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At the Top , Burj Khalifa offers now Day & Night passes

At the Top, the observation Deck of Burj Khalifa now offers the Day & Night passes. With these you can enter once during the day and as well on the same day at night again for the price of 550AED.atthetop

I am not sure if i would go for it, as you can book 2 separate tickets in advance for 250AED but i am sure people will use it nonetheless. I really like the view from the observation deck. If you want to see a few pictures i have snapped there you can do so below in the gallery.

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At the Top , Burj Khalifa now open weekends from 5.30am

If you would like to see the sunrise from the observation deck of the highest building in the world you can book now tickets from 5.30 onwards to see the sunrise or to take great pictures.  The tickets are available in advance on the official website (LINK) for 125AED each.  Kids below 4 are free and between 4-12 on 95AED.

I have done this last year in March and it was great.  Below picture i have taken last year.



Burj Khalifa @ The Simpsons, but relocated to Springfield…

I love the Simpsons and the Burj Khalifa has made it to Springfield with the world’s tallest building featuring in the latest episode.

In the episode, titled YOLO, or You Only Live Once, Homer is persuaded by Spanish pen pal Eduardo Barcelona to tick off his bucket list with an attempt to skydive.