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Visited: Girders Garden BBQ Smoker

We visited the other day Girders Garden to attend the Ultimate BBQ Experience we had been invited to. Girders Garden is located within the J A Ocean View Resorts and Hotels in JBR. The place is really nice and it was a cool, fun and relaxing experience. We had spent few minutes with the Head Chef Thomas, a German national who gave us  a couple of tips of how to marinate the meat with different kinds of delicious tricks and preparation so the meat specially the beef gets the tasty and tender soft outcome that later on made us wanting and craving for more. They have their own way of preparation using cherry wood in a slow low fire for 8 to 12 hours. We tasted the yummy smoked beef brisket, Bbq Beef ribs, the road kill grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, French fries, corn on the cob ,vegetable salad, lemon mint drinks, really great was the strawberry drink that made me feel cool and refreshed.

Girders Garden the first in Dubai inside JA Ocean View Hotel and Resort started back in December 2014. I had the chance to steal an interview with  Ms. Lee Ann Lombard, the Restaurant Manager from Scotland and she was very pleasant and cooperative during the interview and she gave us perfectly detailed informations on our questions.

BBQ beef mania is available every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and their ‘Road kill 1/2 Chicken is always available daily, for pork lovers party Bbq is available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They are serving four types of sauce, Jack Daniel’s Smoke Pit Special, Guinness BBQ sauce, Smoky Russian Smirnoff and No booze BBQ sauce. Their BBQ is quiet amazing and mouth-watering and tender.

Aside from that, Happy hour comes every Wednesdays from 4pm to 3 am wherein they are serving Top 3 drinks and Beers between 25 to 28 aed at very affordable prices in JBR area and from A to Z you can order different kinds of Bombs liquor mixed with red bull in a variety of flavours like cherry bombs and many more.

Overall, we really liked the food most especially the beef bbq. The place is pretty cool and the Staff was superb either. A must try out place Folks – we loved it.

McDonald’s UAE Launches ‘Create Your Taste’

We had visited the Grand launching of Mc Donald’s Al Ghurair for their newly automated machine selection ‘Create Your Taste’  which lets you create your own burger and the choices of toppings into it. Also payments will be done whether cash or card.

The choice for the kind of bun you like and also to beef it up, to make it cheesy, to make it easy, to make it more tasty depends on your choice of selection. Choices of kind of buns, which kind of cheese whether american cheese, swiss cheese natural, pepper jack cheese, gouda cheese and add ons for a choice of tortilla strips, guacamole a blend of avocado, grilled pineapple ring, grilled onion, grilled mushrooms, choices of fresh N it up, red onions, cucumber slice, jalapenos, elongated pickles and others.
I was amazed with the new way Mc Donalds make it more easier and convenient to their customers and to be able to have great selection and variety of choices to feed their hunger and follow their taste buds.

I really love the new option and the Burger look as tasty as they are. A must try!

Here are some Impressions we snapped:

Here is the official Press Release:

In an effort to add more variety and options to its menu, McDonald’s UAE has launched its new “Create Your Taste” concept to its oldest restaurant in the country located at Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai.

Create Your Taste encourages customers to order from a tablet-like kiosk where they can customize everything from choice of buns and cheese to original toppings and sauces, new to McDonald’s, allowing them to build their own perfect burger, or try new signature burgers namely: The Classic, Grilled Thriller and Hot All Over.

In the upcoming months, customers in other areas across the UAE will also be able to build their own customized burgers from the Create Your Taste platform.

“As a global brand making the UAE its country for the last 20 years, we realised the importance of personalisation to our customers. Introducing ‘Create Your Taste’” is another step in our journey to serve the community we are part of.” said Rafic Fakih, Managing Director and Partner at McDonald’s UAE.

He continued, “We are proud to bring our customers this unique and innovative dining experience, and are planning to roll-out in selective restaurants soon.”

McDonald’s UAE is rolling out Create Your Taste to appeal to customers who increasingly seek to customize their quick service restaurant experience.

Orders placed from the Create Your Taste menu are cooked to order at customized kitchen stations, orders typically take 5-8 minutes to prepare and are hand delivered by a crew member directly to the customer’s table, and arrives open-faced, in a special wooden tray.  Even McDonald’s World Famous Fries® are served in a mini stainless wire basket.

