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These are the 10 largest airports in the world!

It’s just a stereotype that Americans are travel muffles. They do travel, but just prefer it in their own country. This shows the list of the ten largest airports in the world: Four of them are in the US. If one counts however only international passengers, the Dubai Airport is at the forefront, followed by London and Hong Kong, as the current Worldwide Airport Traffic Report of Airports Council International (ACI) shows the determined passenger numbers totaling 1144 airports worldwide for 2015.

All airports in the top ten recorded 2015 growth. Total passenger numbers rose year on year by 6.1 percent. And the trend is very likely to continue in the coming years. Many airports face this with new terminals being build.

10. Dallas/Fort Worth

The home base and hub of American Airlines serve as the other three US airports in the top ten, especially air travel within the country. Last year, 64.07 million passengers were handled here. That amounted to 0.9 percent more than the year before.


9. Paris Charles-de-Gaulle

The “concrete-Camembert” has become a bit old, but he still has the taste of the future, although many travelers called the Airport “confusing”. Since 1974, start the French and all who fly with Air France, the futuristic Terminal 1 of the airport Charles de Gaulle. Meanwhile, the terminal was renovated with its satellites and greatly expanded the airport. Nearly 65.77 million passengers got here, 2015, from or

8. Hongkong

With a growth of 8.2 percent and now 68.28 million passengers the airport of Hong Kong is one of the most important in Asia. Cathay Pacific flies from here to more than 50 airports around the world. Overall, the Airport is served by some 100 airlines which drive 190 goals, including 50 in the Chinese mainland.hongkong

7. Los Angeles

The hub of California is probably the most sung airport in the world. Many of the nearly 74,940,000 passengers buzzing probably still  “L.A. International Airport “, the catchy tune of country singer Susan Raye from the 1970s on the approach.

6. London Heathrow

While London Heathrow with around 73.4 million passengers handled , landed last year in third place, it fell this year despite 2.2 percent more passengers – in numbers: around 74.99 – to sixth place only.

5. Tokio Haneda

The according to Official Airline Guide (OAG) most punctual major airport in the world ranking in terms of passenger figures on rank 5. Around 75.32 million passengers were handled according to ACI 2015 here. And up to the Summer Olympics 2020, capacity is expected to increase significantly.

4. Chicago

The O’Hare Airport, named after a pilot in World War II, is the gateway to the US Midwest. Above all,  United Airlines uses it as a hub. In 2015 it landed and took off and landed here around 76.95 million passengers.

3. Dubai

Many passengers flying to East and Southeast Asia, to India or Australia, stopover in Dubai. The Airport recorded 10.7 percent more passengers  in 2015 compared to last year and ended up with about 78,01 passengers in third place. In international passenger comparison the airport landed , as well as in the previous year, on the first

2. Beijing

In 1978 the international capital airport in Beijing carrie just over 1 million passengers, in 2012 there were already nearly 82 million, and in 2014 the airport already came to 86.1 million travelers. A big push brought the Terminal 3 designed by star architect Norman Foster, which doubled the number of passengers before the Olympic Games of 2008. In the current ranking Beijing airport managed with a volume of nearly 89.94 million passengers to hit on the 2nd place.

1. Atlanta International Airport

The world’s largest hub lays in Atlanta – and that for the 18th time in a row. Around 101 490 000 (!) Passengers started or ended in 2015 to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in the US state of Georgia. Thus, the airport has for the first time cracked the 100 million mark.

Visited: Girders Garden BBQ Smoker

We visited the other day Girders Garden to attend the Ultimate BBQ Experience we had been invited to. Girders Garden is located within the J A Ocean View Resorts and Hotels in JBR. The place is really nice and it was a cool, fun and relaxing experience. We had spent few minutes with the Head Chef Thomas, a German national who gave us  a couple of tips of how to marinate the meat with different kinds of delicious tricks and preparation so the meat specially the beef gets the tasty and tender soft outcome that later on made us wanting and craving for more. They have their own way of preparation using cherry wood in a slow low fire for 8 to 12 hours. We tasted the yummy smoked beef brisket, Bbq Beef ribs, the road kill grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, French fries, corn on the cob ,vegetable salad, lemon mint drinks, really great was the strawberry drink that made me feel cool and refreshed.

