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Why is this called Acme Blog?Acme_Labs

Well I loved the animation series The Pinky & The Brain. These where living in the Acme Labs from where they have planned their daily attempts to take over the world…

This Blog is about Movies, Gadgets, Technology, BlackBerry, Windows Phone , Restaurants, living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and other things happening here every day…

Who posts here?

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Acme Blog. Loves Photograhy, Gadgets, Movies and Restaurants aside from Cars.

Mari Dee

Being in the UAE since quite some years Mari is well oriented in Styles, Clothings the latest Trends and she loves Food and Movies.

Martin Mancyk

Gadget Freak, Party Animal, Coin Collector, Outdoor Guy and Homer Simpson sympathisant. Most times flying around the Middle East Martin brings a huge knowledge and insight to the Acme Blog.

Steven Haller

new addition to the Team, covering things happening in Germany, including Restaurants, places to visit and more

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