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Movie Review: Fast & Furious 8

In 2009, Justin Lin has turned the only very moderately successful street racing franchise with the fourth part “Fast & Furious -New Model Original Parts. ” into a James Bond-on-Speed ​​direction. Since then the makers of were able to put on more thrill on it with every further movie, although it feels every time, as if they had really pushed the accelerator pedal to the limit: more stars, more action, more madness, more family and From time to time more success in at the Ticket Box (“Fast & Furious 7” has made more than one and a half billion dollars worldwide). “Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) gets spontaneous in a two-man street race while in Havana during his honeymoon with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).  In which he himself takes a seat behind the wheel of a just in time tuned as well as possible scrap car. Does the “Fast & Furious” series, directed by F. Gary Gray (“Straight Outta Compton”), return to their more modest roots? Of course not!!! The racing duel takes on such absurd excessive trains at the latest on the finish line, that one only shakes his head in disbelief and applauds at the same time.

Directly after this the story starts, Dom is approached by a woman with blond dreadlocks on the street with a breakdown, that turns out to be the internationally sought-after super-hackeress Cypher (Charlize Theron) and declares she Dom that he will soon throw over his brothers, his family and his principles. When DSS agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) asks for help with an action in Berlin, where a powerful EMP bomb is to be secured, Dom and his crew do not need to be asked twice as expected. But on the run, Dom rammed the completely surprised Hobbs without warning from the road and fled with the bomb toward the airport. The family is split! From now on, it says: Dom against the rest of his team – and no one else knows why he suddenly turned against his friends …

If once in your favorite daily soap someone suddenly turned out to be a villain, then my grandma told me so excited and angry as if she had just been escaped by a close family member. Now the “Fast & Furious” series is now nothing more than a $ 200 million per episode of expensive Mega Blockbuster soap opera – so after the release of the first trailer, there was no other topic : WTF ? Dom turns against his family? He can not bring that! But after the first shock came quickly also the first worries – because in Soap Operas no matter what magnitude such twists are so synonymous times grotesquely ridiculous. And so we have also discussed the most absurd theories: Thought control? Hypnosis? A clone or twin? Blackmail with a sextape? Please do not! But the fear we can take you directly! The reason for Dom’s departure from his team is the same as in the previous four parts of the series: the twist is equally emotionally grounded and completely detached – just like the entire franchise.

At the same time, the concentration on the central twist also leads to a certain narrative narrowing: In the previous parts, mostly all crew members have their own little action line, only Dom and Letty make a real emotional development in the eighth part. Tyrese Gibson, as Pearce, is the only one out of the team who is not on the list of the ten most wanted criminals Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have a great winking-and-men-killing, and the self-ironic points are sure to hit their target! And even if things get really silly, for example if Johnson is doing a little bit of ambition with a girl soccer team or Statham is carrying a toddler in a baby bowl during a shooting, that is always really entertaining.

In comparison, the high-profile newcomers are rather disappointing: Oscar winner Charlize Theron (excellent for “monsters”) hits as a nearly god-like hacker whimsical about the strings and their common scenes with Vin Diesel are also adequately intensified (especially one moment is Really extremely dark), but most of the time she comments on the action only with villain-cliché-onelines out of their deployment center. This is rather tiring in the long run – especially in “Fast & Furious 8” similar to last time in “James Bond: Specre” the plot of the previous films is retrospectively : this already works just on the pure action level, But above all, Cypher, as a new top adversary, is simply not impressive enough to justify such a special position. Scott Eastwood (“Suicide Squad”) is a very good figure as agent Eric Reisner, but does not have much to do apart from the action. So it is, from all the newcomers of the series ultimately Oscar winner Helen Mirren (“The Queen”), which as a White Trash-Grande lady in her unfortunately only few scenes steals all others the show.

There is a lot of good news about the “Fast & Furious” series that we have already written about as the characters and actors, but almost nothing about the action in a blockbuster franchise of this size: apart from the opening one Havana sequence, which already writes history because “Fast & Furious 8” is the first film of this scale, which was filmed after the fall of the commercial bargain in Cuba, will mainly be two sequences in the Actioncinema annals: the frenzied Final on a frozen Russian sea, where the crew flees in their cars across the ice in front of an atomic submarine, impresses with its sheer gigantomania and is particularly fond of a great attitude, in which the submarine is like a Killer whale and the cars on the ice surface like fleeing penguins. Still more memorable, because of the more refined, the New York sequence is in the middle of the film: Cypher hackes herself into the on-board computer of thousands of cars and shapes them (partly with inmates, partially without) into a kind of intelligent metal-instead- Swarm, which she rushes unstoppably to her goal. At the latest when the cars do not just roll like a metal zombie horde through the streets, but also “cars” from the car parks “to rain”, there is really nothing left to do but to celebrate the Movie with a big little boy grin thrown on the screen!