Girders Garden the first in Dubai inside JA Ocean View Hotel and Resort started back in December 2014. I had the chance to steal an interview with  Ms. Lee Ann Lombard, the Restaurant Manager from Scotland and she was very pleasant and cooperative during the interview and she gave us perfectly detailed informations on our questions.

BBQ beef mania is available every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and their ‘Road kill 1/2 Chicken is always available daily, for pork lovers party Bbq is available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They are serving four types of sauce, Jack Daniel’s Smoke Pit Special, Guinness BBQ sauce, Smoky Russian Smirnoff and No booze BBQ sauce. Their BBQ is quiet amazing and mouth-watering and tender.

Aside from that, Happy hour comes every Wednesdays from 4pm to 3 am wherein they are serving Top 3 drinks and Beers between 25 to 28 aed at very affordable prices in JBR area and from A to Z you can order different kinds of Bombs liquor mixed with red bull in a variety of flavours like cherry bombs and many more.

Overall, we really liked the food most especially the beef bbq. The place is pretty cool and the Staff was superb either. A must try out place Folks – we loved it.

These are the best islands in the World

The readers of Condé Nast Travellerchose and awarded the 20 best islands in the world. At No. 1 not a single island has been selected and awarded the Readers’ Choice Award but all islands of Greece in one fell swoop. We reveal which island States and islands have even made it into the Top 20 in the world!

Click below through our Countdown through the 20 Top Islands in the World.

Do you know great Islands that didn´t make it here ? Sound off in the Comments!

UAE among Top 20 Expat destinations!

Internations has recently revealed the latest Expat Insider showing the most popular Expat Destinations in the World. Compared to last year, not much has changed at the top. Ecuador is still a favorite among expats in many respects, occupying first place in our country ranking. Mexico climbed from a good third place in 2014 to an even better second place this year. Malta, on the other hand, only entered the country ranking in 2015 and already holds third place. Luxembourg, the second country on the podium in 2014, only comes in fifth this year.

Looking at the Middle Eastern Countries Bahrain comes in before the UAE, here is the breakdown:

Place Country
17 Bahrain
19 United Arab Emirates
24 Oman
54 Qatar
61 Saudi Arabia
64 Kuwait

Interesting as well to see is that Kuwait is holding the lantern in this list not only for the Middle Eastern countries, but as well overall!  Having lived in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia I would disagree that Kuwait is worse, but I had been there many years ago, times might have changed..

Not in the above list seen Germany comes in 16 after my home country Poland which is on 15th place.  Interesting as well is that the Philippines are on 18 topping out of Bahrain all Middle Eastern Countries.

Check out the full graphic below:

Top Expat Destinations 2015 - infographic

Check out the full article on Internations here (LINK).

The world’s most ‘liveable’ cities revealed!

The Economist has recently released their latest 2015 Global Liveability Ranking. The ran


king, which considers 30 factors related to things like safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure and environment in 140 cities, shows that since 2010 average liveability across the world has fallen by 1%, led by a 2.2% fall in the score for stability and safety. Ongoing conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and Libya have been compounded by terrorist shootings in France and Tunisia as well as civil unrest in America. In Athens, austerity rather than unrest has weighed on the provision of public services, while Kiev saw the sharpest fall over the last 12 months and is now among the ten least liveable cities ranked.

The most liveable places, notes the EIU, tend to be “mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density”, which explains the low ranking of near-megacities like London and New York and goes some way to explaining Melbourne’s continued place in the sun.

Liveability is recovering, but unrest still presents a threat Melbourne in Australia remains the most liveable location of the 140 cities surveyed, followed by the Austrian capital, Vienna. Vancouver in Canada, which was the most liveable city surveyed until 2011, lies in third place. Although the top cities remain unchanged, the last year has seen a number of changes in city liveability scores.

