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McDonald’s celebrates National Breakfast Day on March 9, gives away free Egg McMuffins!

Mark this day in your calender Folks. On March 9th, 2015, all McDonald’s restaurants in the UAE will be giving away 1,000 free Egg McMuffins on a first come- first serve basis, from 6:00am to 10:00am. 1,000 Egg McMuffins will be given away at every store!

McDonald’s UAE is participating together with more than 6000 other Restaurants in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Last year we had been very surprised when we hit a petrol station on National Breakfast Day and got each an Egg McMuffin handed over. This time we will make sure to pass by as well.

National Breakfast Day is held this year the third year already with growing success.

UAE 25th on Environmental Performance Index…

The new  Environmental Performance Index has been released and the UAE is on 25th position. Quite interesting to see specially in comparison to some other countries. The UAE hits the best score in the Middle East here.

Here the ranking of some interesting countries:

1 Swizerland 87.67
2 Luxembourg 83.29
3 Australia 82.4
6 Germany 80.47
25 UAE 72.91
35 KSA 66.66
42 Kuwait 63.94
44 Qatar 63.03
60 Jordan 55.78
68 Syria 54.5
99 Oman 47.75
114 Phillippines 44.02
148 Pakistan 34.58
155 India 31.23
178 Somalia 15.47


You can find more info’s on each country and how the scores come together on the official website: (LINK)

BlackBerry Z10 not working on Etisalat BB Social plan, on DU it does…

etisalat-vs-duEtisalat has announced that the BlackBerry Z10 will not work with the BlackBerry Social Package which Etisalat is offering at 49AED. That makes not really much sense to me, but putting up 30AED monthly  to upgrade to the BlackBerry Complete package is not such a drama but DU is not offering a limit of their social package which is on 30AED only. I am using Etisalat BlackBerry Unlimited for the reason that DU has no unlimited bundle available. Else i would go for DU directly as the service at Etisalat sucks.