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In 2016 Honor came out with a real price-winner: The Honor 5X brought an aluminum dress, a full-HD screen and had solid technology on board. At a price of 230 euros, the Huawei subsidiary set the benchmark for a good mid-range device at an affordable price a lot higher. Meanwhile, the competition with devices such as the Moto G4, Moto G4 Plus or the Galaxy J5 (2016) also offers decent devices in the 200€ range. At the CES 2017, Honor has now also announced the successor Honor 6X for the European market. Can Honor regain the status of the price breaker? We will tell you how good the Honor 6X really is.


It is round. Very round! With the Honor 6X, the manufacturer uses fewer edges. The novice makes a high-quality impression thanks to the bent metal and it is laying well in the hand too. The back is noticeably roughened, so is much more grippy and not as smooth as the predecessor. The round and precisely functioning fingerprint sensor sits in the same position as the 5X and offers no other functions – unlike the top model of the Chinese. The Honor 8 changed the unlocking method with freely assignable interactions to the extra key.

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The real eye-catcher is attached directly above the fingerprint scanner. As well here we got two Camera lenses pushed into the small place – and that in the middle class! The last with the Huawei P9 and at least since the iPhone 7 again fashionable double team was not yet available in a mid-class priced phone.

First we get to the upper 12-megapixel lens, which is fastly covered: in daylight, the pictures are really good and very convincing.  With little light – you guessed it already most probably – the camera weakens, reaches as many smartphones only rather average quality. Also in 2017 it seems that the manufacturers in the affordable price regions have still not found a  cure against the typical camera disease of smartphones. So the only thing that helps here is: spend more money, if you are attached to high quality value pictures on your smartphone. Better results in low light are provided by only a few smartphones, such as the almost four times more expensive iPhone 7 Plus or the remaining Lumia 950 XL. Good but: The camera shoots very fast (0.12 seconds including autofocus) and also needs only 0.35 seconds to save. That is pretty good values.

What does the dual camera bring in here?

All the more exciting is the second lens which captures only 2 megapixels in images. This suggests long forgotten times from gray and old mobile phone-times, but has only one goal: Camera number two provides a sharpening depth effect, the so-called bokeh.As known from the iPhone 7 Plus, the background blurs, the fix point is skillfully set without great editing effort.To do this, you have to activate the so-called “big aperture” via the aperture symbol at the top of the camera app.Biggest difference to the iPhone 7 Plus: You can change which image plane is sharp and which is to be blurred also later on.That works after some habituation also quite well. If you like to shoot Selfies: Honor has also thought of the mandatory front camera – 8 megapixels provide plenty of sharpness.ompared to the predecessor Honor 5X, the image quality of the self-recording has improved.


Important difference to the predecessor: The internal memory amounts to 32 gigabytes (free tu use are 21 gigabytes), additionally expandable with a memory card (microSD). In the test, the Honor 6X also easily swallowed a 200 GB card. The remaining technology gadgets are quickly told: in the front, a 5.5-inch display with full-HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels), which seems even more colorful and brighter than the predecessor 5X. In the laboratory the display reached a strong brightness of 569.8 cd / m². Inside, the Chinese block up the in-house eight-core processor Kirin 655, which together with the 3 gigabytes of memory provides enough air for all everyday tasks and leads quickly to the desired app. Alternatively, the hybrid compartment of a second SIM card provides shelter.

Battery Life

Battery wise a 3.270 mAh battery is used (in the advertisement Honor speaks of 3.340 mAh, which thanks to the ground-breaking screen resolution presents as particularly persevering and more than a long working day with intensive use without problems . A day without recharging is easyly doable even on really heavy usage. LTE is now self-evident in this price class, here the Honor 6X reached 800 and 1800 MHz similar good reception values ​​as the predecessor. On the other hand, it was only satisfactory for UMTS reception. WLAN is also in it, but only in the older n-standard and only on the notoriously overloaded 2.4 GHz frequency. Surprise: The 6X is still loaded with the somewhat old-fashioned micro USB port, although the more modern type C interface is becoming more and more popular (also already on the Honor8).


On the operating system, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, heavily modified with the EMUI interface, comes as a surprise. This is not at all 2017 – I don´t get why the leap on Android 7.0 Nougat for the time being was missed. Huawei had already dared with the Mate 9 already. Honor says to release Nouqat on the 6X is quarter 3 of the year- too late if you ask me.

Price , Availbility

The Honor 6X with 32 GB of internal memory and 3 GB of memory has been available since January 4 in gold, silver and gray at a suggested retail price (RRP) of 249 euros. A version with 64 GB and 4 GB of RAM will follow in the course of the year for the price of 299 Euro (RRP).


WIth the price tag of 249€ you cannot do much wrong here, you get a solid phone with good specs and an OK camera.

Honor 6X

Honor 6X

Value for Money











            • Good Value for Money
            • Great Battery
            • Dual Camera


            • only 2,4 Wlan
            • No USB Type C

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