Check some of the rankings compared:

Rank City Country Score


1 Melbourne Australia 97,5
2 Vienna Austria 97,4
3 Vancouver Canada 97,3
4 Toronto Canada 97,2
5 Adelaide Australia 96,6
5 Calgary Canada 96,6
136 Tripoli Libya 40,0
139 Dhaka Bangladesh 38,7
140 Damascus Syria 29,3
Over the past six months 38 cities of the 140 surveyed have experienced changes in scores. This rises to 53 cities, or 37% of the total number surveyed, when looking at changes over the past year. Of these changes the majority have been negative, 38 in the past 12 months, reflecting a deterioration in stability in many cities around the world. Civil unrest, acts of terror and violence have triggered stability declines around the world. High-profile terrorist shootings in France and Tunisia, and the ongoing actions of Islamic State (IS) in theMiddle East have created a further heightened threat of terrorism in many countries.
Meanwhile,protests over matters like police brutality, democracy and austerity have also raised the threat of civil unrest in many countries, notably the US where the deaths of a number of black people in police custody have led to widespread protests and accusations of racism. Events in Ukraine, and the subsequent sanctions imposed by many countries, continue to have knock-on effects for cities such as Kiev, Moscow and St Petersburg.
On the other hand, those cities moving up the ranking are largely in countries that have enjoyed periods of relative stability following falls in liveability. Chinese cities, for example, have seen scores improve after a sustained period of civil stability since 2012, when a number of protests and riots, most notably driven by anti-Japanese sentiment, brought scores down.

Tried out: Movie Monday at Tribeca

Last Monday we have attended the very first evening of Tribeca Movie Monday. Tribeca is located in the center of the Jumeirah Beach Residence inside the JA Ocean View Hotel. Parking is easy and friendly as the accommodating valet parking service is ready to assist you. Else you can park as well in The Beach Underground Parking if you fancy (paid of course).

Tribeca is a restaurant & bar featuring wholesome and organic food and alcoholic beverages, live entertainment and an impressive collection of art from local artists which is also for sale. A Mediterranean cuisine, a healthy eating throughout with a new York minded Theme is bringing a modern American style to JBR that made a Dubai twist on a cool urban vibe chichangout. The word Tribeca originated means:’ Triangle Below Canal’ which discribes a corner of the big Apple, better said in Lower Manhatten.

Tribeca has been launched 6 months back and it’s doing well in terms of customers satisfaction along with good offers, newly developed gigs and good programmes such as kitchen, bar & arts. Talented musicians on weekends are playing songs in live show, ladies nights on Tuesdays, Fridays brunch, nice paintings made by selected and professional painters, encouraging those artists to expose their paints for sale within the same place. The Tribeca team launched a new ideas of bringing out the best American movies on their 2.5m/3m screen that are airing every Mondays at a package price of AED 50 including one drink and one organic popcorn per person. The cool ambiance of putting cinema and a chic bar together gives a great ambiance and the feeling of having a home cinema along with bar and restaurant atmosphere. It was cool having Bluetooth headsets making customers more comfortable being able to listen and follow the movie without the needs that everybody around you is quiet. It feels like you are in the cinema at home.

We really appreciated the warm and welcoming along with the accommodating staff who served us during our visit to the bar/ lounge cinema. We even got a show around  by the Manager Miss. Michelle who allowed us to see and check all above mentioned information about the restaurant in and out. She explained in details about Tribeca and the newly launched Movie Monday created by the team.

We enjoyed the Movie Night having had a rather unconventional cinematic experience that gives you the impression of watching cinema at home sitting in a very comfortable Leather Sofa & Traditional table and having your food and drinks served in the same time according to your choice. While we were watching the first Movie of the Tribeca Movie Monday (Pulp Fiction) , we were able to place orders for our food and beverage:

  • Tribeca Burger & Fries: Organic ground beef, Cajun, mayonnaise, tomato, caramelized onion and Cheddar. How Cool is the presentation of the Burger?
  • Tribeca Hot Dog: sweet potato fries, organic beef sausage, bell peppers, shredded carrots, beetroot and feta cheese. As well here the presentation with the News Paper Wrap is soo cool.
  • Tribeca Eton Mess with meringue strawberries and cream.
  • Tribeca Organic Ice cream mango and pistachio.
  • Tribeca organic white wine and the organic popcorn.

