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Movie Review: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

I had watched The Last Jedi the other day and I will try here to review it without giving away spoilers or twists.

The eighth part of the ‘Star Wars’ saga  is strikingly dazzling. After a material battle to kick off – the new director Rian Johnson (‘ Brick ‘) looks deep into the wounded souls of his heroes – especially in the dark Kylo Ren.

I You’re not really doing much, “Young Rey says disrespectfully to Jedi retiree Luke Skywalker, and the authors of the sequels have no scruples killing the gospel of George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars’, they proved in Episode VII, when angry Kylo Ren literally made his father, Han Solo, disappear into oblivion: he pushed him casually into an abyss – an inglorious end to Han Solo (Harrison Ford), who many fans considered the coolest character in the galaxy.

We meet Rey and Luke Skywalker right back where the cliffhanger at the end of J.J. Abrams’ seventh part on her fate in the unknown left: On a picturesque as well as deserted island whose steps carved into the rock seem almost to lead to heaven.

There, in the remnants of an ancient Jedi temple, the aged and broken Luke Skywalker lives his life. He was the youthful hero in the first three ‘Star Wars’ movies in the 1970s and 80s and is played as always by Mark Hamill, who has also matured dramatically compared to back then. However, the juvenile hero figure is a woman in the 21st century: 25-year-old Daisy Ridley, who showed in the last part who is wearing the three-quarter pants in the Star Wars universe.

Today, she is a strong supporter of Leia Organa (the 2016 deceased Carrie Fisher in one of her last roles). And Leia does not have to be saved in a bikini anymore. The princess of yesteryear is now general of the Resistance. She commands with heartfelt but forbidden attention the few resistance fighters who want to put an end to the leader of the evil First Order, Supreme Leader Snoke (as always a show: Andy ‘Gollum’ Serkis).

But the wild Rey desperately needs training to use her powers properly. The offer of father murderer Kylo Ren she had knocked out in the last movie. He clearly has a problem with his Anger Management. First, his fancy Darth Vader memorial helmet falls victim to a tantrum. So this time we get to see a lot of Adam Driver, who creates his Kylo Ren as a wonderfully weak villain.

Now, Rey hopes to Jedi veteran Luke Skywalker as a teacher, but he does not really want. What he carries with him for a small package and what Rey and Kylo Ren have in common, I do not want to reveal here. Only so much: There is a lot of sheet metal damage, the lightsabers are eagerly swung, and a lot of Star Wars stripes are looked up into the confused souls of the characters.

In addition old acquaintances appear again – and on both sides new heads. The biggest cuteness factor this time even not the droll droid BB-8, but feathered critters with big eyes. Yeah, ‘Lucas Film’ is now owned by Disney. So there is something for everyone in the far, far away galaxy. Boredom is guaranteed not to occur in the 151 minutes, which feel like one and a half hours.


While there are things to criticize, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is definitely one of the better Star Wars movies. Where exactly you place it within the saga, whether over or under The Empire Strikes Back, or Rogue One, is likely to depend heavily on personal taste. The established new characters in the predecessor such as Rey and Kylo Ren, but also Finn and Poe undergo important developments and finally take the lead of the old squad. All of this happens in a great story that steals here and there from the old days, but clearly proves more autonomy.

Especially in the space battles the film draws grandiose pictures with first-class effects on the canvas. Offside, Rian Johnson continues the work with many practical effects that give the film a more realistic look. Beyond doubt is the work of John Williams, who returns to his best. This is mainly because he again used more old themes in the soundtrack and thus enhances the recognition. An increase over Episode 7 is The Last Jedi without a doubt. A definite recommendation for every moviegoer – for Star Wars fans anyway.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Check out the Trailer below:

Visited: Girders Garden BBQ Smoker

We visited the other day Girders Garden to attend the Ultimate BBQ Experience we had been invited to. Girders Garden is located within the J A Ocean View Resorts and Hotels in JBR. The place is really nice and it was a cool, fun and relaxing experience. We had spent few minutes with the Head Chef Thomas, a German national who gave us  a couple of tips of how to marinate the meat with different kinds of delicious tricks and preparation so the meat specially the beef gets the tasty and tender soft outcome that later on made us wanting and craving for more. They have their own way of preparation using cherry wood in a slow low fire for 8 to 12 hours. We tasted the yummy smoked beef brisket, Bbq Beef ribs, the road kill grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, French fries, corn on the cob ,vegetable salad, lemon mint drinks, really great was the strawberry drink that made me feel cool and refreshed.

