battery life
  • Greater variety of applications through BlackBerry® World® storefront and the Amazon Appstore

Top features of the BlackBerry Classic that drive productivity, communications and collaboration include:

  • BlackBerry® Keyboard & Trackpad – The QWERTY keyboard has stood the test of time as the iconic BlackBerry feature that users know and trust. Crafted for optimal speed and accuracy, the BlackBerry Classic’s QWERTY keyboard gives users the control and confidence to communicate quickly and clearly using one hand with a trackpad and classic navigation keys.
  • BlackBerry® Browser – The BlackBerry 10 web browser is amazingly fast and astoundingly beautiful. That’s why HTML5TEST.com rates it amongst the top mobile browsers for web fidelity.* Access your favorite online content as it was meant to be seen, faster than ever before and with unlimited browser tabs.
  • Screen & Battery – The BlackBerry Classic offers a form factor optimized for power communicators with a 3.5-inch touch screen display, 294 dpi HD resolution and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 for greater durability. The BlackBerry Classic also offers a large battery capacity and state-of-the-art battery optimization software. With up to 22 hours of battery power, you can be confident that BlackBerry Classic will be ready to deliver results when you need it.**
  • Premium Design, Built to Last – The BlackBerry Classic is purpose built and built to last – from the outer frame which is cut from a solid block of stainless steel, to the textured back for better grip. The BlackBerry Classic also includes premium components, including a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB of device storage (expandable by up to 128GB via uSD), and a 2MP front- and 8MP rear-facing camera with enhanced optics and upgraded imaging sensors.
  • BlackBerry® 10 OS 10.1 – The BlackBerry Classic comes preloaded with the BlackBerry 10.3.1 operating system, offering a fresh look that incorporates updated icons and an instant action bar so that each user’s most commonly accessed functions are in the center of their screen. With this new operating system, users gain access to powerful features, including:
    • BlackBerry® Blend – BlackBerry Blend brings messaging and content that is on your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer and tablet. Get instant message notifications, read and respond to your work and personal email, BBM™ and text messages, and access your documents, calendar, contacts and media in real time on whatever device you are on, powered by your BlackBerry.
    • BlackBerry® Assistant – The BlackBerry Assistant is BlackBerry’s first digital assistant and can be used with voice and text commands to help users manage work and personal email, contacts, calendar and other native BlackBerry 10 applications. It’s the only smartphone assistant on the market today that can access both personal and work content in your work perimeter. BlackBerry Assistant intelligently determines how to respond to you based on how you interact with it – if you type, it responds silently, if you speak, it speaks back and if you activate over Bluetooth, it speaks back with additional context because it assumes you might not have access to the screen.
    • Dual app storefronts preloaded for access to a hugeselection of apps for work and play:
      • BlackBerry World – BlackBerry World offers essential business and productivity apps for professionals looking to drive efficient communications and collaboration including Box, Evernote, Cisco WebEx Meetings and Documents to Go.
      • Amazon Appstore – Preloaded on BlackBerry Classic, discover and download popular Android apps and games through the Amazon Appstore including Candy Crush Saga, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Kindle and Amazon Shopping.
    • BlackBerry® Hub – The one place to manage all your conversations – email, texts, BBM, phone calls, social media and more. You can even glance at what’s next in your calendar. It’s always available with a single swipe to help you stay organized, in control and on top of all your conversations.

BlackBerry Classic is built on BlackBerry’s renowned secure operating system, with built-in protection against viruses, tampering and data leaks. The BlackBerry Classic is private by default, protecting users with encrypted email, web browsing and BBM.

For more information on the BlackBerry Classic, please visit http://www.BlackBerry.com/Classic.

* Data taken from HTML5TEST.com from January, 2013 to July 22, 2014 and compares the latest builds for this duration for Android, Chrome, Firefox, iOS and Windows.

**Based on GSMA PRD TW.09 Battery Life Measurement Technique and a mixed usage scenario. Many factors affect battery life, including network connectivity, application usage, feature configuration and battery age. Actual results may vary.

Reviewed: Rosa Mexicano – Dubai Mall

Whenever I pass by Rosa Mexicano in the Dubai Mall I think that I got to try them out soon. Finally there was a chance the other day and we finally could try them.   We decided to sit inside and the first thing came to my mind was that it is way bigger than it looks from the outside. It even houses a quite big waterfall which is really cool. The whole ambiance is very stylish and matches perfectly.  They even got a wall where you can pose and take pictures with also available Ponchos and Sombreros. Brilliant.

After checking the Menu shortly we went for the Tres Antojitos which are three different kind of starters consisting of Chicken Wings, Shrimp Empanadas and Crispy Chicken Tacos which are really tasty. Specially the Tacos where superb. We took as well the Steak Fajitas and Chicken Fingers for Young Amigos together with a bottle of water , a Jarritos Mexican Cola and 2 Avocado Honey Melon Mocktails.

The Steak Fajitas where a delight and really perfectly well done, I used to eat Fajitas quite often back in Kuwait, but never that tasty. The Mexican Cola was quite different but as well tasty and my better half was as well happy with her Avocado Honey Melon Mocktail. Overall a really pleasant surprise that we found here in Rosa Mexicano. There is still a lot of other interesting items on the menu which has already ensured our return.

