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And the Sony MDR-XB450BV Extra Bass Headphones are going to…

In our just ended competition we had given away a set of brand new Sony MDR-XB450BV Extra Bass Headphones!  The campaign has just ended a bit earlier today. We got this time more than 4.000 entries of more than 700 different people.  But as usual there can be only one winner in the end…

And the Winner is: 

WIN brand new Sony MDR-XB450BV Extra Bass Headphones!

Mohammad, you have an email now and got 24 hours to answer on it. Should no answer have been received by then another winner will be drawn.

Here again a few details about the Headphones:

Technical Details:

  • 30mm sound driver unit
  • Bass boost and vibration
  • Stylish metal housing
  • Swivel folding design for easy portability
  • Tangle free cord
  • Frequency response: 5Hz – 22,000Hz

WIN brand new Sony MDR-XB450BV Extra Bass Headphones!

Ramadan is the time of sharing, so we are running another competition and giving away some awesome Sony MDR-XB450BV Extra Bass Headphones.  We had reviewed the same Headphones back in December thanks to Sony Middle East and this time around we are giving away a set worth 399AED !

Technical Details:

  • 30mm sound driver unit
  • Bass boost and vibration
  • Stylish metal housing
  • Swivel folding design for easy portability
  • Tangle free cord
  • Frequency response: 5Hz – 22,000Hz

And this is how you can win:

Just participate below and have the chance to win. Please note that this competition is only for UAE based readers. The device will be either shipped via Aramex or handed over in person in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

WIN brand new Sony MDR-XB450BV Extra Bass Headphones!

Sony Launches High-Resolution Audio Devices in the UAE..

Sony Middle East has this week launched a new series of High Resolution Audio Devices in Dubai.  The range is including the Walkman, headphones, portable amplifiers and digital stereo recorders.  The aim is to bring audiophiles closer to the spirit and soul of the artist’s actual performance – just as they’d hear it on stage or in a recording studio.

With MP3 being a child of the 90s, with horrendous slow internet connections that required small compressed files,  it seems the best time to bring High Resolution Audio. High speed Data connections are commonly available and big files create no problems anymore in nowadays technology.


So what is Hi Res Audio you might ask?

Music is usually recorded in Hi-Res (24 bit/96kHz) in a studio and. Once it is finished the audio is getting compressed for CDs and music downloads (16 bit/44.1kHz). High Resolution Audio uses seven times more data than a CD for example, this enables it to catch even the finest nuance of each tone.

These are the currently used/supported file formats:


But can you actually buy this music anywhere?

Yes, you can. Sony already got more than 300.000 tracks available and this selections is growing.  There are various online stores like for example Qobuz that offers already Hi Res audio downloads.

For the UAE, Sony has partnered with Sony Music Entertainment allowing audiophiles to download Hi-Res Audio tracks when they purchase select Sony Hi-Res Audio products.

The Devices:

nwza15Walkman® NW-A15 is the world’s smallest and lightest High-Res Audio digital music player that brings true audiophile credentials to portable high-resolution audio players.

mdrz7The headband-type MDR-Z7 (2599AED)features a newly-developed 70mm HD driver unit that completely envelopes the listener’s ear, revealing every musical nuance with startling integrity – from powerful sub-bass lows to crystalline highs.


mdr1aThe MDR-1A headphones utilize 40mm HD driver units, which render incredibly wide bandwidth audio performance, from low to ultra-high up to 100 kHz frequency. This level of quality produces atmospheric musical nuances that are characteristic of High-Resolution audio.


The premium 2.1 channel, WiFi-enabled SRS-X9 wireless speaker features an impressive 154W of music output power, a bi-amped subwoofer, and dual passive radiators to deliver powerful, full-range audio with amazing tonal balance and precise bass response.


Sony’s PCM-D100 portable stereo recorder is designed to deliver the highest sound quality in professional audio applications including live music events or theatrical performances. The D100 is constructed of lightweight metal (aluminum) and it’s built rugged to withstand the demands of pro applications.


You can see the entire line-up of Sony Hi-Res Audio devices currently at the Sony Boutique at Dubai Mall, select Jumbo showrooms and other select electronics’ retailers across the UAE.

Sony Opens Flagship Boutique at Dubai Mall…

Sony today has opened its newly designed concept Sony Boutique at the Dubai Mall. Aiming to provide shoppers – both avid technology enthusiasts and Sony fans – with an immersive experience of Sony products, the 550 square meter boutique features a world-class retail design theme that complements Sony’s global philosophy of ‘inspiring and fulfilling the curiosity of people around the world and moving them emotionally’.

The new concept boutique features a wide-open storefront to provide an unobstructed view into the world of Sony. From Sony music artists playing on high resolution audio devices to movies from Sony Pictures playing on the immersive 4K TVs, the full breadth of Sony’s product range can be enjoyed at one location. Customer expectations are further met with Sony’s specialists providing an insight into the technical capabilities of the products and their unique differentiators.

Inauguaration of Sony BoutiqueThe Sony Boutique has five distinct product zones for gaming, mobility, digital imaging, as well as home entertainment and high resolution audio.

