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Tried out: Iftar at 3in1, Vida Downtown Dubai

Last evening we had been invited to try out the Iftar at the 3in1 at the Vida Downtown Hotel here in Dubai. I am in Dubai since five years but had till date never been on a Iftar as I had been either out of country or busy with loads of things. This year that has changed and so I could experience the amazing Iftar at the 3in1 Restaurant of the Vida Downtown. The setting in itself already is really cool, you got a relaxed almost Mediterranean style indoor seating with a nice view to the outside Pool area with its Cabanas. There was as well the option to sit outside, but because of the high temperatures we decided against that. This place can as well be recommended if you want to take somebody on a Romantic Date out with these stunning settings.

The 3in1 is located on the Ground-floor of the Hotel, if you arrive by car and you use the valet parking you need to go one floor down. If you use the underground parking of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard you can use the Stairway 2 or 4 and get out in front of the Hotel which lets you enter the Restaurant from the front side. If you use the second option you will be stunned by the welcoming Pool Area with its stylish ambiance.

Once you are in you will find basically three different main areas. One is holding the desserts, another one the starters and in the middle is a live cooking station where you can get fresh starters done.  The Beverages are kept in an Ice Table in cool Swing Top Bottles. I had the orange juice and another one and both had been super tasty and full of flavor.

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Restaurant Review: Metro’s Southeast Asian Night @ Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai

Last Night we had been at the Millennium Plaza Hotel, located along Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road direct next to Emirates Towers Metro Station, to try out their Southeast Asian Night.

The Millennium Plaza Hotel offers two weekly themed nights with the Southeast Asian Night on Thursdays and the Indian Night every Friday. Both theme nights are happening at the Metro! All Day Dining Restaurant on the 5th floor and are from 7pm till 11pm.

We had a Table next to the Window overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road which specially in the dark is quite a nice view down and keeps you looking out again and again and again but does not take away the attention of the huge selection of starters, salads, soups, mains and desserts.  The Restaurant was decorated in Asian Style which looked pretty authentic.  The dishes are all inspired and carry a culinary flare and distinct flavor of Thai seafoods, Vietnamese lamb shanks, Nasi Goreng, beef Afritada, Kimchee, Phad Thai, Vietnamese salads and wide range of desserts. Live tempura, Peking duck and tepanyaki stations are on sight as well. Little advise here: Do not leave without having had the Peking Duck!


We started with Salads and other Starters, all very tasty and very well presented. Biggest problem here is that if you try all the yummy looking starters you are probably full long before you can even see the main dishes. So we tried to not have the same items in order to not miss too much and cover as much as possible. While waiting on the freshly prepared Peking Duck we had a walk around to check what is available and one pretty much every dish I checked I thought, yeah, gotta try this.  Luckily I took small portions of everything I tried, else you are full before you could taste all the lovely dishes.

Aside from the delightful tasting Peking Duck the Stir Fried Beef was simply amazing and the sweet potatoes were as well superb, not too soft and not to firm. The same can be said about the Dim Sum which almost stopped me from trying anything else as I loved it that much that I had to get more of it.


I would have loved to try out the Sweet and Sour Fish, but was just too full in the end to try it, and that was the only dish we had not had. But I am sure this would have been great as well.

But the best food in the world doesn’t help you if the Staff does not know its job. But as well that is not even a topic here. All the Service staff we dealt with were humble, polite and well trained. We got a lot of attention, help and explanation which makes the whole experience a delight. This started with the Valet parking we used and ended with the gentleman who looked after our table. You can feel that over here their Slogan “You are the Centre of Our World” is taken very serious.

If you put the brilliant service of the staff in and around the Metro! Restaurant, the super tasty food and the nice clean ambiance against the price of 125AED per person it does not require a rocket scientist to realize that this is a very good value for money.  We are looking forward to try out the Indian Night quite soon.

Scroll through the Gallery where we got plenty more of pictures available. If you fancy now to try out the Southeast Asian Night at the Millennium Plaza Hotel you just need to scroll down to get the contact details!

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Reviewed: Metro's Southeast Asian Night @ Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
Relaxed Setup, Nice view over Sheikh Zayed Road, Nice Ambiance
We tried everything and found nothing imperfect
super friendly, very attentive and extremely helpful
If you are into Asian Cuisine you have to try this out, don't leave without trying the Peking Duck!.

Contacts for Metro! @ The Millennium Plaza Hotel, Dubai


04 387 7122


Food Trucks on the rise : VIDA Hotels And Resorts Unveils Latest Food Truck

If you haven’t notices it yet the food truck scene is a growing trend in the Emirates and it’s one worth salivating over. The most recent addition will be VIDA Hotels & Resorts’ 1970s, 23 foot, Airstream safari truck, parked outside Manzil Downtown Dubai. Laid-back, casual and quirky, the latest food truck will surely be welcomed by Dubai’s foodie scene. With a number of exciting offerings planned, Chef Spencer Black and his team will put the fun back into lunchtime by serving up gourmet treats throughout the city.

With a fully outfitted kitchen, Chef Spencer plans on creating a delectable new menu featuring options ranging from popular street foods to sit down menus, to refreshing salads and lite-bite lunch time meals. Even better will be the opportunity to cater private events with the food truck parked right outside your front door.

The new food truck is currently parked outside Manzil Downtown Dubai and is open daily from 3-11pm. For more information, call 04 428 5 888 or

a visit to the annual Kempinski Stollen Charity Cake Sale…

We had been today to the annual Kempinski Mall of the Emirates Christ Stollen Charity Cake Sale inside the Mall of the Emirates. Every year in December the Kempinski Hotel is selling Stollen for Charity where all proceeds are donated to the Dubai Center for Special Needs which is a lovely thing.

You could get a slice for 5AED, half a leaf for 50AED or a full one for 100AED. We have chosen to take a full one despite being much to big for ourselves. But with the good reason behind it it was no doubt to get it.

Stollen is so to day a fruit cake containing dried fruit and often marzipan and covered with sugar, powdered sugar or icing sugar. The cake is usually made with chopped candied fruit and/or dried fruit, nuts and spices. Stollen is a traditional German cake, usually eaten during the Christmas season, when it is called Weihnachtsstollen or Christstollen.

Here a few pictures from the Event:

RTA Electric Abra now at the Atlantis Hotel…

If you fancy a trip around the Atlantis Hotel in an electric operated traditional Abra you can now visit the Atlantis Hotel and hop on board if you are willing to pay 65AED for a 20 minutes ride.

The trip, will start from Al Nasimi Beach at Atlantis and pass through the Atlantis Resort, the Palm (seaside) and the Splash Park.

Operation Hour:
1:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Ticket price:
65 Dhs per person.

Trip Duration:
20 Minutes

If you have tried it out let us know in the comments if it is worth it.

annual Kempinski “Stollen” Charity Event on December 5th…

The annually Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Christ Stollen Charity Event is soon on again.  Mark your calenders with December the 5th.

This year, the chefs are trying to set a new record and baking over 650 meters of Stollen.  All proceeds are donated to the Dubai Center for Special Needs which is awesome. 20111127_Stollen-Charity-Cake-Sale

The Event starts inside the Mall of the Emirates from 10 am and goes until all Stollen are sold out.

The prices are AED 5 per piece or AED 100 per loaf. I recommend to get a full loaf, it is soo tasty. I will definitely get a full one, or two…