Acme Blog Movie Rating5.0 Stars

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Reviewed: The Huawei P10

At the Mobile World Congress (27 February to 2 March), the big and not so big manufacturers are delivering a head-to-head race around the world’s biggest trade fair novelty. In times when the mobile companions are always more like each other and real innovations become more difficult, it are subtleties that make the difference. So Huawei has taken an attack on the front camera with his new top model, the Huawei P10, – and on Apple …

The Huawei P10 is the latest flagship of the Chinese manufacturer and is mainly based on design and a strong Leica camera. In the detailed test, however, it also shows unnecessary weaknesses.


Design has always been a mainstay of the P series and this has remained that way with the Huawei P10. Like its predecessor, the P10 consists of a unibody case, which has been milled from a piece of aluminum. Two other similarities: the case is still only 7 mm thin (6.98, to be quite accurate) and there is no annoying camera shake on the back. This makes it the thinnest flagship smartphone on the market.

Overall, the P10 has become more curvy. The radii of the edges are clearly firmer and rounder, which makes them slightly better in the hand. No question, the Huawei P10 is a handy phone that is great in the hand.

Although compared to the P9, the display has shrunk from 5.2 to 5.1 inches, the dimensions have remained almost identical in height. This is due to the increased horizontal display edges. The fingerprint sensor, which is now on the front, takes up a lot of space; The edge on the top is held symmetrically. In terms of display-to-size ratio, the P10 is a definite step backwards. While the competition goes with large steps on the “edgeless smartphone” , see the freshly presented LG G6 or the condensing rumors to the Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei seems to take a step back instead.

The P10 is a coloful Fashion-Statement

Apart from that, the Huawei P10 is a visually appealing device that appeals to fashion and design conscious buyers. For this reason, the P10 and P10 Plus will be available in eight (!) Different colors. Two surface treatments are available in Europe: Sandblasted aluminum or a so-called Hyper Diamond Cut.

Let’s start with the simple one. The sandblasted, matte aluminum is available in black, silver and exclusively for the P10 in gold. The P10 Plus receives another exclusive color – greenery. This was recently recognized by the recognized color institute Pantone as the color of the year 2017 and is indeed exceptional for the P10 Plus.

The second surface treatment is somewhat more complex. The so-called Hyper Diamond Cut creates a fine, glittering structure on the aluminum, which can really be seen. Do you know these shaky pictures that can be tilted back and forth to see a 3D image? This is how this surface feels. In any case, the P10 is thus a clear fashion statement, which in the colors Dazzling Blue and Dazzling Gold (only P10 Plus) surely requests for attention.

The black Huawei P10 tested by us is slightly less noticeable. The rounded sides with the curved and barely visible antenna strips remind strongly to another phone – the Apple iPhone 7. The feeling in the hand as well as the design are really similar here. Especially the matte housing has one disadvantage. Fingerprints do not remain on it , but sweat and skin fat, so that the back always looks smeared.

Build Quality on the highest level– well, almost

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Movie Review: Kong: Skull Island

King Kong meets “Apocalypse Now”. The blockbuster “Kong: Skull Island” shows symptomatically how Hollywood exploits its own film history up to the excess. But is it still worth watching?  Well. The Kong: Skull Island rebott takes place on the legendary island where Kong originated. The Movie stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman. So from that point it sounds like a Blockbuster.


King Kong was born in 1933. As the first film monster without not based on a book, he captured the screen and has not left us ever since. While the “King Kong” film of Peter Jackson of 2005 brought the original to the present, the production under the direction of newcomer Jordan Vogt-Roberts pursues a different concept. He wants to go directly to the version of 1933 and show the king of the primates to his natural habitat, long before the events of the first film, which cost the life of the giants. The elaborately staged film is a prequel to “Godzilla”, whereby the connecting element of both films is the “Project Monarch”, which was mentioned in the first part. Vogt-Roberts as a director is a rather unusual choice for such a highly budgeted project, he has previously rather smaller films as “Kings of Summer” responsible. It is all the more exciting to be able to breathe new life into the old material.

