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Yas Marina has launched their 2015/2016 Calendar!

YAS Marina circuit 2015/2016 is promoting health consciousness alertness against obesity, hyper tension and other rampant diseases, the aim of the activities is to promote good health and fitness into the community and engage into more sport activities.



YAS Marina 2015/2016 going to be busy compared to the past few years, as it will have very chargeable schedule with different and variety type of sports activities, as:

For the month of Oct, 2015:

  • YAS Drift Night
  • Track Day
  • AD Tour
  •  F1 In School National Finals
  • Drive YAS
  • Bike Track Day
  • YAS Drag Night
  • YAS Racing Series R1 ( Including TRD 86 CUP R1)

For the Month Of November, 2015:

  • Drive YAS
  • Track Day
  • Bike Track Day
  • YAS Drag Night
  • YAS Drift Night
  • F1

For the Month of Dec, 2015:

  • Gulf 12 Hours
  • TRD 86 CUP R2 (At Dubai AUTODROME)
  • YAS Drift Night
  • Drive YAS
  • YAS Drag Night
  • Bike Track Day
  • Drive YAS
  • Track Day
  • Drive YAS

As well as the upcoming 2016 is going to be busy too. And besides the above mentioned events, there will be a wide arrangement of driving experiences every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with more access to the circle. The upcoming Friday will held the biggest Motor bike community and there are expecting over than 20,000 people will attend the walk, and this is open to all ages. A Marathon event on next March , 2016. And this is all a good push from the YAS Marina Circuit, A.D Health Authority & A.D Sports Council to encourage the public for doing more sports activities.

Free Parking from today until End of Eid in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Starting today, the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi announced, it is free to park vehicles in surface public parking bays during the days of Eid Al Fitr starting from Thursday 29 Ramadan 1436H (16 July 2015) to Shawwal 3, 1436 Hijri.

DoT has urged public to adhere to the regulations regarding the resident permit parking bays from 9pm to 8am.

As well in Dubai and Sharjah parking is generally fret too during the public holidays. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said paid parking zones all over Dubai will be free of charge, except for the Fish Market and the multi-level parking lot during Eid Al Fitr holidays from 29th of Ramadan till 3rd of Shawwal.

Reviewed: BShawarma, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

We had been on Reem Island’s Paragon Bay the other day and saw the Banner there for BShawarma. So we thought we just give it a try. The Banner does not give any location towards it so we had to ask people in order to find it. It is located on the outer Shops of the Paragon Bay on the back of the Geant Supermarket as we found out.

They have a quite big Menu over planty of Appetizers Shawarmas and even Pies, Salads , Desserts and Juices. We went for a simple Beef and Chicken Shawarma ans some Veggie Spring Rolls. Price wise the Shawarma’s come in at 10AED each which is really affordable, make it a meal and you pay 5AED more for really good fries and a drink on top.

The Chicken Shawarma was brilliant, I really liked it, it was tasty, flavoful and the bread used was superb. The Beef one was not really my taste as it had some sour incredients that just did not match my taste. But that is fine. The Spring Rolls had been average and nothing special, so for us an item to not reorder. We will surely go back if we are in that area and if it is only for the brilliant Chicken Shawarma

Reviewed: BShawarma, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
a bit hidden on the back of the Building
Loved the Chicken Shawarma, dissliked the Beef one
Value 4 Moneywww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
Perfect, tastewise good and really affordable
If you like Shawarma give them a try. You cannot do wrong with the Chicken Shawarma..


Contacts for BShawarma, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

02 6667227





Reviewed: Stars & Bars, Yas Island – Abu Dhabi

The other night we went down to Yas Island to visit Stars & Bars at the Yas Marina. The location in itself is pretty nice located directly on the Marina with a , specially at night, amazing view on the Yas Viceroy Hotel.  We had sat inside as the humidity was pretty bad, but this is not a turn down. We chose to sit on the tables with the car seats as chairs which is pretty awesome and really comfortable.

Looking at the menu probably anybody could find something they like, a massive choice of starters, a very good selection of mains and deserts and almost more importantly a good choice of drinks.

We went for Chicken Fingers and the Crispy Calamari as starters and a Margherita Pizza and a Tenderloin as mains paired with a bottle of water and a Vanilla Milkshake.  It did not take long until the Chicken Fingers and Calamari turned up, the Crispy Calamari Rings came with an aioli sauce and as well some spicy Marinara, all was excellent and I really loved the Marinara in combination with the Calamari. The Chicken Fingers were average at its best and had no real taste unfortunately. Even my  5 years old turn them down and rather hit on the Pizza instead. This could surely be done better.