Girders Garden the first in Dubai inside JA Ocean View Hotel and Resort started back in December 2014. I had the chance to steal an interview with  Ms. Lee Ann Lombard, the Restaurant Manager from Scotland and she was very pleasant and cooperative during the interview and she gave us perfectly detailed informations on our questions.

BBQ beef mania is available every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and their ‘Road kill 1/2 Chicken is always available daily, for pork lovers party Bbq is available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They are serving four types of sauce, Jack Daniel’s Smoke Pit Special, Guinness BBQ sauce, Smoky Russian Smirnoff and No booze BBQ sauce. Their BBQ is quiet amazing and mouth-watering and tender.

Aside from that, Happy hour comes every Wednesdays from 4pm to 3 am wherein they are serving Top 3 drinks and Beers between 25 to 28 aed at very affordable prices in JBR area and from A to Z you can order different kinds of Bombs liquor mixed with red bull in a variety of flavours like cherry bombs and many more.

Overall, we really liked the food most especially the beef bbq. The place is pretty cool and the Staff was superb either. A must try out place Folks – we loved it.

Tried out: The Amazon Fire TV Stick

With the Amazon Fire TV Stick the mail order company Amazon brings a compact offshoot of its set-top box Fire TV to the market. We’ve taken a closer look to the Google Chromecast competitor and given him a good try.

Design and Workmanship

The Fire TV stick weighs 25 grams and has sleek roughly the dimensions of a cigarette lighter. It is slightly longer but narrower than Chromecast. The Stick comes in a simple, matte black finish. The Amazon-label is engraved and stands out with a piano black finish from it. The workmanship is impeccable.

Technical specifications

  • Processor: Dual-core processor
  • Memory: 1 gigabyte
  • Flash Memory: 8 GB
  • WLAN: Dual-band antenna,  Standards of 802.11 A/B/G/N

This is in the Box:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • remote
  • power Supply
  • USB cable
  • HDMI extension
  • Quick Reference Guide

Installation and Setup

The installation of the Fire Sticks TV is self-explanatory. First, connect the stick over the HDMI interface with an open slot on the TV or monitor. The power is supplied via the included power adapter, which is connected via the microUSB port with the stick. The power supply via a USB port on the TV is not enough. The initial start-up takes about five minutes to complete and will show you the key features and tips in a video introduction.

To use the TV Fire Sticks a stable Internet connection via Wi-Fi is required. The stick tests your connection quality within the facility. On additional ports like an Ethernet port or an audio output as in the Fire TV box you have to live without on the stick. At the conclusion of the initialization, you will still be asked for your e-mail address of your Amazon account.

You can use the streaming stick even without an existing Prime subscription. Free content however can only be watched via third-party apps. A Prime subscription for 49 Euros per year makes sense because the stick was especially designed for downloading movies, series and documentaries of Prime subscriptions. With the Fire TV Stick you have access to all Prime Instant video content and can, like on PC, rent (chargeable of course) films and series as well.

Operation and Navigation

The user interface is very clear, and the taken mainly from Amazon Fire TV Streaming Box. The clean-designed, clearly structured menus are very convincin. In addition, additional apps can be installed, with which you can go beyond the limitation os Amazon Prime. I for example use as well Netflix.  Optionally, the stick can be controlled with the supplied remote or with an app on your smartphone!

