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a visit to the new BOXPARK at Al Wasl Road…

We had been out today to have a look at the latest Meraas Project Boxpark. It is located on Al Wasl road and basically contains of Shipping containers which are aranged as shops. A pretty cool concept.  Not many shops are open yet but it is nice to see.

So far open was;

  • Adidias
  • Nike
  • Dri Dri
  • Grom
  • LIV by Giant
  • Polliwalks
  • Rundhols
  • Toms
  • Typo
  • Urbanista
  • Zoo

Below you can find a few impressions:

closed u turn between Al Wasl and Satwa really sucks..

since i am back from my vacation the u turn between Al Wasl and Satwa is closed. That means you have to drive one traffic light further to get a u turn. As Business Bay has no really good connection direction Abu Dhabi this really sucks. Before there was never traffic coming from Sheikh Zayed road Dubai bound to exit to Jumeirah on the Dubai Mall exit. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes just get around. I do really see no sense in this. It makes things only more complicated…