The Tenderloin , ordered well done, came with mashed potatoes and vegetables plus a mushroom sauce on top. The Tenderloin was perfectly well done and matched exactly my taste. The vegetables where tasty as well and the mashed potato was superb, for me a perfect dish.  The Margherita Pizza we ordered came with olives on top and looked already yummy. Taste wise it is certainly tasty with the dough being luckily not too soft. As well definitely something I can recommend.

Overall the taste experience was mixed with one starter being brilliant and one on average and both mains really good. The service was friendly and helpful and paid good attention. One thing that surprised me a bit negatively was the below standard condition of the toilets, this is not up to par with this otherwise really lovely location. We will nevertheless surely be back to try out some of the other options, and hopefully be able to sit outside when the weather is a bit more on our side.

Reviewed: Stars & Bars, Yas Island - Abu Dhabi
Great place, great setting, great decor, loved it
Mainly realy good but the Chicken Fingers where off track
Friendly, Helpful, Attention paying
A nice place for an evening out with the boys or families as well, recommended from our side..

Contacts for Stars & Bars, Yas Island – Abu Dhabi

02 565 0101






100 Days of Wonders at Dalma Mall – Abu Dhabi

Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi is having this summer something special: 100 Days of Wonders. What that means? Simple. If you shop for 200AED in the time between now and the 23rd of September you can win out of plenty of prices. And the best thing: Winners are drawn daily and you participate in each draw!

Dalma Mall is located in Abu Dhabi’s Mussafah Area and is directly on the Abu Dhabi – Mussafah -Tarif Highway which makes it easy to reach even if you are coming from Dubai.  It features more than 300 Retail stores like Centerpoint, Marks & Spencer, Sephora, Sharaf DG, Adventure HQ, ACE Hardware and Carrefour.  If you are hungry from shopping you have a selection of more than 40 Restaurants to choose from as well. This paired with sufficient parking space (6300 parking spots for free) and Free WiFi make the popularity of this Mall obvious.

For more information you can visit Dalma Mall’s official website [Link] or their Facebook , Instagram or Twitter accounts. Good Luck with winning!

Reviewed: Applebee’s , Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi

Last night we had been in the Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi. Looking around for a place to get dinner Applebee’s caught our attention. As there are not many Applebee’s available in Dubai (well, one) we decided to just get some food over here and there was luckily still a table free.

Checking on the menu quite some things have changed since the last visit to an Applebee’s outlet. The Ultimate Trios sounded very interesting, you can pick three starters out of a list and have these as starter or even as main. We picked this with Chesseburger Sliders, Fried Calamari and Boneless BBQ Wings as starters. As main we choose the Steakhouse Mushroom Sirloin in 7oz and some Ribs. As drink we chose a large bottle of water as I had overseen the Milkshake section in the menu.

The starters arrived within no time and the Cheeseburger Sliders where perfect and very tasty. The Calamari were good as well but the Boneless BBQ Wings have just been very soft and flavorful, loved it. If you don’t share this with somebody it is easily good for a full meal and not only a starter in my opinion.

The main courses arrived just after we finished the starters, brilliant timing I must say. While the steak was just average and partially like chewing gum the mashed potatoes have been pretty good and as well the veggies were alright. The Ribs have been really tasty and the BBQ Sauce used really gives it the additional  aroma.

While I love Applebee’s since Kuwait days I was not lucky with my Steakhouse Sirloin unfortunately. But the starters and Ribs had been very good. We surely will return , but I rather won’t pick a steak…  Price wise we left 213AED for some great starters and 2 main courses which is fully alright in my opinion.



Reviewed: Applebee's , Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi
Nice Ambiance, cozy and relaxed
Super Starters, Great Ribs, Average Steak
quick and friendly
good place for some classic American food.

Contacts for Applebee’s , Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi


02 491 7799




Updated: Restaurants that are open at daytime during Ramadan in the UAE!

In case that you are not fasting during Ramadan we have put together a selection of Restaurants and Cafes that are open at daytime during the holy month.  We will not list Hotels here as they are having their All day Dining and most even some other outlets open during the day anyways, and that is by law. So if you are not sure even after seeing out list – head down to a Hotel! My Favorite is definitely Doner & Gyros, and I am really thankful that they remain open at a couple of locations so I can get my fix.



Abu Dhabi


These are surely not all, but these are places I kinda like as well. There are loads of other places open as well probably, so  if you know any more places just leave a comment or mail us!

Last updated: 03.07.15

Reviewed: P.F. Chang’s @ Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi

Again we had been at the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi this evening and we passed by this time at P.F. Chang’s. We had tried already pretty much all locations in Dubai already, but this is the first time P.F. Chang’s in Abu Dhabi for us. We had been there at a good time it seems as the Restaurant was not very crowded when we arrived around 7, but it was full when we left. The Design has the typical P.F. Chang’s charm but here the whole Restaurant is having more light than the counterparts in Dubai Mall or The Beach where the atmosphere is a bit darker.