With the free Amazon Fire TV Remote app searching is also conveniently via voice input possible. The voice recognition worked well in the test  – no matter whether we were looking for movie titles, directors or actors. The smartphone app further simulates the hardware keys on the remote control – it hence easily replaced the remote easily completely. The navigation via smartphone and remote proved throughout the test more than convincing.

The compatible and separately available game controller comes not only as a joystick for many game apps that you can download. The controller can also be used as a remote control for the video content.

Unfortunately we miss the function to stream web content or streams of not supported streaming services on the TV . This works for Chromecast via an appropriate extension for the Chrome browser. This can reflect individual or multiple tabs on the TV.

Another cool add on is X-Ray. With X-Ray both streaming modules obtain a feature that allows some information appears to actors of the scene or to the currently playing music. X-Ray draws on the extensive database IMDB (Internet Movie Database). To be able to retrieve additional information must be paused only within a film or series. Who wants the inserts during playback, press the High button on the remote in the navigation pane. For more extensive information further submenus can be called. Switching off the function is currently not provided.

Performance and Quality

Amazon promises the highest performance HDMI stick on the market. Videos should be capable of rapid start and even start without delays at all caused by the relatively well-equipped hardware and with appropriate link quality. Videos loaded in the test really quickly, but installations of apps and games on the other hand took some time to complete. The performance therefore cannot fully be described as very good.

The sound and picture quality assessed as good to very good. Videos are available if reproduced in HD resolution. The reproductions of pictures and videos on the Amazon cloud in the test functioned properly. For playing elaborate gaming titles you should, however, rely on the Fire TV streaming box that has better hardware equipment.


The Fire TV Stick made by Amazon is a powerful HDMI Streaming stick, which for Prime subscribers provides particularly true added value compared to the competition models. The supplied remote control and the option on the smartphone or a game controller to access, knew to convince. The total package is right. But  streaming content directly on the web browser is left to the competition from the house of Google (Chromecast) .

Movie Review: The Last Witch Hunter

If you havd been given a chance to have a gift of immortality, what will you do?? For Kaulder ( Vin Diesel), half of his never ending life is about hunting and slaying all of the bad witches that walked on Earth, as it is his sworn duty to be “The Last Witch Hunter”. Now on the present time, he needs to accomplish one task, to finish what he had thought that he had done, slaying the Queen Witch that started it all.


I do like how they manage to incorporate old tales and modern era, giving the vibe and lightness for the viewers. They have manage to squeeze in what is the modern witches doing at the present day, and how they fit and adapt on the society. I like how Chloe (Rose Leslie) shows of her perkiness, which adds a little flavor of laughs for the movie. I do however, thinks why Dolan 37th (Elijah Wood) is added on the movie, doing nothing for most of the film. It feels like, he is just an extra, popping from scene to scene without no one is noticing him, giving Wood less lines, less perform, less to be seen, if given a sequel.

Vin Diesel though, gave his best impression of what he is in Dungeons & Dragons (young generations.. check on the internet!), as Kaulder. He did what he should have done, combining a lot of movie elements ( Blade, Van Helsing,  Torreto, F&F franchise, Stoick of How to Train your Dragon) but with extra power, immortality, I would say he is Vin Diesel after all, and this movie is co-produce by him and definitely viewers will watched this because of him.

The story itself is very direct and well script, connecting every part from the start to the end. But somehow it loses the wow factor, lacking on the story line progression. It’s like you’re watching it on a loop, the first part that he kills the Witch Queen is the also the last part, showing  flashback of Kaulder’s love ones all over the entire film, giving the viewers the chance to eat they’re popcorn for the sake of waiting it to finish.

All in all, “The Last Witch Hunter” is probably an okay movie. They have provided a new scope of world where witches and sorcery is alive. And they do give some hints of a sequel, to develop the story even further. So I suggest keeping in mind that this movie has potential to it, and can be developed for further more projects to come.

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars

The Last WItch Hunter is in UAE cineams and right now and you can check out the Trailer below:

Movie Review: Vacation

vacation-2015Finally I had seen the Movie Vacation written and directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (in their directorial debuts). It stars Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann, and Chris Hemsworth.  I liked the original movie with Chevy Chase back in the days, but had no really high hopes this one would keep up with it.