To the actual Movie:

1973: America is in the Vietnam War and the political exception. In the midst of these turbulences, “Monster Hunters” Bill Randa from the government organization Monarch senses his chance: he convinces Senator Willis (Richard Jenkins) to grant funds for a cartography expedition in the South Pacific. There, there is a place where Randa is hoping to discover, Skull Island, protected by a storm phenomenon and hitherto unexplored. Together with a team of military, scientists and civilians, he sets off on his journey. Lieutenant Colonel Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) is supposed to provide with his men for the safety of the expedition, the renowned adventure veteran James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) read the tracks and the award-winning war photographer Mason Weaver (Brie Larson) document it all. On the approach to the island, the surprise is great, as giant monster monkey Kong brings one helicopter after another from the sky. Even more astonished are the survivors, however, when they meet on the war veterans Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly), who has survived decades on the island and is not alone there …

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who has qualified for this Megaproject with his Sundance hit “Kings Of Summer” (2013), dared an almost radical reorientation of the well-known Kong story by filming almost exclusively in an isolated ecosystem Skull Island. In this concentration, “Kong: Skull Island” is closer to “Jurassic World” than on Peter Jackson’s multi-faceted “King Kong” from 2005. Once on the game meadow of the impressive Scenery, Vogt-Roberts discovered the Michael Bay in itself and presents grandiose looking high-gloss images in front of breathtaking exotic locations, whimsical sayings on the go, sunsets full, lots of CGI-Bumm-Bumm and a very thin story. This is a typical modern blockbuster cinema with all its advantages and disadvantages.

After a Second World War prologue in 1944, director Jordan-Roberts quickly emerged as a great lover of the seventies, who are convincingly summoned (not only) with amusing slogans and slick music in the atmospherically very successful introductory sequences. Even the poster of “Kong: Skull Island” is inspired by a classic of the period of action: Francis Ford Coppola’s war drama “Apocalypse Now”. However, Vogt-Roberts never achieves the complexity of these other tropical expeditions because every approach of thematic depth (for example, in discussions about God and the propertyless society) simply sheds in the turmoil of the fighting. The fact that in these disputes ultimately nothing else but the show values ​​goes, weighs still significantly heavier: despite the high number of dead never comes a feeling of real threat or even of loss, it leaves one rather cold, whether equal again someone bites the Grass or not.

Instead of differentiated character drawing, there are trashy stereotypes, especially Samuel L. Jackson’s “Pulp Fiction” Colonel Packard, who follows a troubled soldier honor and wants to lead his men against better knowledge into the downfall, all too one-sided and too often heard shrill Sounds. While Jackson is used as a human aid villain (the true enemies remain the mutated giant animals of the island), Tom Hiddleston (“The Avengers”) and Brie Larson (Oscar for “Space”) are the sympathizers. They are based on the “planet of the giant” (“A place where mythology and science meet”), while John C. Reilly (“Chicago”) as “Crazy Santa Claus Time Traveler” and John Goodman (” Boston “) as a” Mad Scientist ” appearances are on the edge of the caricature for entertaining interludes with their extroverted  behaviour.
Kong, the king of Skull Island, is here for a long time a marginal figure, he had a much more pronounced profile in earlier films. Vogt-Roberts is not about the soul of the creature, but about its power: Kong’s computer-animated battles with the mutated giant-eagles on the island are a real eye-catcher and they are not the only dramatic insights. Tom Hiddleston’s stylish monster fight in the green poison gas fog, Kong’s duel with a tentacle monster, or a nasty assault of giant spiders, where the human protagonists are small as ants, are impressive examples of fun and spectacular cinema movies. The good-natured sense of humor is also apt for them, with which the formal event is relaxed, especially in the first half, when John Goodman armed in a amusing scene with camera and flash light in the close combat with a Monster.


Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ reboot “Kong: Skull Island” is a stylish high-gloss monster film with a terrific setting, excellent special effects and many whimsical sayings, but also with a little plausible plot and pale figures.

Acme Blog Movie Rating3.5 Stars

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Movie Review: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

“My whole life consists of running away and killing,” the heroine Alice sighs in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” during an awkward breather – and their words at this moment can also be understood as an eye-opening description of the entire zombie action series , Which with the sixth film now goes almost 15 years after the prelude in March 2002 in its (supposed) last chapter. Nevertheless, fatigue is not the case with the main actress Milla Jovovich (“The Fifth Element”) or with director Paul W.S. Anderson (“Event Horizon”, “The Three Musketeers”). Once again, they give full throttle and create a fast-paced hunt between mutants, nasty corporate people with wannabe world rulers and the few other surviving humans. However, the apocalypse scenario after the once again fulminant prelude does not really bring anything new into this genre despite impressive images. Not until the protagonists return where “Resident Evil” once started, Anderson finds his way again and brings his saga to a satisfactory end with a few brilliant individual moments and a handful of clever and playful ideas.

