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And the Exclusive Invites for the Advanced Screening of “Slow West” are going to…

Slow West_Official PosterFront Row Filmed Entertainment and The Acme Blog had given one lucky readers the chance to win Exclusive Invites to the Advances Screening of the upcoing Action/Western /Thriller “Slow West”. John Macleant is giving his brilliant directorial debut in this movie that is starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, Michael Fassbender and Ben Mendelsohn. 

The advanced screening of “Slow West” will take place on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015, at VOX Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates. Doors will open at 8:15 pm. Film starts at 8:30 pm.

The right answer on the asked question on which Film did Michael Fassbender and John Macleant work together before was of course Pitch Black Heist.

And The Winner is:

  • Cheena Gambhir

You should have an email now in your inbox from us with the details how it works!

Congratulations again , and enjoy the Movie!

Here again the Plot in short:  A young Scottish man travels across America in pursuit of the woman he loves, attracting the attention of an outlaw who is willing to serve as a guide.

“Slow West” will release in UAE Cinemas on October 15th and you can check out the Trailer once again below:

The BlackBerry Leap is now available from Axiom Telecom

Axiom Telecom has now as well the new BlackBerry Leap available in their online store in the UAE.

It is available in white and grey and will set you back 1099AED.  What you get is a reasonable priced phone with the best Operating System out there (in  my opinion). It features a 8MP rear camera, 16GB internal storage (can via sd card be extended to 128GB) and is as well able to run Android apps.  (LINK)

Read our Review of the BlackBerry Leap and stay tuned, we are soon giving 2 BlackBerry Leap away, a white and a black one!

Kcal Extra Day 5: The end of the week

Here comes day number five, and with it the final day of my one week Kcal Extra try out.  Thursday means almost weekend and so I am excited to see what the last day got for me.  Picking up the Kcal Extra bag in the morning from the security left me with hope on another day with new food experiences.

My breakfast for today consisted of Cloudy Bacon Eggs. Never had this kind of eggs before (I usually have them boiled or scrambled) but this is a very nice variation as well I have to admit.

Snack was a very tasty Chicken Satay Skewer with dip. Again this could have been as well my main dish and dinner because it was so good. The Lunch this day was a superb Moroccan Beef Tajine that was a hymn for the taste buds.

Kcal Extra

PM Snack was a for me completely new variance of Cheesecake. A Cappuccino Cheese Cake. As weird the name sounds, the taste was actually really nice. Again this is something I would have never ordered in a Bakery or so because I just could not imagine how Cappuccino and Cheesecake can work together in one dish. But it does.

Dinner on the final day of my try out was a fantastic Salmon Teriyaki which came already with Broccoli Coli-flower and was served with additional Green Beans.  As well here the taste was just amazing.

Again you can check below the Gallery for today’s dishes:

Kcal Extra Day 4: Healthy does not mean no taste

Here we go with day number 4 of my Kcal Extra week. Before I started this one thought I always had on healthy food was that it does not match my taste and it is only veggies. The first three days have already proven me wrong on the veggies. But I also must admit that my opinion on healthy food must be having no taste(based on nothing of course) was wrong. So far I loved the last three days I spend with Kcal Extra and can’t wait to go further.

Day number four started with a Granola Yoghurt and
Kiwi.  I am not a huge fan of Kiwi’s but the Yoghurt was really good and tasty.  AM Snack came in form of Sweet Potato and Spinach Roulades.  These are Amazing, I wouldn’t mind having the same for lunch, and dinner. Spinach is one of my favorite foods anyways and this combination was just incredible.


Lunch for today was Beetroot Salad with Grilled Dori Fillet. Again as well here the salad tasted super fresh and the Grilled Dori Fillet was yummy as well.  If I this continues I will probably get a Fish expert. PM Snack was a something I thought was in the bag my mistake. A Choconut Peanut Butter Bar. Chocolate? Sounds like a plan to me. So far I had this week a quite nice variety of AM and PM Snacks, but this one was the biggest surprise for me, I had never expected Chocolate. And even the chocolate was tasting good.  Note to myself: I think I start to love healthy food.