To cap off the distinctive and high-tech dine-in experience, tables will be outfitted with GPS devices so that food is delivered directly to customer’s tables by a dedicated service team.

CYT concept has first launched in California earlier this year, and is gradually expanding to a number of locations across the world.

Bosporus Turkish Restaurant got hit by an explosion…

explosion-bosporus-restaurant-dubai-300x211Today morning an explosion ripped through the famous Turkish restaurant on Dubai´s Jumeirah Beach Road.

A resident who lives nearby said emergency crews at the scene said they suspected it was caused by gas and that no one was hurt. However, the explosion severely damaged the building, ripping through the restaurant. The ground floor, which included a wooden extension, appeared worst hit, with the walls and ceiling laying in tatters.


As it seems  the upper levels of the building are damaged as well, with debris hanging from the ceiling. All the windows were shattered and glass was strewn across all four lanes of Beach Road.

Sad news for such an iconic Restaurant.

Win a holiday of a lifetime to the USA with Burger Fuel!

BurgerFuel have branched into online ordering this month through their website ( and a brand new downloadable iOS or android app.

To celebrate and announce the launch of online ordering BurgerFuel have teamed up with Channel 4 radio and Coca Cola to giveaway a holiday of a lifetime to the USA. In addition to the grand prize BurgerFuel will be giving Channel 4 listeners the opportunity to win a year’s supply of BurgerFuel each week! Each entry into the radio competition also gives the participant a chance to win the big USA prize.

With the message of ‘We make it easy – order online or via the app’ – each online order guarantees the burger lover entrance into the competition draw and if they order a BurgerFuel Monthly Special they will receive an impressive 5 entries into the big prize draw! In keeping with the competition theme, the special edition burger until the end of September is the ‘USAye burger’… 100% pure beef, american mustard, hash browns, beef bacon and cheddar cheese!

The campaign kicks off on 16th August and will run until 24th September with the main winner to be announced in October. The spectacular trip to the USA will be redeemable in 2016.

You can find more info on the official Website and Facebook page.

Tried out: Movie Monday at Tribeca

Last Monday we have attended the very first evening of Tribeca Movie Monday. Tribeca is located in the center of the Jumeirah Beach Residence inside the JA Ocean View Hotel. Parking is easy and friendly as the accommodating valet parking service is ready to assist you. Else you can park as well in The Beach Underground Parking if you fancy (paid of course).

Tribeca is a restaurant & bar featuring wholesome and organic food and alcoholic beverages, live entertainment and an impressive collection of art from local artists which is also for sale. A Mediterranean cuisine, a healthy eating throughout with a new York minded Theme is bringing a modern American style to JBR that made a Dubai twist on a cool urban vibe chichangout. The word Tribeca originated means:’ Triangle Below Canal’ which discribes a corner of the big Apple, better said in Lower Manhatten.

Tribeca has been launched 6 months back and it’s doing well in terms of customers satisfaction along with good offers, newly developed gigs and good programmes such as kitchen, bar & arts. Talented musicians on weekends are playing songs in live show, ladies nights on Tuesdays, Fridays brunch, nice paintings made by selected and professional painters, encouraging those artists to expose their paints for sale within the same place. The Tribeca team launched a new ideas of bringing out the best American movies on their 2.5m/3m screen that are airing every Mondays at a package price of AED 50 including one drink and one organic popcorn per person. The cool ambiance of putting cinema and a chic bar together gives a great ambiance and the feeling of having a home cinema along with bar and restaurant atmosphere. It was cool having Bluetooth headsets making customers more comfortable being able to listen and follow the movie without the needs that everybody around you is quiet. It feels like you are in the cinema at home.

We really appreciated the warm and welcoming along with the accommodating staff who served us during our visit to the bar/ lounge cinema. We even got a show around  by the Manager Miss. Michelle who allowed us to see and check all above mentioned information about the restaurant in and out. She explained in details about Tribeca and the newly launched Movie Monday created by the team.