The mighty Umbrella Corporation, led by the mighty Dr. Alexander Isaac (Iain Glen) and his willing handler, Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts), has made the insidious T-virus turn almost all of the world’s population into drooling zombies. Also Washington D.C. Lies in ruins after a devastating undead attack. Of those who have stood there against the monsters, nobody lives anymore – except for Alice (Milla Jovovich). She learns that there is an antivirus that can stop the apocalyptic plague, but the only ampule with the remedy is hundreds of kilometers away under strict surveillance in the underground Umbrella headquarters in Racoon City. The woman with the enigmatic past has only 48 hours to capture and release the antidote …

As in the past films, the content links to Capcom’s “Resident Evil” video game series, which form their basic story and template, but this time the story is not too tight to the game this time either. Nevertheless, there are of course all kinds of references and also some ingredients of the first person shooter “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” appearing at the same time as “The Final Chapter”. But director and author Paul W.S. Anderson has long since created his own film parallel world and linked the narrative threads right from the start in the usual mischievous way: from the off he lets Alice tell the prehistory of the immanent worlds end, beats the arch back to the beginning of the film series, Reveals details of the past to its main character, prepares the later resolution of its identity conflict and at the same time provides “Resident Evil” newcomers  orientation gauges. In this compact explanatory sequence, he also narrates a familial drama that ends in an outrageous treachery, establishes the basic motive of greed and religious blindness – and provides a first adrenaline rush with a brilliant cableway scene.

The famous  preludes of “Resident Evil: Afterlife” and “Resident Evil: Retribution” are not reached this time by Paul W.S. Anderson , but when he shows us the ruins of Washington and its political symbols in a panorama of dreary beauty, the fantasy scenario has for a moment something oppressive real and actual. In the case of other “Resident Evil” films (especially the fifth part), the fun surface of kick-ass action as well as more or less cool sayings was also about capturing existential sensations in images and movement.  Before the setting of the devastated capital at the end finds its iconically end, first a lot of action is happening In the beginning, Alice has to get to Racoon City through apocalyptic desolation and soon meets the Umbrella Head Dr. Isaacs (with pleasure in the madness: Iain Glen) in a fortified tank with a huge horde of zombies in the tow. It comes to all sorts of battles  which however get a bit alike by the unsteady camera and the partly very high cutting frequency.

Anderson uses the possibilities of stereoscopy less than in his other 3D films (besides “Resident Evil 4 and 5” these also include “The Three Musketeers” and “Pompeii 3D”). Instead, he relies on delicate slow-motion, flying bodies and small scale fights. At times, the overview is lost and “The Final Chapter” turns into a very average dystopia spectacle. Thus, for example, there is a siege sequence in which Alice finds new and old comrades (again), but both the gasoline-saturated carnage itself as well as the figure drawing (double play and childish conflicts inclusive) hardly satisfy higher demands. Clever, on the other hand, is like the director always plays with the video game origins of his story, for example, when suddenly a motorcycle stands on the edge of the street just because Alice just needs it. In one of the best scenes of the film, Alice also plays in her head different possibilities of action and we see not only the potential sequence, but also the percent success prospects. This is one of the highlights of the last third, in which Anderson’s strengths are more effective: in the cold, long aisles of the Hive, he celebrates not only a dramatic homage to the most famous scene of the first movie, but he literally confronts Alice and Isaacs With itself – here, form and content, sensuous charm and deeper meaning once again form exemplary together.

Conclusion: Milla Jovovich in her top role, a lot of monsters, a few impressive Apocalypse pictures and some clever ideas – “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” is a solid zombie action movie and a fair conclusion of the film series.

Acme Blog Movie Rating4.0 Stars

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Reviewed: Betawi Review Indonesian, JLT

Betawi is usually the meaning  of people in Batavia, the colonial name for Jakarta from around the 17th century. The Betawi cuisine s rich, diverse and eclectic mainly because it is created by people composed of numbers of regional immigrants that are coming from various places in the archipelago as well as Chinese, Indians, Arab and European traders , visitors and immigrants that were attracted to the port/ city of Batavia (today called as Modern Jakarta) since centuries ago.

Last Friday, we got the chance to visit Betawi in JLT. One of the probably most famous and delicious traditional native food of Indonesian cuisine in Dubai. They got another branch in Dubai too which is located in Karama since almost 10 already. And this one in Jlt is operating in its second year now. Betawi is located in JLT´s Cluster D at the Lake Side Level of the Lake Terrace Building. You got a nice view and a really cozy atmosphere.

We sat there like 1.30 in the afternoon and were amazed of this place. Like customers are keeping coming and going from a huge variety of nationalities and aside from that the fast going orders of their take out delivery is clearly seen. As we tasted the food, it is very excellent and it can fits most probably anyones taste no matter if you are Asian, Arab, Indian, European or Chinese.  Another cool thing is that although some of their menu items are quite spicy, you can inform them to lessen the spices. That day we visted Betawi the weather in Dubai was very windy and cold, so we decided to start off with a tradional ginger tea to warm ourselves up a bit.

We of course tried out their best seller, the native traditional soup, Soto Betavi,  coconut based with diced beef and cabbage. The beef is very soft and it comes with plain rice topped with garlic. I liked the soft fried spicy oxtail soup served with vegetables and plain rice a lot too.