So what awaits us at Vacation ? This is a kind of spin-off of the then successful films with Chevy Chase as head of the family of the Griswold´s. In this Vacation Movie we get to know the family of the Son of Chevy Chase Vacation who takes a road trip through the States with his two sons and his wife.

So far so good, now we all have an expectation towards this movie, but this one does not really even want to start somehow. It is more or less a sequence of convulsively funny acting moments, without being able to really build an action or even tension.

It is drawn a joke after another which ignites more or less well. Unfortunately, everything seemed very frantically, and the film is, how should I say,  peppered with clichés. The father, who is unhappy at work, who does not have aperfect marriage, the disputes of the children, first love, and getting older was as well in there.

So here is my conclusion:

Who expected here a film of the Griswold family as he knows them, with Chevy Chase, will be mercilessly disappointed. Who, however,  likes to see Ed Helms, is not annoyed by him as soon as you see him on the canvas and just want to see the road trip of a family who just exudes from accidents, accidents and mishaps, will have no problem about jokes that are sub standard. The film certainly has wit and charm, but with the old movies it cannot, well not keep up, is the wrong terms, I’d rather say you can draw here no comparison. 

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: The Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones

Did you ever wish to be able to use Headphones that do not cover or stick inside your ears? We have given the Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones a try as they promise a new way of listening to audio on the go. Instead of covering you up and make it impossible to hear the world around you the Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones are using the  ‘Bone Conduction Technology’ to transfer the sound from your cheekbones direct to your inner ears, leaving your ears completley free to any ambient sounds. Specially on a bicycle this is a huge advantage.

Quality / Feeling:

At first the headphones that are sitting around your neck are feeling a bit awkward, this was the first time ever to have Headphones not over or inside the ear. But once getting used to this I really liked the advantage of the unique Bone Conduction Technology. While listening to your favorite tunes you can still react and pay attention to your surroundings. Needless to say that this makes your life much safer specially if you are one a bike or running down a road. Pretty cool is as well that you can use them while swimming. Yes, you read right, they are waterproof too and work well despite water in your ears. For me as a person enjoying deep bass while listening to music the real only single point I disliked about the headphones was that they could produce more bass to fit better my taste.


The Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones are connected to your computer or charger via astandard micro USB cable. A full charge of the device gives you around 6 hours of usage time which is really good. It as well gives you the change to pair to other devices via Bluetooth. We have tried connecting it with various mobiles and even tablets and none of the connections gave us any problems. Paired to your phone it lets you even answer phone calls directlyfrom the headphones, so your phone can stay in your bag.


The Merlin Audiova Conduction Headphones are a first of its kind with its brand new technology. It is a great step towards safety while using headphones and they are having a sleek design. They are multiuseable, comfortable to wear and deliver a good and clear sound, though the bass could be stronger for me. The connection possibility via Bluetooth makes this device a real allrounder and very useful if you are an active person that is enjoying music on the go.

Movie Review: The Transporter Refueled

The Transporter Refueled - FINALThe Transporter Frank Martin is a courier of a different kind. He transports dubious cargo, no questions asked. That’s one of the iron rules which have held as rigorously as possible in their interpretations of the figure both Jason Statham in three feature films, as well as Chris Vance, embodied in the two seasons of the “Transporter” series. These managable rules now also applieon the reboot of the action franchise with “The Transporter Refueled”. But the Briton Ed Skrein who is on the first hatch here in the role of Frank Martin,turns out to be more flexible in comparison to its predecessors. Direct form the start, Frank Martin is from the outset considerably more at the mercy of the circumstances, the character gets here more life of its own. But the basic formula of co-creator and Action mogul Luc Besson (“Lucy”), who has here assumed the dual role of producer and scriptwriter again remains unchanged: Great Car Action, Hard-hitting battles, chic locations, some cool pun and plenty of pace – ready is the “Transporter” cocktail. But what “Transporter 3” -Cutter Camille Delamarre has stirred together in his streaky but entertaining second directorial effort, comes neither close to the last ones. And the plot is not less outrageous than before despite cute approaches.

Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) is a popular and discreet service for anyone who wants to convey something illegal from A to B. With his Audi, equipped with refined extras, the former Special Forces soldier who follows the strict rules to make the hot commodity on time and without any questions to your destination. But then the mysterious Anna (Loan Chabanolwants to place an order, for which he would have to jettison his principles. She wants to take revenge on her ex-boss Karasov (Radivoje Bukvic) , who has forced them into prostitution, and plans to rob  the gangster boss and his accomplices with her suffering companions Maria (Tatiana Pajkovic), Gina (Gabriella Wright) and Qiao (Wenxia Yu ). To move Frank to join in, the women kidnap his father Frank Sr. (Ray Stevenson). The transporter gets into a whirlpool of bloody intrigue and neck breaking action

One with the word “greasy” comprehensively characterized person rises in front of a hotel in the south of France from the shed of a sedan and announced with unmistakable Russian accent pattern: “Prostitution is mine!”. His entitlement to the lucrative business with the commercial sex underpinned the man by letting shoot a handful of thugs with machine guns at anything that moves (or not). After the bullet and cliché staccato of this settled in 1995 prologue  the first appearance of the new transporter provides an effective contrast of almost poetic clarity half decades later: Frank Martin is facing in an underground garage a handful of thugs that dmand from him the keys to his Audi S8. At first they even make fun of his strange accent, but soon will not laugh further: The baldy character puts them all out of order in an elegant and ingenuity in melee incapacitated fight sequence . Quite unlike his rabid opponent Karasov from the prologue, with who links him an ugly episode from the past, Martin disdains the use of firearms and prefers to not create more damage than necessary. The archetypal constellation gets later unnecessarily complicated, not always logically comprehensible entanglements, loose ends and carelessly built Details lost soon.

Although the idea of ​​a female musketeer Quartet is extremely sexy, but the film lacks the rhythmic accuracy as well as the unified narrative to make more out of the theme of women’s solidarity as a vague idea.  In return, Ed Skrein (“Deadpool” “Game Of Thrones”) sets himself already in said first scene in a different light compared to his famous predecessor Jason Statham: Being Frank Martin is marked less by Stoic callousness and cool imperturbability than polite aloofness and restrained effectiveness. There is as well evidence of a colorful past and the vibrant relationship with his father Frank Sr. which is newly emerging and so a welcome innovation. Ray Stevenson (“Rome”, “Determination” series) plays the alleged mineral representatives (in reality, he is a retired MI6 agent) with a preference for 900-Euro-wines andlovely charm. Add to this that the contrast between father and son finally also puts an additional human dimension on the loner Frank Martin .

The new down-to-earth mentality of the protagonist  does also reflected in the action scenes. In the duels Ed Skrein shows full body use, where the athlete Statham looked like fighting almost effortless. He uses everything  just within his reach and the adversaries are sometimes even tied formally as a package, which indeed makes the perfect fit for a courier. Well done is also the daring maneuvers, as Frank rushes to the car under a plane taking off – and finally he shows us in a fast-paced scene even that jet skis are perfectly suited for short-term land use. The action is here but overall still less lifted and stylized as in the choreographed by Corey Yuen predecessors. The gas attack on a nightclub falls very inconsistent (and slightly irritating), while a wild shootout on a yacht degenerates into a confusing shootout .

Conclusion: The new Transporter Ed Skrein puts out a shaky start, but also shows some potential, which leaves all possibilities open for the planned sequels. If you like action, you will as well

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


The Transporter Refueled is now showing in UAE Cinemas, you can as well check out again the Trailer below:

Reviewed: “Hitman: Agent 47”

Hitman-Agent-47Thanks to the lovely people at Empire Movies we had been able to attend the Premiere Screening of “Hitman: Agent 47”.I really liked the 2007 Hitman starring Timothy Olyphant and could hardly imagine that somebody could be cooler than him.

Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) was grown a perfect killing machine under a Genexperiments. His current contract leads the professional killer to Berlin, where he apparently has to eliminate a young woman named Katia (Hannah Ware). This scans the files of the city archives feverishly for an about a decades ago lost man even though she does not even know what exactly connects her to the wanted. In addition to that she has such a sharpened perception that she even realizes what is going on behind the closed doors of a city block away. As 47 is waiting his target in Berlins Alexanderplatz station,  the opaque agent John Smith involves (Zachary Quinto) and rescues together with Katia into the American embassy. But although this is one of the best-guarded buildings in the city, no one there could be really feel safe from Agent 47.

Keeping in line with the stealth shooter template “Hitman: Agent 47” is a (nearly) humorless action thriller whose makers have taken the abstruse story to zoom bred Barcode killers and an all-powerful international criminal organization (whose name also matches the ’80s Feeling with “Syndicate”) noticeably seriously. This is refreshingly old-fashioned and now on the big screen a rarity where straight old-school action is unfortunately produced almost exclusively for the home theater market. The trouble is merely: Unfortunately, the action could be even more in my eyes. While the Gore-level rises every now and again in extreme heights (in a Berlin factory is so long fought and shot until the doctor no longer needs to come), but overall it lacks the necessary punch. Whether it is a tribute to the Game template that CGI can be seen in the stunt scenes or not. When Rupert Friend and Zachary Quinto hitting on a Berlin subway, the decisive moments are all coming out of the computer. As wel when motorcycle thugs are falling on theirface, this is often nothing else than pixel art. In 2015 it should be possible to do better than this. ‘Mad Max: Fury Road ” has done this quite well in my opinion.

Rupert Friend (Homeland”) as Agent 47 is just like its predecessor Timothy Olyphant very convincing obviously such an emotionless killer just not necessarily makes it as a role model. This job would thus actually had fallen to Hannah Ware (Oldboy”) , but the newcomer is completely pale in her first starring role. But after all she still does better than Zachary Quinto (Star Trek”) and Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers 2“), which, as villains, come with painful cliché loaded dialogues at best for a pinch of unintentional comedy.

Conclusion: After Xavier Gens with Hitman” In 2007, at least ended up still as an action midfielder, it is likely his successor Aleksander Bach with Hitman: Agent 47” for me has not done way better than the first installment. I would have wished more action, more coolness and better villains.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Hitman: Agent 47 is in cinemas right now and you can check out the Trailer below:

Tried out: Movie Monday at Tribeca

Last Monday we have attended the very first evening of Tribeca Movie Monday. Tribeca is located in the center of the Jumeirah Beach Residence inside the JA Ocean View Hotel. Parking is easy and friendly as the accommodating valet parking service is ready to assist you. Else you can park as well in The Beach Underground Parking if you fancy (paid of course).

Tribeca is a restaurant & bar featuring wholesome and organic food and alcoholic beverages, live entertainment and an impressive collection of art from local artists which is also for sale. A Mediterranean cuisine, a healthy eating throughout with a new York minded Theme is bringing a modern American style to JBR that made a Dubai twist on a cool urban vibe chichangout. The word Tribeca originated means:’ Triangle Below Canal’ which discribes a corner of the big Apple, better said in Lower Manhatten.

Tribeca has been launched 6 months back and it’s doing well in terms of customers satisfaction along with good offers, newly developed gigs and good programmes such as kitchen, bar & arts. Talented musicians on weekends are playing songs in live show, ladies nights on Tuesdays, Fridays brunch, nice paintings made by selected and professional painters, encouraging those artists to expose their paints for sale within the same place. The Tribeca team launched a new ideas of bringing out the best American movies on their 2.5m/3m screen that are airing every Mondays at a package price of AED 50 including one drink and one organic popcorn per person. The cool ambiance of putting cinema and a chic bar together gives a great ambiance and the feeling of having a home cinema along with bar and restaurant atmosphere. It was cool having Bluetooth headsets making customers more comfortable being able to listen and follow the movie without the needs that everybody around you is quiet. It feels like you are in the cinema at home.