We enjoyed the Movie Night having had a rather unconventional cinematic experience that gives you the impression of watching cinema at home sitting in a very comfortable Leather Sofa & Traditional table and having your food and drinks served in the same time according to your choice. While we were watching the first Movie of the Tribeca Movie Monday (Pulp Fiction) , we were able to place orders for our food and beverage:

  • Tribeca Burger & Fries: Organic ground beef, Cajun, mayonnaise, tomato, caramelized onion and Cheddar. How Cool is the presentation of the Burger?
  • Tribeca Hot Dog: sweet potato fries, organic beef sausage, bell peppers, shredded carrots, beetroot and feta cheese. As well here the presentation with the News Paper Wrap is soo cool.
  • Tribeca Eton Mess with meringue strawberries and cream.
  • Tribeca Organic Ice cream mango and pistachio.
  • Tribeca organic white wine and the organic popcorn.

Overall our visit to Tribeca and its Movie Monday was perfectly great and we were extremely satisfied, we were amazed by the 3 in 1 concept that has been offered by Tribeca and we have really enjoyed having food and drinks with popcorn and burgers, dessert and ice cream while watching the movie using the provided Bluetooth headsets. This was awesome.

If you want to try it out now as well, here is the Movie schedule for the next week which you can find of course as well in our Events section:

  • 24th August – Wall Street
  • 31st August – Zoolander
  • 7th September – Back to the Future – Part 1
  • 14th September – Rocky IV
  • 21th September – Star Wars

I am looking forward for Star Wars, and would certainly watch Back to the Future if I could be sure part 2 and 3 will follow, or how about all 3 in one night ? Or even better put on Forrest Gump.

Reviewed: Logma @ Boxpark Dubai

The other day we had visited Logma in Dubai’s recently opened BoxPark, a chique Container Style Shopping and Dining destination, on Al Wasl Road in Al Safa. It offers a modern take on traditional Emirati cuisine in a friendly and authentic ambience that mirrors Dubai’s flair for combining the traditional with the contemporary. If you did not find parking in the free front row parking area, then you can easily catch a backside parking space ,and even this is not available then you can drop your car in the valet parking service that is provided.

Logma offers an indoor as well as an outdoor sitting arrangement , we selected an indoor table as it offers such a cozy and at the very same time very cool ambiance where we could feel the arabic modern yet classy design. The setting is very impressive and relaxing. The very hospitable team showed us a warm welcome with their traditional uniform giving you the full Arabic touch. The menu is well described and ingredients are well seen along with the posted picture which makes it very easy to choose dishes even without knowing them actually. The music played in the background is as well relaxing yet cool mixing arabic music with western sounds and beats.

We started the meal and ordered some appetizers such as Logma Fries crispy with Khaleeji spices and crisp herbs that have a great taste and feels like a biryani touch. You could never imagine the flavors of eating French Fries with this twist in your whole life. We couldn’t.

Personally, we liked the Samboosa beef and Samboosa cheese. These are delightfully served and mouth Watering, they as well easily can catch your hunger while waiting for the main course to be served. But careful here, if you eat too much you probably won’t make it to the mains! Quinoa salad is also yummy mixed with different herbs and dates that made it a sour sweet salad with a sweet taste because of the dates. Pomegranate mozzarella then served as it blends the taste of pomegranate, baby greens, yellow and red baby tomatoes with their own Logma dressing.

We ordered a wide variety of drinks and all were very refreshing and cool, One of the best Milk Shakes we had over here as well.The LOGMA SHAKE. And there is something different about this one for us, being mixed with dates, banana and honey. Also the Passion Of Arabia that have crispy passion fruits seeds with pineapple juice, and Atlants juice mixed with lychee, passion fruit, and lime. A must try!

The main course which were Logma Shrimp rice, suitable for seafood lovers, with mixed taste of biryani with crispy herbs besides the Logma chicken rice with brown crispy nuts and perfectly grilled meat.

Logma is serving sandwiches as well. We tried the Turkey Cheese and Pepper sandwich which was surely nothing less than a highlight in itself, as well we liked the chicken avocado sandwich that was so juicy and yummy.

At this point we were extremely full already from the nice and tasty food we had. But we were able to get ourselves to try the Lugaimat along with date syrup and with nutella and nuts, It was very light, fluffy and tasty, a perfect ending to the meal. At last we had tried the Chebab Katayef with crispy pancake and vanilla ice cream along with saffron cardamon syrup. Taste wise as well this was simply amazing. A cool and chilling way to finish our dinner we found in Emirati and Saudi coffee which was strong and pure and helps you to digest all the eaten food.

