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how much money Car Manufacturers make per car…

It has been a year since the 2012 figures on how much car Manufacturers make profit on cars was released. Now it is time for the 2013 report and this is quite interesting.  Toyota has more than doubled its profitability per car within one year where most manufacturers have lost on profit, the same is to say on Honda.

You can see below the comparison between 2012 and 2013.

2012 2013
Porsche EUR 17,056 EUR 16,639
BMW Auto EUR 4,132 EUR 3,390
Audi EUR 3,721 EUR 3,188
Mercedes Smart EUR 3,023 EUR 2,588
Chrysler EUR 1,579 EUR 1,281
Hyundai Kia EUR 1,183 EUR 981
Nissan EUR 890 EUR 736
Ford Auto EUR 824 EUR 820
Skoda EUR 758 EUR 567
VW EUR 751 EUR 616
Toyota Auto EUR 707 EUR 1,558
GM EUR 635 EUR 634
Honda Auto EUR 319 EUR 731
Renault -EUR 241 -EUR 283
Seat -EUR 364 -EUR 331
Peugeot Citroen -EUR 510 -EUR 283
GM Europa -EUR 834 -EUR 607
Ford Europa -EUR 967 -EUR 891

Source: Center Automotive Research

Emirates Classic Car Festival 2014 announced

OldLogoThis years Emirates Classic Car Festival in Downtown Dubai will be held from the 27th of February to the 3rd of March. As the last years it will be located at the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai.

The festival brings together an amazing collection of classic cars that also open doors to the history of evolution of the global automobile industry. You can check out the below galleries of the last three Festivals i had been to:

[print_gllr id=2539 display=short]

[print_gllr id=1375 display=short]

[print_gllr id=1977 display=short]

You can find more information on the official website of the Festival: (LINK)



UAE National Day Parade 2013

20131110_The-Parade-Downtown-DubaiOn National Day (2nd of December this years UAE National Day Parade will take place at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard with an even bigger and better parade than ever before. Be a part of a proud tradition, celebrating the birth of a nation by participating for the parade or simply attending the event, designed for the whole family to enjoy. From biker clubs to schools, government entities and corporations, all groups are welcome to participate in the parade and make this year’s National Day celebrations the most fantastic event of the year.

The Global Slavery Index 2013 is released…

globalslaveryThe first edition of the Global Slavery Index produced by the Walk Free Foundation and its partners has been released. It is the first Index of its kind – providing an estimate, country by country, of the number of people living in modern slavery today.

The Global Slavery Index is the product of the Walk Free Foundation, in consultation with experts from international organizations, think tanks and academic institutions.  The Index is endorsed by political leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Tony Abbott, Gordon Brown, Gareth Evans and Julia Gillard; philanthropists such as Bill Gates and Mo Ibrahim; and expert humanitarians such as Muhammad Yunus, Luis C’deBaca and Louise Arbour.

The ranking was based on a combination of three factors:

– estimated prevalence of modern slavery by population
– a measure of child marriage
– a measure of human trafficking in and out of a country

It is quite interesting to see the interactive map on their website www.globalslaveryindex.org/

here a few rankings where the higher the rank is the better it is…


For me quite hard to believe is that Kuwait is ranked better than the UAE. My experience in both countries would believe it is the other way around…

You can download the complete list here: 


World’s Best and Worst Airports 2013 released…

dubaiairportThe travel website http://www.sleepinginairports.net has released their list of the overall Best and Worst Airports in the World.

Manila’s Terminal 1 made it as the worst in the World overall according to their readers. Frankfurt made it on both lists. With Frankfurt Hahn being on 7th position overall on the Worst Airports list, Frankfurt/Main made it to 10th place on the best Airports list…

See the ranking below:

World’s Worst Airports for 2013

1.    Manila NAIA (Terminal 1)
2.    Bergamo
3.    Calcutta
4.    Islamabad
5.    Paris Beauvais
6.    Chennai
7.    Frankfurt Hahn
8.    Mumbai
9.    Rome Flumicino
10.    Los Angeles

World’s Best Airports for 2013

1.    Singapore Changi
2.    Seoul Incheon
3.    Amsterdam
4.    Hong Kong
5.    Helsinki Vantaa
6.    Munich
7.    Zurich
8.    Kuala Lumpur
9.    Vancouver
10.    Frankfurt am Main

the Worlds best Passports for visa free travelling…

The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index is a global ranking of countries according to travel freedom their citizens enjoy. Henley & Partners has analyzed the visa regulations of all the countries and territories in the world. It has created an index which ranks countries according to the visa-free access its citizens enjoy to other countries. This is the first time that a global ranking shows the international travel freedom of the citizens of the various countries as well as the international relations and status of individual countries relative to others.

While Germany with 172 Countries is on second place when it comes to traveling (together with Denmark, Luxembourg and the USA) Passport holders of countries like Afghanistan can only travel visa free to 28 countries.

The UAE makes it towards 72 countries and holds with that the 56nd place and the Philippines comes in on the 69th place with 58 countries to enter without visa.

restictionbelow a list of selected countries:

listYou can download the full list here:


Movie Review: Riddick

riddickWe went today to see Riddick at the Reel Cinemas in the Dubai Mall. I had waited for this movie to come out for ages and was super happy when i was able to finally pre order the tickets…

The plot focuses on the anti-hero Riddick; he has been left for dead on a desert planet where he finds himself fighting for his life against alien predators far more vicious than any human he has ever faced. Riddick is forced to use a beacon to alert the very bounty hunters he has been evading to come and collect him as this is the only way he can possibly escape.

The mercs that arrive are even more lethal than any Riddick has faced before, and onboard one of the ships is a captain who has a very personal score to settle.

After Pitch black which was premiered in 2000 and the Chronicles of Riddick (2004) it took 9 years for the third sequel. Again Starring Vin Diesel.

As much as i like the first two movies of Riddick this one did not really catch me.  The first 40 minutes of this 2 hours movie are showing Riddick surviving and training his doggy while telling the story how he made it to this deserted planet.

It is in the end a short story told long and left me a bit puzzled that this was the movie i was waiting for so long. I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars….

You can watch the Trailer here:

If you are not a die hard Riddick or Vin Diesel fan, save yourself the money and wait till its out on video…