Value for money wise we you won’t spend more money here than in the most other Restaurants around in the Dubai Mall. But what you get taste wise is really worth it. Give it a try!

Restaurant Review: Rosa Mexicano - Dubai Mall
cool ambiance, well located on lower ground floor of the Dubai Mall
Great Taste, perfect Fajitas
Helpful and friendly
Nice location, tasty food, friendly staff, recommended!

Contacts for Rosa Mexicano – Dubai Mall:



04 388 2505








Restaurant Review: Doner Kebab at the Dubai Mall

We knew already that Doner Kebab will open an outlet in the upper Food Court of the Dubai Mall. While passing by the Dubai Mall we found out it is meanwhile already open, so we just tried it out.

The Restaurant was even at noon time pretty busy already. We went for 2 Lahmacun and a mixed Doner Durum with extra beef and 2 water which set us back 77AED, fair. This was the first time for me that we got a pager when ordering in a Doner Restaurant. But given that the Mall is quite big and the seating area very wide within the Food Court it makes sense.  I liked the open Kitchen where you can see the order being prepared through the glass.

After  a short time the pager rang and we could pick up the order. First impression: The Doner Durum is huge! I had Durum’s before in other outlets, but cannot remember them to have this size, but I might be wrong on this… The Durum was really good with the spicy sauce, the mixed beef was perfect.  Unfortunately the Lahmacun did not really have the same great taste. I found it too thick and somehow just not right. I had it before in the JLT Branch which was way better. But on the other side, they just have opened, so things might go wrong…  .

Overall the staff was very friendly while ordering and fast. If you are in the Dubai Mall and you fancy some Doner or Durum this is the place to go!

Doner Kebab at the Dubai Mall
located at the upper Food Court is has no real charme, but that is not the Restaurants fault
Brilliant Durum, not up to standard Lahmacun .
nothing to complaint
Perfect for the quick bite while shopping in the Worlds largest Mall!

Contacts for Doner Kebab:


800 Doner (36637)








Dubai Mall to get a Ferrari Store…

It seems that Dubai will get another Ferrari Store shortly. While passing by the Dubai Mall the other day I saw the below opposite of Debenhams on Level 1 of the Dubai Mall.

For those who like Ferrari the luxury store will house an excellent selection of Italian designs, high-end leather goods and designer jewelry as well as the latest in touring and racing inspired fashion and sports apparel and Ferrari accessories.


Sony Opens Flagship Boutique at Dubai Mall…

Sony today has opened its newly designed concept Sony Boutique at the Dubai Mall. Aiming to provide shoppers – both avid technology enthusiasts and Sony fans – with an immersive experience of Sony products, the 550 square meter boutique features a world-class retail design theme that complements Sony’s global philosophy of ‘inspiring and fulfilling the curiosity of people around the world and moving them emotionally’.

The new concept boutique features a wide-open storefront to provide an unobstructed view into the world of Sony. From Sony music artists playing on high resolution audio devices to movies from Sony Pictures playing on the immersive 4K TVs, the full breadth of Sony’s product range can be enjoyed at one location. Customer expectations are further met with Sony’s specialists providing an insight into the technical capabilities of the products and their unique differentiators.

Inauguaration of Sony BoutiqueThe Sony Boutique has five distinct product zones for gaming, mobility, digital imaging, as well as home entertainment and high resolution audio.

This zone also features a unique ‘shooting object’ area where consumers can get a hands-on feel of the latest cameras and take pictures of scaled down (4D) model of Dubai’s iconic landmarks – Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Metro, among others.

For gaming enthusiasts, a dedicated zone features the latest PlayStation models, while technology buffs can browse through the latest XPERIA mobile phones and accessories at the mobility zone.

The Sony Boutique is located at level 2 of the Dubai Mall opposite the Metro Link.

Restaurant Re Review: Texas Roadhouse – Dubai Mall

We had been the other day at the Texas Roadhouse in the Dubai Mall. This is almost a year after the last visit to this specific location, so not a bad idea to revisit them and see what has changed, or not…

We went for a 10oz Ft. Worth Ribeye with sauteed mushrooms and a Beef Brisket with Mashed Potatoes and fresh Vegetables. Of course the served as well the self made bread and cinnamon butter which is just awesome. As they give you a refill on this as well it is very risky that you might be full already with this complementary treat before your main course even arrives.

The Beef Brisket was a dream, soft and very tasty. I had this the very first time and I guess this is my new favorite dish. The Ribeye which my wife had was superb as well and we definitely enjoyed our stay. Our waiter was just amazing, always there, always looking after us, refilling drinks, advising on the order, small talk. Brilliant. In this Restaurant service is lived. I have been rarely experience such a personal treatment in a casual dining Restaurant.

New for me was the satisfaction survey for what they handed over a Dell tablet. Of course I took the time and filled it out, but there was nothing to complaint at all…

Texas Roadhouse - Dubai Mall
Close to the Fountain on the lower Grondfloor, cool ambiance and lovely decorations
Brilliant as usual. Can't get enough of it..
super friendly, extremely helpful, simply perfect .
Texas Roadhouse is my most loved American Style Restaurant..

4 3253951