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Win Exclusive Invites for the Advanced Screening of “THE DEVIL’S CANDY”

Thanks to Front Row Filmed Entertainment five lucky readers of the The Acme Blog have the chance to win Exclusive double Invites to the Advanced Screening of the upcoming Horror Movie “THE DEVIL’S CANDY” directed by Sean Byrne and starring Ethan Embry (Eagle Eye, Harold and Kumar), Shiri Appleby and Pruitt Taylor Vince (Constantine).

The advanced screening of the film will take place on April 5, 2017 at the VOX Cineplex, Grand Hyatt Dubai. Doors will open at 8:15 pm. The Film starts at 8:30 pm. The film has got the rating 15+. So people younger will strictly not be allowed to the screening!

The Plot in short: A struggling painter is possessed by satanic forces after he and his young family move into their dream home in rural Texas, in this creepy haunted-house tale.

And this is how you can win:

Simply answer the following question in the comments below.

Pruitt Taylor Vince played Father Heneessy in which 2005 Movie?

    1. Batman Begins
    2. Constantine
    3. Brokeback Mountain

Those who answered the question on Facebook , please, send via PM the following info:

  1. Your full name
  2. E-mail

The end of the competition will be the evening of the 4th of April.

“THE DEVIL’S CANDY” will release in UAE cinemas on 6th of April 2017 and you should check out the Trailer below:

Countries you should not travel to in the coming year!

So the new Travel Risk Map for 2017 is out showing countries you might want to avoid for travelling. Europe the US and most parts of the Middle East look alright. Will this make an impact on your travel choices?

Travel security risk ratings are developed by International SOS and Control Risks and are based on the current threat posed to travellers and international assignees by political violence (including terrorism, insurgency, politically motivated unrest and war), social unrest (including sectarian, communal and ethnic violence) as well as violent and petty crime. Other factors, such as the robustness of the transport infrastructure, the state of industrial relations, the effectiveness of the security and emergency services and the country’s susceptibility to natural disasters are also considered where they are of sufficient magnitude to impact the overall risk environment for travellers.

Medical Risk Ratings are determined by the International SOS Medical Information and Analysis team by assessing a range of health risks and mitigating factors including: infectious diseases, environmental factors, medical evacuation data, the standard of available local emergency medical and dental care, access to quality pharmaceutical supplies, and cultural, language or administrative barriers.  Individual country medical risk ratings are determined via a proprietary algorithm based on 24 indicators with content coming from public data sources and the first-hand knowledge of International SOS Regional Medical Directors.

Check the Full Ineractive Map here: (LINK)

Pretty cool thang: The DISPLIO Wireless display

Nowadays we are getting used to more and more smart devices all around us and the growing Internet of Things, but Displio is still a product that caught some real big interest on me. It displays updates wirelessly, and that is basically all it does. Just a little rounded, cube-like thing with a screen that gives you updates, made from materials as diverse as wood, plastic, and more.

displio-1-1200x733Its value seems to be in the customization you can do to it. Using some of the widgets that Displio provides, you can program it to show you pretty much anything in your daily life that you really care about. It can give you your actual local weather conditions, it can show you what is on your calendar for the day, it can provide updates from Twitter, Facebook,  heck even FitBit and more. It can show everything from your PayPal balance to shipment tracking of all your ordered goods. You can even use it to get traffic conditions or watch stock prices in real-time. And, of course, it can display notifications for new emails. Sounds pretty awesome right?

d_side_by_sideAnother device that can do all these things too in your immediate vicinity is called your phone. But Displio is not exactly to be used like a smartphone – it’s made to be propped up or put in a corner or on a shelf so you can glance at it to receive important updates you need. It avoids the pulling out and tapping on of the phone, and doesn’t interrupt workflow in the same way a smartphone would do. You can put it in the kitchen to receive updates away from your other devices. You can put it on a shelf for a casual glance as you walk by. You could, if you dare, put it in the bathroom or prop it up in the garage – or other places you wouldn’t think of getting updates.

If you don’t mind to be always knowing what is going on in the digital world, you can invest 130€ into a Displio and chose between a white and a black model.  Interested ? Visit their website here [LINK].

Fancy a new Desk? Check out this one – a Willy´s Jeep Desk

Infiltrate your space and become the Action Man or GI Jane of your (Wo)Man Cave with Smithers of Stamford’s Original Willy’s Jeep Desk. This military 1940’s masterpiece has been salvaged from mass destruction and upcycled into an eye catching desk that guarantees to have your guests army green with envy.

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The Willy’s Jeep comes complete with reclaimed Teak drawers, two working headlights and hand painted decals for a truly American WWII finish. As expected, the jeep front is extremely robust and super heavy – surrendering ain’t on Willy’s agenda!!

Pull rank and M*A*S*H up your office with this awesome conversation piece. Weapons and booby traps not included.

It weighs a ton, and very robust- its lasted this long and will last 100 years. What you get with Smithers furniture pieces are lifetime buys!


Height 77 cm
Width 135 cm
Depth 93 cm
Weight 40 kg

Cool right?