This zone also features a unique ‘shooting object’ area where consumers can get a hands-on feel of the latest cameras and take pictures of scaled down (4D) model of Dubai’s iconic landmarks – Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Metro, among others.

For gaming enthusiasts, a dedicated zone features the latest PlayStation models, while technology buffs can browse through the latest XPERIA mobile phones and accessories at the mobility zone.

The Sony Boutique is located at level 2 of the Dubai Mall opposite the Metro Link.

Reviewed: The waterproof Sony Sports MP3 Player : Walkman NWZ-W273S

The Walkman has come a long way. I almost used them all. I had a classic cassette Walkman back in the 80’s, a CD version in the 90’s and I was one of the first rocking a portable Sony Mini Disc Player (which I SonyWalkmanFamilystill have and use today!). After that I owned plenty of other mp3 players of different brands which have all one thing in common: They do not walk well with water and you always carry a device and have the headphone cables hanging around.

This Walkman is going to be your best Gym buddy!

The Sony Sports MP3 Player (Walkman NWZ-W273S) is different on this. The 4GB device sits in a pair of plastic pods connected by a rubber wire that wraps around the back of the neck. With the box Sony gives as well three different sizes of ear buds to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

The device is waterproof and hence has no connection for micros or mini USB to use them. For that reason it ships with a special USB Dock in which the Walkman’s Headset is connected. Ninety minutes of charging is giving you around 8 hours of usage which is not bad at already. But the incredible feature is that if you are out of battery power just a three minutes charge will give you around another hour of music. That is an exceptional option, special for people like me who find out last minute that the batteries of the device they want to use is empty. A Killer feature in itself. The NWZ-W273S series design is waterproof up to 2 meters depth. That means you can swim with it. but do not use in salt water as it has corrosive effects.


While using is there is no display to show you what you are listening to, or what function you have chosen but a couple of buttons set into the bottom and back of the two pods. featuring ,Play/pause, volume, shuffle, power and track control are making the usage easy enough. Some of the less obvious commands you can give to the NWZ-W273S are getting confirmed by the device with an audio cue. That means when you for example you shuffle your music, access a playlist or change music folders, a voice will tell you that you have done so.

To get music on the device you just need to plug it to your computer via the USB cradle and the music you want can be dragged and dropped into the NWZ-W273S’s flash storage via USB using any computer. Simple enough and way quicker than using iTunes which I hate for that reason not supporting drag and drop.

Coming to the Sound,  the headphones provide a good respectable amount of bass (something you want in a set of workout headphones so that you can keep a cadence while running or pumping iron) with decent mid-range and high-end sound as well. The sound gets just weaker when you use it in water. A little bit of water between ear and headphone and you hear almost nothing any longer. The more it is important to try and find the right ear buds.


Sony’s 300AED NWZ-W273S Walkman Sports MP3 Player is a great pick for anyone looking for an affordable, rugged MP3 player. It s great for people who use want music at the gym, on a jog or a long bike ride.  Heck, anybody who hates the cable headphones will love these.

Acme Labs Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

You can get these at any Jumbo Outlet like in the Mall of the Emirates or online at Amazon.

You can as well watch the official introduction video below:

Product Review: Sony Headphones MDR-XB450 BV

Sony has recently launched the new MDR-XB450 BV headphones and so it seems a good plan to review them. First thing I noticed after unpacking them was they looked and felt really cool. But could these be worn comfortable?

These are the first headphones which do not put too much pressure on my ears while wearing them. The big and soft synthetic leather pressure relieving ear pads really work super comfy but still firm enough to fall not off while walking around. The headphones give enough comfort to let you walk around for several hours.

Sound wise you are getting a very powerful high quality sound that is created by the 30mm driver which gives a solid performance. Like this you could use them daily without any problems, but as well not much better or worse as what you can already find in the market.

But if you Plug in a couple of AAA batteries and flick the switch on the headphones bottom which activates the Sony MDR-XB450BV bass resonance chamber,man, you are in a different league.  Once the bass kicks in it is  giving you the sort of bass weight you just can’t get with ordinary headphones. This adjustable vibration feature which gives the extra sound but does not disturb the quality of the songs is really pretty awesome.


Turn the bass dial up to max and you get the sort of low-end thump you can really feel on your ears, like standing next to a speaker bass bin at a concert. The bass ‘driver’ is not a normal speaker driver, and clearly moves back and forth with a lot more aggression than the Sony MDR-XB450BV’s normal speaker.

The MDR-XB450BV have a slim, swivel folding style allowing for convenient storage in a bag, briefcase or backpack while you are on the go which makes them small enough even without being able to fold.

Only thing I personally did not like is that the flat cord is non removable and connected on both sides. I would prefer a single cord which is removable and replaceable.

Verdict:  The Sony MDR-XB450BV are headphones with Bass large enough to fill your day. And given the price they are a great choice. If you are in the marked for Headphones right now and you want to have that extra Bass, this is what you should go for.

Acme Blog Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Technical Details:extra

  • 30mm sound driver unit
  • Bass boost and vibration
  • Stylish metal housing
  • Swivel folding design for easy portability
  • Tangle free cord
  • Frequency response: 5Hz – 22,000Hz

These Headphones are available in all good Electronic Stores and at Virgin Megastores.