Overall our visit to Tribeca and its Movie Monday was perfectly great and we were extremely satisfied, we were amazed by the 3 in 1 concept that has been offered by Tribeca and we have really enjoyed having food and drinks with popcorn and burgers, dessert and ice cream while watching the movie using the provided Bluetooth headsets. This was awesome.

If you want to try it out now as well, here is the Movie schedule for the next week which you can find of course as well in our Events section:

  • 24th August – Wall Street
  • 31st August – Zoolander
  • 7th September – Back to the Future – Part 1
  • 14th September – Rocky IV
  • 21th September – Star Wars

I am looking forward for Star Wars, and would certainly watch Back to the Future if I could be sure part 2 and 3 will follow, or how about all 3 in one night ? Or even better put on Forrest Gump.

Reviewed: Logma @ Boxpark Dubai

The other day we had visited Logma in Dubai’s recently opened BoxPark, a chique Container Style Shopping and Dining destination, on Al Wasl Road in Al Safa. It offers a modern take on traditional Emirati cuisine in a friendly and authentic ambience that mirrors Dubai’s flair for combining the traditional with the contemporary. If you did not find parking in the free front row parking area, then you can easily catch a backside parking space ,and even this is not available then you can drop your car in the valet parking service that is provided.

Logma offers an indoor as well as an outdoor sitting arrangement , we selected an indoor table as it offers such a cozy and at the very same time very cool ambiance where we could feel the arabic modern yet classy design. The setting is very impressive and relaxing. The very hospitable team showed us a warm welcome with their traditional uniform giving you the full Arabic touch. The menu is well described and ingredients are well seen along with the posted picture which makes it very easy to choose dishes even without knowing them actually. The music played in the background is as well relaxing yet cool mixing arabic music with western sounds and beats.

We started the meal and ordered some appetizers such as Logma Fries crispy with Khaleeji spices and crisp herbs that have a great taste and feels like a biryani touch. You could never imagine the flavors of eating French Fries with this twist in your whole life. We couldn’t.

Personally, we liked the Samboosa beef and Samboosa cheese. These are delightfully served and mouth Watering, they as well easily can catch your hunger while waiting for the main course to be served. But careful here, if you eat too much you probably won’t make it to the mains! Quinoa salad is also yummy mixed with different herbs and dates that made it a sour sweet salad with a sweet taste because of the dates. Pomegranate mozzarella then served as it blends the taste of pomegranate, baby greens, yellow and red baby tomatoes with their own Logma dressing.

We ordered a wide variety of drinks and all were very refreshing and cool, One of the best Milk Shakes we had over here as well.The LOGMA SHAKE. And there is something different about this one for us, being mixed with dates, banana and honey. Also the Passion Of Arabia that have crispy passion fruits seeds with pineapple juice, and Atlants juice mixed with lychee, passion fruit, and lime. A must try!

The main course which were Logma Shrimp rice, suitable for seafood lovers, with mixed taste of biryani with crispy herbs besides the Logma chicken rice with brown crispy nuts and perfectly grilled meat.

Logma is serving sandwiches as well. We tried the Turkey Cheese and Pepper sandwich which was surely nothing less than a highlight in itself, as well we liked the chicken avocado sandwich that was so juicy and yummy.

At this point we were extremely full already from the nice and tasty food we had. But we were able to get ourselves to try the Lugaimat along with date syrup and with nutella and nuts, It was very light, fluffy and tasty, a perfect ending to the meal. At last we had tried the Chebab Katayef with crispy pancake and vanilla ice cream along with saffron cardamon syrup. Taste wise as well this was simply amazing. A cool and chilling way to finish our dinner we found in Emirati and Saudi coffee which was strong and pure and helps you to digest all the eaten food.

Overall Logma was an unexpected excellent experience with nice and delicious food along with an excellent hospitality service. Even if you are not into Arabic dishes, this will make you change your mind! Check out the pictures in the gallery below!

Reviewed: Logma @ Boxpark Dubai
Cool location, great ambiance
Simply Amazing, nothing more to say
Super friendly and attentive Staff
A lovely place with great ambiance and superb food.