Dinner for the day was three Kofta in Tomato Sauce rolls which came together with some grilled vegetables. The Kofta was well complimented with the tomato sauce and I ended wishing the portion could have been double the size. Not because I was not full, but because it was so tasty.

Again you can check below the Gallery for today’s dishes. Check back tomorrow when I write about day 5!

Kcal Extra Day 3: Can’t wait to get my delivery

Time for Kcal Extra Day 3. I woke up in the morning and already looked much forward to check what is in the bag for today.  First check, all looks great. Can’t wait for trying everything out.

Today I got a Big English Breakfast. Egg, Bacon, Tomato and Mushrooms had been on it. Great surprise for me, specially the egg and bacon. What a lovely start into the day.

AM Snack for day three came in form of a nut mix that was quicker eaten than I could take pictures. My bad. Lunch today was a Power Chicken Bowl coming with Broccoli and potato. This lunch was awesome. Just a short heat up was required and I am on the way to get a microwave fan. Never thought that something you can heat up in a microwave would really be any tasty.  But this convinces me. To be fair the huge difference comes probably rather from having freshly made food rather than frozen supermarket crap…

The PM Snack was a roasted Capsicum Feta with Carrot Sticks. Usually I make a big turn around Carrot’s , but with the Capsicum Feta together they had been quite nice.

Dinner for day three was a Veracruz Style Tuna fillet. Being quite critical with Fish, once this one was heated up it was soft, tasty and together with Italian Veggie Medley it was just very enjoyable. We are really talking about high quality food here. Just thinking about how much time has been invested to get this all prepared leaves me stunned. I wish I had this time, but even if I would still lack the complete skills to come even close to his…

This is what day number three of Kcal Extra got me. Stay tuned for day 4!

Below you can see today’s meals in the gallery:

Kcal Extra Day2 : Keeping the Spirit

Day 1 of my Kcal Extra week was really good. It did not feel difficult to eat less and more healthy at all. That the food delivered was really tasty as well did make it even more easy for me.

Day 2 started with me picking up my bag from the security of the place I am.  I directly looked out for the surprises coming this day (I did not check my menu plan to have a bit more fun). For Breakfast I got a healthy tasty Zucchini Cake. I actually had never before eaten Zucchinis and was surprised how good this cake is. Again the thought arises to always keep an open mind on taste and food….



My AM Snack today was Chicken Bites. This already made my day. I love chicken nuggets (Ok surely not even close as healthy) and getting Chicken Bites made my day even if the rest of the dishes would not be any good. They had been really good and I begin enjoying having a small snack in the morning after the first few hours of the day.

Lunch was a salad, OK it was a Chipotle Beef Salad that blew me away completely. I do have now and then Chicken Caesar Salad, but never had a Beef Salad. I had no high expectations on it but the Dressing and the salad was tasting really fresh and good. The salad was still crunchy and the beef soft and light. I think I could enjoy this meal daily.

My Afternoon snack was quite late this day and so the ACE Balls just went down the throat. They were not bad but as well not something to remember forever. Of course it is not easy being measured on the Beef Salad and the Chicken Bites…

Dinner for today came in form of Feta chicken with Kohlrabi and a Quinoa Fennel side Salad. Sounds difficult and complicated? Maybe. But it tastes really lovely. The day was food wise a day of surprises (set aside the Chicken Bites) with dishes I had in this way not experienced before.

I was really looking forward for Day 3 and the surprises it might bring.

Below you can see today’s meals in the gallery:

Kcal Extra Day 1 : Let’s get it started!

I had recently posted that Kcal Extra is now available in Abu Dhabi as well and that I am going to give it a try.  So here are my thoughts on day one.

Usually I am not very good in eating multiple times over the day. Mostly I have breakfast and dinner while skipping lunch and snacks. With Kcal Extra I am daily getting a tailored full days supply of food delivered every morning. Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack and Dinner come freshly made in a chilled bag every morning. I just need to follow the instructions for eat cold or heat up for a certain amount of seconds and I am ready to go.  Sounds quite simple right?

Day One made me realize that my daily routines are not matching the schedule at all. So I had to build in the time, specially for the snacks.

My Breakfast on the first day consisted of Cottage Cheese Pancakes IMG_3757with Mango Sauce. Something which I probably would have never ordered in any Restaurant as I would always go with things I know. Surprisingly the Pancakes where really nice. I even liked the Mango sauce on it.  Could healthy food be really as well tasty? Too early to judge.