The meat is very yummy and soft they called it Sop Buntut Balado. Also the traditional bbq chicken with peanut sauce also can be lamb as option per your choice is very yummy as they crushed the peanut butter sauce manually. That gives it a yum yum marination. Beef with special sauce is also one of their best menu items.They boil their meat in a low fire for few hours to make it very tender and soft.

Nasi Goreng is a very well known authentic Indonesian Fried rice mixed with chicken,vegetable with sunny side up egg and crackers. Their traditional iced tea is very cool and authentic. As we finished the main course, despite b eing already very full, their desserts served looked very attractive and we had to go for them. They are super tasty as for example their Indonesian pancake with sweet coconut which was served along with sticky rice and mixed with banana or the more tradional Es Campur mixed iced fruit with coconut jelly, grass jelly, mix fruits and milk  with a traditional syrup.

I can truly say this is the best Indonesian cuisine we ever tasted. And that all on very reasonable prices. Surely a garant for coming back.

Here are some more impressions:

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Review: “Betawi Review Indonesian, JLT
Easy to find, nice interior, nice area on the Lake
simply amazing
The Staff was really caring and lovely
The Place for Indonesian Food in Dubai

Super Chix @ Riverland, Dubai Parks & Resorts

04 4542329

Movie Review: XXX The Return Of Xander Cage

For the second time now Vin Diesel fights as extreme sportsman and super agent Xander Cage against terrorists and gravity.

The world of action movies is great. There are movies, which seemed still look at a small least of a rest plausibility in it. The adventures of Tom Cruise as top agent Ethan Hunt on “Mission Impossible” would fit well into this category in my opinion.
Then there is the variant where a director seems to be mainly interested  in making the next explosion bigger than the previous one – and in between a few cool one liners for his cool characters. The “Expendables” for example are a proud representatives of this genre.
And finally, we still have the films in which Vin Diesel plays. Say, the asphalt adventures of the “Fast & Furious” – and his appearances as Xander Cage, the muscle-packed crossing  between an extreme sportsmen and a secret agent.

The birth of the figure Xander Cage back in the year 2002 was a lot of fun for all genre friends. In the inevitable sequel, they decided not to take on Vin Diesel and left Ice Cube the lead role – which ended in a cinematic debacle. But now, twelve years later, the action icon ends his extended vacation from the role and decides to intervene again in the threatening world events. Extreme situations require extreme measures – and extreme agents. “The war we are leading today demands a new kind of soldier,” says Augustus Eugene Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson).

And unfortunately the situation is actually quite extreme. Under the leadership of a particularly evil specimen called Xiang, embodied by “Rogue One” -mystic Donnie Yen, terrorists have seized a high-tech super-weapon with the promising name “The Box of the Pandora” . For the rest of the world this is not so good news. Why Xander Cage, who has enjoyed his alleged death a lot for years under the radar, is back on the field.

But also a steam engine like Cage does not conquer a terrorist network all alone, especially when he realizes that even the role of the authorities in this evil game becomes ever more and more dubious. So he has a strong team around him – not to mention the extremely respectable female support such as Ruby Rose, Nina Dobrev or Deepika Padukone. Even Barca-Star Neymar Jr. is allowed to show that balls are not the only thing he can go on.

The rest is brachial action without a meaning, purpose or reason – but with immense entertainment value. Of course, all this in its hopeless overcoat is almost a bit trashy. But overall Director D.J. Caruso does the balancing act quite well being Dramatically but always with the necessary self-irony, which a spectacle hard on the edge of parody like this one absolutely needs in order to be likeable at all in the end.

All in all, I can assure all the fans of Vin Diesel: Where Vin Diesel is on it, Vin Diesel is also in it. Even if it is now almost impossible to keep the individual scenes from “Fast & Furious” or “xXx” apart.

Well, the question is, whether one must at all. The only thing that counts is “Action X-treme”: Whether at the steering wheel of a car like with  “Fast & Furious” – or on skis, longboards or bikes as with “The return of the Xander Cage” plays hardly a role. Main thing is it Rocks. And in the point, Vin Diesel does not have to take complains either from the one or the other franchise.

I really like the cameo appearance of Ice Cube in this one and would have wished his role would have been a bit bigger. If you like Vin Diesel Movies in general this one will make you happy as usual.

Acme Blog Movie Rating4.0 Stars

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Tried out: Super Chix @ Riverland, Dubai Parks & Resorts

The other day afternoon I attended the Official Launch of Super Chix Chicken and Custard here in Dubais Riverland at the Dubai Parks & Resors.. The Dallas-based Super Chix franchise is expanding its wildly popular restaurant concept to the Middle East through an exclusive partnership with Al-Futtaim. Originally developed by Yum! Brands and with multiple restaurants already open in Texas in the USA, the brand has exported its unique offering to the Middle East – with the first Super Chix in the UAEnow open at Riverland,Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Simple, yet extremely delicious, Super Chix recipes focus on bringing the best out of chicken. Using only quality ingredients, without preservatives,the restaurant promises the best chicken sandwiches made with marinated, hand-breaded chicken cooked in 100% refined peanut oil and served with a variety of toppings to choose from, including fresh greens, Super Chix house-made pickles and veal bacon.

