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Got my Holster for the Z10

bbbbas the Z10 ships by default without a Holster i was out to get one. I thought first about a case but i just don’t like them. I had a case on my iPhone back in the days and it was just not feeling cozy. So i got the original BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch. The good thing is It also recognizes settings and preferences, and power saving technology works to help extend the battery life…

I got it from Virgin in the Dubai Mall for 115AED while it would cost me around 103AED plus shipping from the US which would make obviously no sense…

Update: My experience…

I had last week a bad experience with So i had contacted the support to explain me the problem. I had on above link shown that the same seller (honey777) is selling the same camera which was out of stock suddenly 7 days after i had paid it online again for a higher price.

The answer from the support is a joke, the seller i bought from named honey777 is not the same one selling it same time with a higher price, as well named honey777. I am sure they have a user system which allows multiple users with the same name… WTF.



Short Review of the BlackBerry Z10

having it now for a few days in use i am extremely positive surprised by the battery life. My 9900 was at noon time ready for a recharge while the Z10 is still om 50% full after 12 hours in use. The an OS loads way faster than on any of my previous BlackBerry’s. The OS itself feels comfortable partially known from the Playbook. Setting up was easy even the BlackBerry Link which his the replacement of the former BlackBerry Desktop Manager is horrible on a 64bit system.


Was this now the new start i was waiting for? Definitely a clear yes. The phone is great, it looks great, it feels great, it works great. Sadly LTE is not working down here but that is fine for me.

The BlackBerry World App Store has already some nice apps and even the Emirates NBD has already a BB10 app online. I hope there are much more great apps to come which are missing from the start but as Skype was already announced this is probably just a question on time till the other big ones come.

If you are fancying a new phone right now give the Z10 a try, you wont be disappointed.


Ordering with Never again… WTF

i had ordered a Canon Eos 650D via on the 30th of January. Delivery should have been between the 3rd and 8th of February, which would be tomorrow. Today morning i checked the delivery status and found still not shipped Coming home now i just seen that the order has been cancelled because the item is out of stock.


well it takes 7 days to find out you cannot deliver an item you are selling online? That is really b*st. I can not recommend shopping at at all after this experience. The seller is not honest and the whole principles of the system are highly doubtful.

Looking around a bit more i found that the same seller (honey777) is offering the same camera again, but now for more money. So out of stock was just a lie. WTF. Online shopping here in the Middle East is far below the experience in Europe and North America….


I just called the Souq Customer support. They are sadly as well a joke and told me the money will  be refunded within one week. He could not explain as well how the seller has the same article online again. I will push this to consumer protection tomorrow… Let’s see what happens..

my new camera: Canon Ixus 1100 HS

i somehow wanted to have an additional point and shoot camera next to my SLR so i went out and got the canon ixus 1100 hs the other day. You can do everything on the touch screen  Also you have options to record videos in super slow motion what is really fun.

For those coming across from the world of mobile phone photography, the IXUS 1100 HS should be an absolute cinch to use. The camera has a 3.2-inch touchscreen panel at the rear, which takes up most of the back panel. There’s just enough room for one physical button for playback/picture-review mode. Everything else is controlled from the screen itself.

The top of the camera features a power and a shutter button, a zoom rocker wrapped around the shutter and a switch sliding between full-automatic mode and scene/program modes. Like many other compact cameras, the IXUS 1100 HS is designed to be used primarily in automatic modes. You can tweak options, such as ISO and white balance in program mode, if you so desire, and there are a range of scene modes and filters to use, such as low light, miniature mode and toy camera.


Big Boys Toys is back, 31st of January @ Atlantis the Palm

bbt-logoFrom 31st January till 2nd of February 2013 Atlantis the Palm is hosting the Big Boys Toys Exhibition.

Big Boys Toys is the region’s premier lifestyle event, featuring the greatest, fastest, sleekest, most unique and luxurious products from an amazing line up of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of luxury lifestyle products.

Big Boys Toys is all about fun!

It is happening in the Asateer Tent next to Nasimi Beach, the entry is on 100AED per ticket regular (1st and 2nd of February) the VIP Fee is on 500AED and is valid on the VIP Day (31st of January) and of course on the other days as well, but give you additional the usage of the VIP Parking ground and the participation in the 1.000.000 AED Raffle.

For more info´s visit their homepage here: LINK