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My second experience

after my problems with the last order at they contacted me and offered me a credit at as compensation.

Well i thought i will take that and give them another try to see how it works if everything goes well. So i ordered a remote for my Canon Digital Camera on the 18th of April. The remote shipped on the 24th of April and reached today.

10 days for an item from order till delivery? I could have gotten the same article from Amazon shipping via New York in the same time with Shop and Ship..

Nevertheless, if you have the time to wait that time it is OK. Usually if i buy something online i want to have the item as soon as possible and not after that long…

At least this time i got the item which i had ordered and it was in perfect condition.

souq1 souq2


Update: has finally reacted…

souq_logo_ENIts been 2 month now since my experience

Today i got a call which i could not attend and when i called back a machine just told me that the customer care of has changed to a different number… I didn’t bother so i hang up. A bit later i found a comment on my Blog from them which you can see below…

I was a bit surprised as i did not expect any answer anymore from them. It shows at least that they do take complains serious even they are not handled very fast…

Thank you for a finally proper reply.


Update: proofs finally to be stupid or ignorant…

wtfhaving had yesterday the mail of souq dot com explaining me that the seller who cancelled my camera order is not the same seller i got another mail today.

i send them yesterday the link to my blog which showed clearly the screenshot of the new offer for the same camera on a higher price. But Mr. Largadas, answered me again that this is not the same seller.

Proofing the opposite with the search function took me less than a minute. I don’t know if these people at souq dot com are stupid or if they just back up this practice. Seller that way cannot be rated by unhappy customers and keep a high customer satisfaction score. For me there was no further proof required that there are idiots working there, but they have replied on my mail…