The best and original recipe for a true chicken as they say is a simple chicken recipe that brings out the best value for being the last true chicken sandwich. They have hand cut fries that are looking unique and are really tasty too. The fresh frozen custard as they call it is superb too. Super Chix is using a vanilla blend that features a combination of smooth creamy Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans and the sharper flavor of Indonesian Vanilla beans. Really great. When these two blend together, the combination is perfectly awesome.


Their vegetables are freshly delivered everyday and hand cut by them as I understood. The most of their top-notch toppings are all fresh. Pickles, for example,  are put in brine for 38 days and have hence no high fructose and preservatives.

I really liked the fresh sandwich and unique fries and also the green tasty vegetable fresh salad in a big bowl that can easily be shared by four people, the fresh sour lemon juice. I can highly recommend you to try out the sweet smooth and creamy peanut butter vanilla dessert that gives you a perfect finish after the meal.

I can highly recommend Super Chix, everything I tried was super tasty and the Frozen Custards are a delight.

Here are some more impressions:

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Review: “Super Chix @ Riverland, Dubai Parks & Resorts
Easy to find, nice interior
Delicous at its best
Extremely friendly and attentive Staff
If you like anything Chicken, this is a place to check out.

Super Chix @ Riverland, Dubai Parks & Resorts

  04 886 0809

Reviewed: The Honor 6X

In 2016 Honor came out with a real price-winner: The Honor 5X brought an aluminum dress, a full-HD screen and had solid technology on board. At a price of 230 euros, the Huawei subsidiary set the benchmark for a good mid-range device at an affordable price a lot higher. Meanwhile, the competition with devices such as the Moto G4, Moto G4 Plus or the Galaxy J5 (2016) also offers decent devices in the 200€ range. At the CES 2017, Honor has now also announced the successor Honor 6X for the European market. Can Honor regain the status of the price breaker? We will tell you how good the Honor 6X really is.


It is round. Very round! With the Honor 6X, the manufacturer uses fewer edges. The novice makes a high-quality impression thanks to the bent metal and it is laying well in the hand too. The back is noticeably roughened, so is much more grippy and not as smooth as the predecessor. The round and precisely functioning fingerprint sensor sits in the same position as the 5X and offers no other functions – unlike the top model of the Chinese. The Honor 8 changed the unlocking method with freely assignable interactions to the extra key.

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The real eye-catcher is attached directly above the fingerprint scanner. As well here we got two Camera lenses pushed into the small place – and that in the middle class! The last with the Huawei P9 and at least since the iPhone 7 again fashionable double team was not yet available in a mid-class priced phone.

First we get to the upper 12-megapixel lens, which is fastly covered: in daylight, the pictures are really good and very convincing.  With little light – you guessed it already most probably – the camera weakens, reaches as many smartphones only rather average quality. Also in 2017 it seems that the manufacturers in the affordable price regions have still not found a  cure against the typical camera disease of smartphones. So the only thing that helps here is: spend more money, if you are attached to high quality value pictures on your smartphone. Better results in low light are provided by only a few smartphones, such as the almost four times more expensive iPhone 7 Plus or the remaining Lumia 950 XL. Good but: The camera shoots very fast (0.12 seconds including autofocus) and also needs only 0.35 seconds to save. That is pretty good values.

What does the dual camera bring in here?

All the more exciting is the second lens which captures only 2 megapixels in images. This suggests long forgotten times from gray and old mobile phone-times, but has only one goal: Camera number two provides a sharpening depth effect, the so-called bokeh.As known from the iPhone 7 Plus, the background blurs, the fix point is skillfully set without great editing effort.To do this, you have to activate the so-called “big aperture” via the aperture symbol at the top of the camera app.Biggest difference to the iPhone 7 Plus: You can change which image plane is sharp and which is to be blurred also later on.That works after some habituation also quite well. If you like to shoot Selfies: Honor has also thought of the mandatory front camera – 8 megapixels provide plenty of sharpness.ompared to the predecessor Honor 5X, the image quality of the self-recording has improved.


Important difference to the predecessor: The internal memory amounts to 32 gigabytes (free tu use are 21 gigabytes), additionally expandable with a memory card (microSD). In the test, the Honor 6X also easily swallowed a 200 GB card. The remaining technology gadgets are quickly told: in the front, a 5.5-inch display with full-HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels), which seems even more colorful and brighter than the predecessor 5X. In the laboratory the display reached a strong brightness of 569.8 cd / m². Inside, the Chinese block up the in-house eight-core processor Kirin 655, which together with the 3 gigabytes of memory provides enough air for all everyday tasks and leads quickly to the desired app. Alternatively, the hybrid compartment of a second SIM card provides shelter.