Reviewed: Logma @ Boxpark Dubai


  800 56462



Abu Dhabi’s first Gaming and Pop Culture Festival is coming to Yas Island

We are calling all gamers, cosplayers, superheroes, sidekicks, movie buffs and citizens – come together and join the video games, movies and pop culture community at the IGN Convention Abu Dhabi. Following the success of IGN Conventions in Bahrain, Doha, and Dubai, IGN Middle East is proud to host yet another spectacular event, this time in the capital city Abu Dhabi. “The idea is to create an enthralling world for followers of video games, films and pop culture. IGN Conventions have been a perfect mix of local talent and international celebrities with great content and amazing attractions. It’s not just for geeks– we’ve got brilliant entertainment for the entire family,” said Abbas Jaffar Ali, Director, IGN Middle East.
IGN Convention Abu Dhabi will also feature a cosplay tournament open to cosplayers from all around the region, with a total of $10,000 to be given away. Interested participants can register to take part at
During the two days fans will get to be a part of several activities such as arcade, card and table top games, free workshops, gaming tournaments, regional artist showcases, concerts with live video game music, and much more.
“Fans will get a chance to meet their favorite celebrities in a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Cosplay enthusiasts will mingle with geeks discussing movies while gamers exercise their thumbs and reflexes. Quite simply, it’s an event not to be missed by anyone interested in movies, TV, video games, comics or role-playing,” Jaffar Ali concluded.

“As the region’s premier event organization, we are delighted to be partnering with IGN Middle East on this one-of-a-kind event in Abu Dhabi,” said John Lickrish, CEO of FLASH Entertainment.

Tickets will be on sale 3 August 2015 at 12pm through and all Virgin
Megastores across the UAE or by calling 800 TM UAE (86 823).

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Things to do in the UAE this weekend!

The weekend is there and we got plenty of things going on. Eid starts today so for some it will be only a normal weekend while others eventually win a day or two extra on it. It is the last day of Ramadan at The Walk today so you might want to visit this. As well we got finally plenty of new Movies rolling in.  Another must watch is surely the Eid Fireworks at The Beach in the next three days.


100 Days of Wonders at Dalma Mall – Abu Dhabi

Ramadan at The Walk in JBR

Modhesh World 2015

Movie Release: The Gallows

Movie Release: MAX

watch the Eid Fireworks 2015

Visit Al Ain Zoo


100 Days of Wonders at Dalma Mall – Abu Dhabi

Modhesh World 2015

Movie Release: The Gallows

Movie Release: MAX

Movie Release: Minions

Movie Release: Terminator Genisys

Movie Release: Ooops

The Ripe Food & Craft Summer Market

watch the Eid Fireworks 2015

Visit Al Ain Zoo


100 Days of Wonders at Dalma Mall – Abu Dhabi

Modhesh World 2015

Movie Release: The Gallows

Movie Release: MAX

Movie Release: Minions

Movie Release: Terminator Genisys

Movie Release: Ooops

watch the Eid Fireworks 2015

Visit Al Ain Zoo

Just cross that Dubai Trolley track? Think again, up to 1,000AED fine waiting!

A new AED 1,000 fine has been added to the list of traffic fines in Dubai, with the introduction of a new vehicle on the road.

Dubai Trolley, now operative in Downtown Dubai, requires tracks to be free of passengers at all times. “Keep off tramway. Violators will be fined Dh1,000,” reads a warning sign addressing pedestrians.

Pedestrian crossings have been laid for safe crossing, and crossing at any other point is a violation. The hefty fine adds to some of the highest fines in the emirate with previously introduced penalties along the track of Dubai Tram, which runs in Al Sufouh, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Similarly, pedestrians crossing Dubai Tram track at undesignated places are fined Dh1,000. This being the lowest among the fines, motorists risk even higher penalties. Jumping a red light at the tramway intersection and causing an accident leading to injuries incurs a fine between Dh5,000 and Dh15,000, while jumping a red traffic signal at the tramway intersection causing an accident that leads to the death of a person is punishable with a fine between Dh10,000 and Dh30,000.

At Dubai Trolley, motorists will not be intersected by the new transit mode, and the warning is there for mindful pedestrians. The double-decked catchy transit mode connects visitors and residents over a distance of 1km, passing by Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, Souk Al Bahar and Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

It travels at an operational speed of 16 km per hour, although it has a maximum speed of 80 km per hour.