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Marketing Video of Dubai

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Review: Mr. Doener, Uptown Mirdif

we went today for Dinner to Mr. Doener in Uptown Mirdif. The little Restaurant is really great and has by far the best Doener in Dubai. The selection is not the biggest, but the Doener and Dürüm are amazing. The best thing is that at this weather you can also sit outside and enjoy scenery. The best way to reach them is to park underground close to the Food court parking. If you come up there just go left and it is directly on the left side.

It is really a must try!

Review Mr. Doener
Creative setup.
Just great.
Everybody is friendly , food is brought to the table..
Perfect spot for a nice Doener.

More infos on their homepage: (LINK)

Max Swedish Burgers??

We have been at Oasis Center in Dubai today and in the food court i spotted Max Burgers, Swedish Burgers. Well, i never heard about them before and honestly i did not really associate Burgers with Sweden, i would come probably first on IKEA, Volvo and Saab rather than a Burger chain.

I did not eat there today even i was about, but checking Max Burgers now in the internet (LINK) made me wish i had tried them. They are voted the best Burgers in Sweden and that is definitely a must try. I hope i will be having an opportunity soon.

If you want to visit them Max Burger is located in the 3rd Floor Food court in the Oasis Center Sheikh Zayed Road, directly next to Fun City.