Battery Life

Battery wise a 3.270 mAh battery is used (in the advertisement Honor speaks of 3.340 mAh, which thanks to the ground-breaking screen resolution presents as particularly persevering and more than a long working day with intensive use without problems . A day without recharging is easyly doable even on really heavy usage. LTE is now self-evident in this price class, here the Honor 6X reached 800 and 1800 MHz similar good reception values ​​as the predecessor. On the other hand, it was only satisfactory for UMTS reception. WLAN is also in it, but only in the older n-standard and only on the notoriously overloaded 2.4 GHz frequency. Surprise: The 6X is still loaded with the somewhat old-fashioned micro USB port, although the more modern type C interface is becoming more and more popular (also already on the Honor8).


On the operating system, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, heavily modified with the EMUI interface, comes as a surprise. This is not at all 2017 – I don´t get why the leap on Android 7.0 Nougat for the time being was missed. Huawei had already dared with the Mate 9 already. Honor says to release Nouqat on the 6X is quarter 3 of the year- too late if you ask me.

Price , Availbility

The Honor 6X with 32 GB of internal memory and 3 GB of memory has been available since January 4 in gold, silver and gray at a suggested retail price (RRP) of 249 euros. A version with 64 GB and 4 GB of RAM will follow in the course of the year for the price of 299 Euro (RRP).


WIth the price tag of 249€ you cannot do much wrong here, you get a solid phone with good specs and an OK camera.

Honor 6X

Honor 6X

Value for Money











            • Good Value for Money
            • Great Battery
            • Dual Camera


            • only 2,4 Wlan
            • No USB Type C

            Reviewed: The Xbox One S

            More than three years Microsoft has taken to release a revision of the game console Xbox One. Since the beginning of August the successor One S is in the shops and is preparing to become a permanent quest as well in the home cinema area. Reason for this is that the developers donated the gamers hub an ultra-HD Blu-ray drive, which deserves an “innovation” award.

            Equipped with the UHD functionality, the One S is really very ready to take on even the UHD Players. Also important features such as HDMI 2.0a including HDCP 2.2 and HDR-10 are on board, but the sound still requires some catch up. You can get version of 2 terabytes of hard drive space for around 400-Euro. The technically identical models with 1TB (349 euros) and 500 gigabytes (299 euros) are in the market available as well.

            On the outside, a lot has happened compared to the original: the housing of the One S is white instead of black (not ideal for use in the dark home cinema), it has shrunk 40 percent and the power supply has been integrated finally, I really disliked the big extra box for that on the previous model. Before you can get started, you first have to load a 1 gigabyte, so-called “Day-One-Update” to the console. For the playback of 4K Blu-Rays you also need Microsoft’s free Blu-Ray player software, which takes up about 32 megabytes of memory.

            In addition to a vertical stand as well as power and HDMI cables, a gamepad is also included, which controls the console wirelessly with batteries or via USB cable. We could not find any detailed instruction manual in the packaging nor online, but would you really require that? For the separately available media remote control (picture below) you are asked to pay an extra 20 euros.


            The system menu with colorful and differently sized tiles resembles Windows. The usability via Gamepad however os for non-gamers something to get used to, but after some exercise it works at least decently. You do not have any buttons for audio and subtitling. Unfortunately, the separately available media remote control can not compete with the Panasonic and Samsung UHD encoders on this.

            The One S itself does not offer either a display or a lot of buttons: the front of the slot is just a slot for the slot-in drive and a USB jack, just the push buttons for power, joy pad and disc ejection. On the back is a HDMI output, which is based on 4K / 60p, HDCP 2.2 and HDR. The HDMI input can loop through image signals, such as the TV program of a set-top box. There is also a Toslink output, a LAN socket and two additional USB inputs. Analog interfaces have disappeared completely, which is nor a big deal in my opinion.