Being at P.F. Chang’s the one thing you cannot order is their Dynamite Shrimps, and so we had to. Additional we had ordered a second starter in form of the Salt & Pepper Calamari. The main courses had been the Wok Charred Beef with white rice and a Shrimp Pad Thai together with a bottle of water.

The starters came pretty quickly and the Dynamite Shrimps, which it seemed every table around us ordered as well as starter, was delicious and having a perfect spice, just on the edge of being to spicy. The Salt & Pepper Calamari had never been ordered by us before and exceeded our expectations. The dip they came with was just a perfect add on to the perfect taste.

The Wok Charred Beef which I had looked already a two person plate when it came. And indeed , this is really a lot! You should have no problem sharing this with 2 people and nobody goes out with an empty stomach. The Beef was very tender and soft, just made to perfection. The mushrooms which it came with had been amazing as well. This dish does not disappoint at all.  The Pad Thai was ordered with Shrimps to it. The noodles where great and the Shrimps where a good choice as add on. As well here the portion is huge and does it easily for two persons. We ended up having the left over as take away.

Value for money wise 226AED for 2 persons is a good price for the quality and if you consider the size of the portions it is almost cheap. We had been very happy with our dinner and I can say that the food quality at P.F. Chang’s is consistent in all their outlets,

P.F. Chang's @ Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi
Cozy atmosphere, nice interiors
Pefect, best Chinese with american touch
Super attentive, friendly, helpful.
P.F. Chang's is just a great experience wherever you are!

Contacts for P.F. Chang’s @ Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi


02 492 6670





Reviewed: Jim’s Kitchen Table, Masdar City

This Restaurant is probably one of the biggest hidden gems around. Have you ever been to Masdar City in Abu Dhabi or heard of it? You are not alone, me neither. But yesterday we passed by Masdar City close to the Abu Dhabi Airport. Main Reason for me was to try out their driver-less point to point personal rapid transport system that brings you from the parking to Masdar City.


But Masdar City offers as well Restaurants and Cafes such as Jim’s Kitchen Table.  That is where we stopped. Jim’s Kitchen Table  is a Italian/ International Restaurant that as we houses an own Bakery and a Retail store for some of their goods. The place looks stunning from the inside. Very cozy with its huge sofas where you can sit and relax with a lovely cappuccino. Or you sit on the upper level and enjoy the view over the Restaurant. If you got kids you will be happy to know that there is a kids play area as well where your kids can play around while you relax. Awesome. If you look around a bit more you will realize the lights are kitchen items, a pot upside down for example. Pretty cool as well. (check out the pictures in the gallery below)

The menu comes a bit different here on a board. A pretty cool idea I haven’t seen before like this. Studying the menu we decided to get a water bottle, a vanilla shake, the grilled chicken breast and the Salmon Fillet with Wasabi mashed potatoes.  The service staff was super helpful and explained the items they had. Shortly after ordering the drinks came and sipping on the Milkshake I found this one probably the best Vanilla Shake I ever had. The flavor was just amazing.


The main courses came soon in time as well and the grilled Chicken Breast I had was tasting really good. The chicken was tender and grilled to perfection, in combination with the sides this dish was a delight. The Salmon Fillet with wasabi mashed potatoes that my wife had was really good to. I had never tasted wasabi mashed potatoes but they are really tasty, I could not have imagined that before. Given they own bakery and the nice looking selection of cakes we had decided to take as well a Strawberry Cheesecake slice to share between us.  As well here the the taste was amazing. We both agreed that this was better than any other cheesecake we had so far in the UAE.  Jim’s Kitchen Table has really pushed boundaries here.

Value for money wise we paid 166AED for our order which is totally fair considering what you get here. Jim’s Kitchen Table is definitely worth a visit even for the little hunger or take away. While we walked out I had a look on the fresh breads they are selling and took 6 little baguettes with us which came in on 2AED each, as well more than reasonable.  If you have not been yet to Masdar City and/or Jim’s Kitchen, make sure to try them out! We will be back soon as luckily it is almost located on our way home.  In case you need directions to Masdar City just follow the link to the website down in the contact section!

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Reviewed: Jim's Kitchen Table - Masdar City, Abu Dhabi
located within Masdar City, cool Ambiance, cozy setting
simply amazing, from the shake over the main courses to the dessert
super Friendly, paying lot of attention
a hidden secret a bit out of Abu Dhabi, but so worth it.

Contacts for Jim’s Kitchen Table, Masdar City


02 491 9401