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You can now switch Landline and Internet Providers in the UAE! Will you?

Good News for some Folks here in the UAE. I have been with DU since the day I landed here and have never had any issues with it, so probably would not considering a change unless the options are way better for the same money.

On the other end having heard what the boss had issues with on the Etisalat side scared me off quite a bit as well. So the UAE has started to open up the fixed-line consumer telecom market to competition, the head of du said on Wednesday, after years of lobbying for the move.

The liberalisation, which started in July, follows about five years of negotiations in which du has been seeking access to larger rival Etisalat’s networks.

Du, which also met expectations with a small fall in second-quarter profit on Wednesday, ended Etisalat’s mobile telecom monopoly in 2007 and both firms have long offered fixed-line broadband, phone and television packages in the UAE, but not in the same districts.

Du had been largely confined to the newer areas of Dubai until the two companies quietly launched nationwide competition in fixed-line consumer services last month, du chief executive Osman Sultan told a conference call.

He estimated du’s share of fixed services revenue was about 15 per cent. “For the long-term it’s a game changer because it will open up the entire country,” said Sultan.

He said the deal would help du protect its mobile business as customers seek a single provider for telecom services and also boost revenue, but would not necessarily have a big impact on profit because fixed-line was a low margin business.

Du and Etisalat, both part-owned by federal fund Emirates Investment Authority, will limit how many customers can switch provider each month.

Sultan declined to reveal what this limit was, but said it would steadily increase and had been imposed due to capacity constraints. Customers can change fixed phone line and Internet provider, but television will not be added until 2016, said Sultan.

So what do you think? Will you change? Sound off in the comments!

Du customers will be able to see the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight free!

If you are a Boxing fan and you are signed up to du TV you will be able to watch “the fight of the century” live, and for free on your TV at home!

Subscribers with local carrier du will be able to watch the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. take on 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao free-of-charge when the two meet next week in what is being billed as one of the biggest boxing matches of all times.

“It’s free and it’s at no extra cost,” said a du spokesperson on Tuesday.

The company said its subscribers can watch the fight – which airs live at 5am on Sunday – on du TV and online using their smartphones or tablets.

“Live from the MGM Grand, the blow-by-blow action is mainly available on pay-per-view to millions of viewers around the world. Not so for du home customers as they can watch the uninterrupted action with any du television package, just by tuning into channel 500 or by using the du View application,” the company said in a statement.

If you are on Etisalats network you are asked to pay 125AED on pay per view. I guess quite some Etisalat customers are not too happy about this…

enjoy Free WiFi in Dubai Metro during Ramadan…

Thanks to du Dubai Metro users will be able to enjoy free WiFi while traveling with the metro in Dubai during the month of Ramadan.  The complementary WiFi service will be available in all Dubai Metro carriages, on every train and on both the Green and Red Lines, du said in a statement.

They should not limit it to Ramadan but put it permanently in place as on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

Du does not require special BlackBerry services for BB10 devices…

I posted the other day that on Etisalat you cannot use normal data packages for BlackBerry 10 devices despite the devices not requiring BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services) any longer.

I was at that time not sure if this is just another ridiculous Etisalat move or if this hangs together with the TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) regulations. So i decided to check with du on this matter. The answer is below. (click picture to enlarge)


In short, if you have a BlackBerry on du you can use a normal data package which works as in the rest of the World. If you are on Etisalat you are lost with BlackBerry packages that cost more for less than the normal data counterparts…

Reason enough to switch to du? Yes. I will post soon how the switch over worked….


Comparing Etisalat and du data services….

So i thought i need to compare the Etisalat and du Data options for my BlackBerry as i am unhappy with the 99% speed cap after crossing 3GB on my BlackBerry Unlimited package…

So i will have to switch providers…

I am paying right now 185AED for 3GB with no option of getting more data, only waiting until renewal, which sucks big time. du offers a 4GB package for 200AED on which i can easily extend the data package if required…. So clear winner here is du. Which means in my case i will have to swap the provider to get a better package.. Way to go…

Funnily even in case of my wife who is using the 79AED BlackBerry complete package it makes sense to swap to the du package which gives you double the data volume for only 21AED more, again with the option to buy more data if required…  As BlackBerry 10 handsets do not require a BlackBerry data package any more it is useful to check what else is available and might fit the needs even better…

Check your own package and it might make sense to change as well…

Etisalat Data (postpaid) du (pre and postpaid) Etisalat BlackBerry Notes
Social Package AED49 AED 45 prepaid, 30AED postpaid AED 49 prepaid and postpaid, no data volume
40MB AED 20
100MB AED 29 AED 50
500MB AED 79 BlackBerry Complete
1GB AED 99 AED 100
3GB, afterwards 99% speed cap 185AED BlackBerry Unlimited
4GB AED 200
5GB 249
20GB 449
25GB AED 500

BlackBerry Z10 not working on Etisalat BB Social plan, on DU it does…

etisalat-vs-duEtisalat has announced that the BlackBerry Z10 will not work with the BlackBerry Social Package which Etisalat is offering at 49AED. That makes not really much sense to me, but putting up 30AED monthly  to upgrade to the BlackBerry Complete package is not such a drama but DU is not offering a limit of their social package which is on 30AED only. I am using Etisalat BlackBerry Unlimited for the reason that DU has no unlimited bundle available. Else i would go for DU directly as the service at Etisalat sucks.