We really appreciated the warm and welcoming along with the accommodating staff who served us during our visit to the bar/ lounge cinema. We even got a show around  by the Manager Miss. Michelle who allowed us to see and check all above mentioned information about the restaurant in and out. She explained in details about Tribeca and the newly launched Movie Monday created by the team.

We enjoyed the Movie Night having had a rather unconventional cinematic experience that gives you the impression of watching cinema at home sitting in a very comfortable Leather Sofa & Traditional table and having your food and drinks served in the same time according to your choice. While we were watching the first Movie of the Tribeca Movie Monday (Pulp Fiction) , we were able to place orders for our food and beverage:

  • Tribeca Burger & Fries: Organic ground beef, Cajun, mayonnaise, tomato, caramelized onion and Cheddar. How Cool is the presentation of the Burger?
  • Tribeca Hot Dog: sweet potato fries, organic beef sausage, bell peppers, shredded carrots, beetroot and feta cheese. As well here the presentation with the News Paper Wrap is soo cool.
  • Tribeca Eton Mess with meringue strawberries and cream.
  • Tribeca Organic Ice cream mango and pistachio.
  • Tribeca organic white wine and the organic popcorn.

Overall our visit to Tribeca and its Movie Monday was perfectly great and we were extremely satisfied, we were amazed by the 3 in 1 concept that has been offered by Tribeca and we have really enjoyed having food and drinks with popcorn and burgers, dessert and ice cream while watching the movie using the provided Bluetooth headsets. This was awesome.

If you want to try it out now as well, here is the Movie schedule for the next week which you can find of course as well in our Events section:

  • 24th August – Wall Street
  • 31st August – Zoolander
  • 7th September – Back to the Future – Part 1
  • 14th September – Rocky IV
  • 21th September – Star Wars

I am looking forward for Star Wars, and would certainly watch Back to the Future if I could be sure part 2 and 3 will follow, or how about all 3 in one night ? Or even better put on Forrest Gump.

Movie Review: Pound Of Flesh

Last night we had attended the Premiere screening of “Pound of Flesh” directed by Ernie Barbarash (Assasination Games) and starring  Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Deacon (Jean Claude Van Dame) was preparing to donate his kindly to his little nine years old niece Isabella, who was dying in the bed in requirement of a Kidney. Her father George registered her name in the list awaiting for the organ to be arranged by the hospital which is naturally taking time. On the day before the arrival a gang of dealers had stolen his kidney to be sold to one rich man. This man is controlling the city through a company called Harmony Corparation which controls the most bars and night clubs in the city with the assistance of the police. The love to his niece pushes him to take a revenge against this issue and to help Isabella to survive. With the help of his old friend and his brother George, Deacon begins the hunt for the man that has his kidney.

The movie is an eye-opener to what is happening in our world today and that the world is facing a humanitarian issue that has evolved into a fairly negative dimensions of murder and robbery of human organs from those who have no other options left in their life becoming an easy target for human trafficking member without pity and mercy. It shows in a pretty scary way on how the human life itself has become an article only for many people and having less value than money.

With the Far East being the setting of the Movie it is happening in an area where crimes for human organ is happening in wide and non-humanitarian way in reality. It is not only the Far East, this is also a worldwide problem mostly happening in third world countries where a huge number of people has no money for daily food, it gives a chance for high profile people to invest in this black market and to generate big money out of it and to give the ones who can afford it a new life.

0001_Movie Still-

What you get is still a typical Van Damme Action flick with loads of fight scenes and Action. Another thing I enjoyed was that there were quite a few twists in the story. Some of these might really surprise you. Whenever you think that you know something up comes something else to consider and change your mind. That said you the movie is backed with some surprises up to the end.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“Dark Places” is showing in UAE Cinemas starting today and as usual you can watch the Trailer below: