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BlackBerry Z10 not working on Etisalat BB Social plan, on DU it does…

etisalat-vs-duEtisalat has announced that the BlackBerry Z10 will not work with the BlackBerry Social Package which Etisalat is offering at 49AED. That makes not really much sense to me, but putting up 30AED monthly  to upgrade to the BlackBerry Complete package is not such a drama but DU is not offering a limit of their social package which is on 30AED only. I am using Etisalat BlackBerry Unlimited for the reason that DU has no unlimited bundle available. Else i would go for DU directly as the service at Etisalat sucks.



Got my Holster for the Z10

bbbbas the Z10 ships by default without a Holster i was out to get one. I thought first about a case but i just don’t like them. I had a case on my iPhone back in the days and it was just not feeling cozy. So i got the original BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch. The good thing is It also recognizes settings and preferences, and power saving technology works to help extend the battery life…

I got it from Virgin in the Dubai Mall for 115AED while it would cost me around 103AED plus shipping from the US which would make obviously no sense…

Short Review of the BlackBerry Z10

having it now for a few days in use i am extremely positive surprised by the battery life. My 9900 was at noon time ready for a recharge while the Z10 is still om 50% full after 12 hours in use. The an OS loads way faster than on any of my previous BlackBerry’s. The OS itself feels comfortable partially known from the Playbook. Setting up was easy even the BlackBerry Link which his the replacement of the former BlackBerry Desktop Manager is horrible on a 64bit system.


Was this now the new start i was waiting for? Definitely a clear yes. The phone is great, it looks great, it feels great, it works great. Sadly LTE is not working down here but that is fine for me.

The BlackBerry World App Store has already some nice apps and even the Emirates NBD has already a BB10 app online. I hope there are much more great apps to come which are missing from the start but as Skype was already announced this is probably just a question on time till the other big ones come.

If you are fancying a new phone right now give the Z10 a try, you wont be disappointed.