            They are probably hardly needed in modern home cinemas, especially if one is devoted to the App offer in the Microsoft Store: Apart from the lush but paid offer of games and films, there are also free apps, including the usual suspects like YouTube , Netflix, Amazon Video, Maxdome and Watch-ever, whose contents can be streamed in 4K resolution. Webradio can be heard for free via the TuneIn app. In addition to Blu-ray playback, you also have to download an app for playing CDs, via Microsoft’s free media player you can also upload photos, music and video files from USB sticks or a DLNA server. The One S supports MP3, WAV, AAC, ALAC, FLAC, WMA as well as Hi-Res audio streams; DSD but not. On the video side, the multimedia center swallows the most common formats, but from our 4K test clips, the console played only those with HEVC encoding (H.265). JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and GIF formats are supported for photos, but 4K images appear only with reduced resolution on the screen. The UHD Blu-ray drive also plays 3D Blu-Ray, but refuses to play self made silverlings; With DVD-Rs and CD-Rs it had no problems.
            The console requires a 50-second delay from the standby mode until it is ready for operation. It took about 30 seconds to read the UHD disc from “Mad Max: Fury Road”, the complex Java menu of the Blu-ray to “The Amazing Spiderman” needed to load 47 seconds. The power consumption could be almost halved with 31 watts in idle and 36 watts in Blu-ray operation compared to the old Xbox.

            Sound and Picture Quality

            First, the positive: the console plays UHD Blu-Rays and Blu-Rays  in top quality. The output of high-dynamic range content in the HDR-10 format works perfectly, but the competition format DolbyVision is not supported. The UHD playback on TVs without HDR is not a problem for the Xbox One S, but a manually adjustable HDR / SDR conversion, as offered by the Panasonic DMP-UB900, is missing. It is possible to select 8, 10 and 12 bits per color channel in the video setup, but this only affects games and streaming content. Unfortunately, the Xbox One S is missing a video equalizer.
            With the 4K scaling of DVDs and Blu-Rays, the console does not have any weaknesses, but not quite the quality of high-quality Blu-ray players such as the Pioneer BDP-LX 88, which becomes visible, for example, on the line flicker of our DVD test classic “Six Days, Seven Nights”. Output of the native disc resolution is not possible, all content (including streaming) is scaled to 720p, 1080p or 4K. Contrary to the Xbox One, which did not give 50 Hertz to the market start, the One S plays accordingly encoded discs error-free. Less beautiful: As with older DVD players, the layer change still makes itself felt with a short break.
            The most annoying thing for us was the end: identical to the Xbox One, the new One S does not output the HD audio formats in bitstream form . Fortunately, Microsoft announced an update for 2017 that makes the console compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS X. We will see.


            The Xbox One S is more compact, less power-hungry and technically much better equipped for the 4K future. The purchase is only useful if you do not have an Xbox One yet, or if you own a 4K TV with HDR support and still need an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Else you can stick with you Xbox One.

            Xbox One S

            Xbox One S












                      • Vastly reduced physical footprint
                      • HDR gaming
                      • 4K & HDR streaming


                      • Kinect adapter required
                      • 4K gaming limited to upscaling

                      Movie Review: Passengers

                      The journey to the Homestead II outer colony will last 120 years, but the mechanic Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and the author Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) awaken from Kryo sleep too early, even though the journey to Homestead II is still 90 years to go . Instead of meeting other fellow travelers and thus making preparations for the colonization, the two are the only awake passengers on board. The loneliness connects Aurora and Jim, who fall in love with each other, knowing that they have to spend the rest of their lives here. But when the ship is in danger, their relationship is put to a hard trial and both become the last hope of the other 4.998 people in the cryo sleep …

                      A film dealing with isolation in space, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, two of the most famous current stars, and Morten Tyldum behind the camera this has to work out great right? Yes and No. Because the perception of Passengers depends very much on what you as a spectator of this film expect from it, mainly because the terrible marketing campaign – fired by the trailer – has unfortunately made sure that some viewers will experience a bad awakening. The trailers praise a film, which does not exist, but is the film responsible for this?
                      Passengers is primarily a space adventure, which puts two people in a hopeless position. Pratt, who has a lot to do on his own, manages perfectly to present the time of loneliness,where his only company is an android, who serves as a bartender. It was only later that Aurora, played by Lawrence, appeared on stage and that so interpersonal dynamics were added, and the chemistry between Lawrence and Pratt was convincing. Many films fail because there is no chemistry between two supporting figures, as was the case with Allied recently. The views of space are beautiful, the atmosphere pleasing and the action scenes are appealing and all of this makes Passengers a good, if not grandiose film.
                      If, on the other hand, you want to watch a movie that is corresponding to the trailers with a deep message, a great twist and a claim, will rather be disappointed. This version does not exist. Rather, it is a mix of Moon, Sunshine and Silent in space, but it is deprived of any depth. No, all the great subjects that could be used to treat the Passengers are at most superficially interpreted. This is not supposed to be a film that shakes, but rather a world-musician with a kitschy happy end, which is pleasing and not exciting. This may be regrettable now that all the potential that this basic idea offers is not used in any way, but it does not change the fact.

                      And so it is up to each viewer to decide what scale he is using. One can appreciate Passengers as good entertainment or one can call it dissapointing. I decided on the first, because I was well entertained, and for the higher demands there are luckily the above mentioned films.

                      Acme Blog Movie Rating3.0 Stars

                      Check out the Trailer below: