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Emirates Classic Car Festival finally announced from 7th till 9th of March


after a little Date confusion (here) it is now confirmed that the Emirates Classic Car Festival this year will be from the 7th till 9th of March. It was suspected earlier to be in February as per the homepage of the organizer (LINK). Can’t wait for it, especially as there was no Classic Car Festival in 2012…




above images are from the 2011 Emirates Classic Car Festival, and below you can find pictures of the 2011 Classic Car festival…

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closed u turn between Al Wasl and Satwa really sucks..

since i am back from my vacation the u turn between Al Wasl and Satwa is closed. That means you have to drive one traffic light further to get a u turn. As Business Bay has no really good connection direction Abu Dhabi this really sucks. Before there was never traffic coming from Sheikh Zayed road Dubai bound to exit to Jumeirah on the Dubai Mall exit. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes just get around. I do really see no sense in this. It makes things only more complicated…


Emarat Automatic Car Wash and cleaning

emaratwashing2i had my Jeep today at the Emarat Car Wash at Al Wasl Road. They charge you 30AED for the automatic wash in combination with manual drying and vacuuming. The price is really fair and the job was done more than well. They did not just vacuum the car but also cleaned the windows from inside and the dashboard. I will surely go there again before i throw some money at the Building cleaner who cleans all cars with the same towel…


a visit to the Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi

we went the other day  to the Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi. The place is a bit outside the city in direction to Liwa on the E65.From Dubai it took us around 2 hours drive which are worth it. The areal is in middle of the desert on the way to Liwa.

The building is looking like a huge Pyramid which looks from the outside much smaller than from the inside.Around 240 cars are on display inside and a lot of spectacular ones as well. The entrance fee is 50AED per person which is worth it as i can hardly imagine where else to see such a variety of cars. Outside the pyramid are parked 2 oversize caravans of which one has the design of the earth. Behind the pyramid there is a TriStar TT-DWE parked in the middle of the desert. Sadly you cannot go inside there. A real must visit place if you are into cars is this museum which is an amazing private collection of H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.:

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view the pictures in the Gallery below.

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