The Morning snack was Sweet Potato Hummus with Cucumber. I always liked Hummus but never hat one like this. And I would have probably never tried the combination with Cucumber. But I must say I liked it.

IMG_3864For Lunch, which I made way too late one the first day, I had Chicken Soup with Coriander and Carrots. Again something I thought I probably won’t like but ended up even taking out the last drop. Really good, and another surprise for me. First time thought that I might need to be more open minded to food and explore new tastes and dishes….

The PM Snack was again something with Mango. This time in form of Halloumi Sticks with Mango Yoghurt. I am slowly getting a Mango fan here.

Dinner was really nice tasting Grilled Beef Strips which were served with Sauteed Mushroom, Spinach Lemony Lentils and Chickpeas. This was really quite a big portion and made me really full.

Overall the first day was easier than expected. I thought I will go to bed very hungry with only the mentioned dishes over the whole day. But I wasn’t.  My initial concerns that Healthy stays in conflict with Tasty as well were smashed and not confirmed. I am really looking forwards for day 2!

Below you can see today’s meals in the gallery:

 Check back tomorrow when I will let you know how day 2 went!

Kcal Extra delivers now in Abu Dhabi – and I am giving it a go!

Kcal was known to me since quite some time. There was a branch just around the corner in JLT back when I lived there. Since living in Abu Dhabi I had never seen it here. But that changed. Kcal Extra is delivering now as well within Abu Dhabi.

How it works? Simple. You can sign up on their website, whatever you have chosen on plan or food will daily be freshly made for you and delivered to your home or office address.

Great news so far. No shopping of groceries, no self cooking, no cleaning afterwards, no too much or too less food. If you have a busy daily schedule like me you probably fancy saving time wherever you can. This saves you loads of time and on the side give you fresh , healthy and a tailor made food for the whole day, every day. Or better to say on your chosen days.

But is it tasty? I can’t tell you, at least not right now. But I will be trying it out now for some time and will write about it here on the Blog while I am getting my breakfast, lunch and dinner plus an am and a pm snack delivered to my office.  I am going with the Success Plan which is designed for weight loss, so I should be able to find out if I can see results or not.  Stay tuned for more info’s and my daily review.

Interested in more information already? Check out the official website .

KFC promises to deliver everywhere on Twitter – and proves it!

It is not even a week ago that KFC made a pretty brilliant marketing stunt and delivered 3.000 chicken sandwiches via Helicopter to Kite Beach in Dubai.  Of course all news sites and as well Twitter picked it up with KFC themselves posting on Twitter the below:

We are living in Alghadeer which is on the edge of Abu Dhabi and way closer to Dubai than to Abu Dhabi being just a couple of meters away from technically living in Dubai. The place is great and has plenty of advantages but as well one huge disadvantage: Food deliveries. Knowing that there is no real choice on Restaurants delivering here I found the tweet above  to be questioned, knowing KFC certainly does not deliver to us. So I replied on their tweet the below, not really expecting any answer on this to be honest.

Not much later than I posted that KFC had replied. Not only replied, but as well accepted the challenge. Well. that was unexpected, but pretty cool.

A few messages and phone calls later we agreed for a delivery on Tuesday evening at 8pm. The door bell rang good 15 minutes earlier and indeed the first ever KFC delivery to Alghadeer happened.  Not only did they bring the order that I have placed. They even brought a KFC_2bunch of flowers with them which topped all expectations and left me for a moment speechless (and that does not happen very often). On top of the anyhow not very small order we got as well plenty of Krushers and Tiramisu!  But the icing on the cake was that the whole delivery was completely free as well in the end.

We had a great fun evening with loads of tasty chicken, Krushers and Tiramisu.  Chapeau! to KFC Arabia for replying on Twitter and even blowing all expectations with a delivery to a pretty remote area like Alghadeer. I have always liked KFC , but this made me a Fan.  We hope now that Alghadeer hopefully soon will be regular available for delivery!

If you are hungry and starving now for KFC:  Give them a call on 600522252 and get your fix!

More pictures are coming soon as my battery collapsed afterwards...