Overall Logma was an unexpected excellent experience with nice and delicious food along with an excellent hospitality service. Even if you are not into Arabic dishes, this will make you change your mind! Check out the pictures in the gallery below!

Reviewed: Logma @ Boxpark Dubai
Cool location, great ambiance
Simply Amazing, nothing more to say
Super friendly and attentive Staff
A lovely place with great ambiance and superb food.

Reviewed: Logma @ Boxpark Dubai


  800 56462



Reviewed: Boardwalk @ Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

We passed by last night at Boardwalk which is located within the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. Being located directly at the Dubai Creek makes it almost needless to say that the location is stunning. Specially the outdoor seating is giving a great view on the Skyline and over the Dubai Creek. We had not had the luck of very clear weather, but still you could see Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa. Thanks to the outdoor AC units you can sit easily outside.

The menu contains of mainly Italian, Mediterranian and Seafood dishes which is matching quite well my taste. We went for a Bottle of still water, a Vanilla Milkshake and a Coke as drinks. On the food side we ordered the Fried Calamari as starter, a Margherita Pizza and a Lasagne Bolognese as main course. Complementary served was bread with a dip which was tasty.

The Fried Calamari are a pretty big portion and can easily be shared with tweo or three persons. They come with lemon and garlic dip which is a tasty combination. The Calamari where crispy and delicous. While still enjoying the ambiance and looks over the water the main courses arrived already. The Margherita Pizza was crispy and flavorful and well worth ordering. The Lasagne was perfect in taste and just mouthwatering.

Even if you just go for a few drinks Boardwalk is a perfect combination with the amazing views of this location and the really tasty dishes they serve. Value for money wise you are not paying more than in other places serving similiar cuisine. We ended up with a bill of 261AED which is well worth it in my opinion.  We will be back and the next time I will carry around a proper camera…

Reviewed: Boardwalk @ Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
Amazing outdoor seating, enjoyable views and setup
Good taste and selection
Very friendly and attentive Staff
A great Place to hangout over a few drinks and dishes with a stunning view.

Contacts for Boardwalk @ Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club


  04 295 6000




Reviewed: 82 American Diner, Motor City

Having spend the last few years before I left Germany to Kuwait almost every evening of the week in an American Diner in my Hometown this was something I have quite missed. A traditional looking Diner in 50s or 60s style that not only looks this way but as well has great Shakes and food (Sorry Johnny Rockets) is rare to find. I had not heard about the 82 American Diner previously, but when passing through Motor City the other night it caught my attention.

Today was no plan for dinner anyways, so we passed by in Motor City. Biggest fear I usually have over there is the parking, but luckily just around the corner is free visitors parking in the building, brilliant, that saves some stress driving in circles trying to find a parking.  Though the Diner has an outside seating area we found it is not the right time of the year to sit outside and hence decided to go in. I love the traditional benches and style of this place with the huge Neon sign lightning on the Wall. Surely this does not match everyone’s favor, but it fits mine.

82 Diner Continue reading Reviewed: 82 American Diner, Motor City

Reviewed: BShawarma, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

We had been on Reem Island’s Paragon Bay the other day and saw the Banner there for BShawarma. So we thought we just give it a try. The Banner does not give any location towards it so we had to ask people in order to find it. It is located on the outer Shops of the Paragon Bay on the back of the Geant Supermarket as we found out.

They have a quite big Menu over planty of Appetizers Shawarmas and even Pies, Salads , Desserts and Juices. We went for a simple Beef and Chicken Shawarma ans some Veggie Spring Rolls. Price wise the Shawarma’s come in at 10AED each which is really affordable, make it a meal and you pay 5AED more for really good fries and a drink on top.

The Chicken Shawarma was brilliant, I really liked it, it was tasty, flavoful and the bread used was superb. The Beef one was not really my taste as it had some sour incredients that just did not match my taste. But that is fine. The Spring Rolls had been average and nothing special, so for us an item to not reorder. We will surely go back if we are in that area and if it is only for the brilliant Chicken Shawarma

Reviewed: BShawarma, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
a bit hidden on the back of the Building
Loved the Chicken Shawarma, dissliked the Beef one
Value 4
Perfect, tastewise good and really affordable
If you like Shawarma give them a try. You cannot do wrong with the Chicken Shawarma..


Contacts for BShawarma, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

02 6667227