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In 2009, Justin Lin has turned the only very moderately successful street racing franchise with the fourth part “Fast & Furious -New Model Original Parts. ” into a James Bond-on-Speed ​​direction. Since then the makers of were able to put on more thrill on it with every further movie, although it feels every time, as if they had really pushed the accelerator pedal to the limit: more stars, more action, more madness, more family and From time to time more success in at the Ticket Box (“Fast & Furious 7” has made more than one and a half billion dollars worldwide). “Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) gets spontaneous in a two-man street race while in Havana during his honeymoon with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).  In which he himself takes a seat behind the wheel of a just in time tuned as well as possible scrap car. Does the “Fast & Furious” series, directed by F. Gary Gray (“Straight Outta Compton”), return to their more modest roots? Of course not!!! The racing duel takes on such absurd excessive trains at the latest on the finish line, that one only shakes his head in disbelief and applauds at the same time.

Directly after this the story starts, Dom is approached by a woman with blond dreadlocks on the street with a breakdown, that turns out to be the internationally sought-after super-hackeress Cypher (Charlize Theron) and declares she Dom that he will soon throw over his brothers, his family and his principles. When DSS agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) asks for help with an action in Berlin, where a powerful EMP bomb is to be secured, Dom and his crew do not need to be asked twice as expected. But on the run, Dom rammed the completely surprised Hobbs without warning from the road and fled with the bomb toward the airport. The family is split! From now on, it says: Dom against the rest of his team – and no one else knows why he suddenly turned against his friends …

If once in your favorite daily soap someone suddenly turned out to be a villain, then my grandma told me so excited and angry as if she had just been escaped by a close family member. Now the “Fast & Furious” series is now nothing more than a $ 200 million per episode of expensive Mega Blockbuster soap opera – so after the release of the first trailer, there was no other topic : WTF ? Dom turns against his family? He can not bring that! But after the first shock came quickly also the first worries – because in Soap Operas no matter what magnitude such twists are so synonymous times grotesquely ridiculous. And so we have also discussed the most absurd theories: Thought control? Hypnosis? A clone or twin? Blackmail with a sextape? Please do not! But the fear we can take you directly! The reason for Dom’s departure from his team is the same as in the previous four parts of the series: the twist is equally emotionally grounded and completely detached – just like the entire franchise.

At the same time, the concentration on the central twist also leads to a certain narrative narrowing: In the previous parts, mostly all crew members have their own little action line, only Dom and Letty make a real emotional development in the eighth part. Tyrese Gibson, as Pearce, is the only one out of the team who is not on the list of the ten most wanted criminals Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have a great winking-and-men-killing, and the self-ironic points are sure to hit their target! And even if things get really silly, for example if Johnson is doing a little bit of ambition with a girl soccer team or Statham is carrying a toddler in a baby bowl during a shooting, that is always really entertaining.

In comparison, the high-profile newcomers are rather disappointing: Oscar winner Charlize Theron (excellent for “monsters”) hits as a nearly god-like hacker whimsical about the strings and their common scenes with Vin Diesel are also adequately intensified (especially one moment is Really extremely dark), but most of the time she comments on the action only with villain-cliché-onelines out of their deployment center. This is rather tiring in the long run – especially in “Fast & Furious 8” similar to last time in “James Bond: Specre” the plot of the previous films is retrospectively : this already works just on the pure action level, But above all, Cypher, as a new top adversary, is simply not impressive enough to justify such a special position. Scott Eastwood (“Suicide Squad”) is a very good figure as agent Eric Reisner, but does not have much to do apart from the action. So it is, from all the newcomers of the series ultimately Oscar winner Helen Mirren (“The Queen”), which as a White Trash-Grande lady in her unfortunately only few scenes steals all others the show.

There is a lot of good news about the “Fast & Furious” series that we have already written about as the characters and actors, but almost nothing about the action in a blockbuster franchise of this size: apart from the opening one Havana sequence, which already writes history because “Fast & Furious 8” is the first film of this scale, which was filmed after the fall of the commercial bargain in Cuba, will mainly be two sequences in the Actioncinema annals: the frenzied Final on a frozen Russian sea, where the crew flees in their cars across the ice in front of an atomic submarine, impresses with its sheer gigantomania and is particularly fond of a great attitude, in which the submarine is like a Killer whale and the cars on the ice surface like fleeing penguins. Still more memorable, because of the more refined, the New York sequence is in the middle of the film: Cypher hackes herself into the on-board computer of thousands of cars and shapes them (partly with inmates, partially without) into a kind of intelligent metal-instead- Swarm, which she rushes unstoppably to her goal. At the latest when the cars do not just roll like a metal zombie horde through the streets, but also “cars” from the car parks “to rain”, there is really nothing left to do but to celebrate the Movie with a big little boy grin thrown on the screen!

Acme Blog Movie Rating5.0 Stars

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