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The journey to the Homestead II outer colony will last 120 years, but the mechanic Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and the author Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) awaken from Kryo sleep too early, even though the journey to Homestead II is still 90 years to go . Instead of meeting other fellow travelers and thus making preparations for the colonization, the two are the only awake passengers on board. The loneliness connects Aurora and Jim, who fall in love with each other, knowing that they have to spend the rest of their lives here. But when the ship is in danger, their relationship is put to a hard trial and both become the last hope of the other 4.998 people in the cryo sleep …

A film dealing with isolation in space, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, two of the most famous current stars, and Morten Tyldum behind the camera this has to work out great right? Yes and No. Because the perception of Passengers depends very much on what you as a spectator of this film expect from it, mainly because the terrible marketing campaign – fired by the trailer – has unfortunately made sure that some viewers will experience a bad awakening. The trailers praise a film, which does not exist, but is the film responsible for this?
Passengers is primarily a space adventure, which puts two people in a hopeless position. Pratt, who has a lot to do on his own, manages perfectly to present the time of loneliness,where his only company is an android, who serves as a bartender. It was only later that Aurora, played by Lawrence, appeared on stage and that so interpersonal dynamics were added, and the chemistry between Lawrence and Pratt was convincing. Many films fail because there is no chemistry between two supporting figures, as was the case with Allied recently. The views of space are beautiful, the atmosphere pleasing and the action scenes are appealing and all of this makes Passengers a good, if not grandiose film.
If, on the other hand, you want to watch a movie that is corresponding to the trailers with a deep message, a great twist and a claim, will rather be disappointed. This version does not exist. Rather, it is a mix of Moon, Sunshine and Silent in space, but it is deprived of any depth. No, all the great subjects that could be used to treat the Passengers are at most superficially interpreted. This is not supposed to be a film that shakes, but rather a world-musician with a kitschy happy end, which is pleasing and not exciting. This may be regrettable now that all the potential that this basic idea offers is not used in any way, but it does not change the fact.

And so it is up to each viewer to decide what scale he is using. One can appreciate Passengers as good entertainment or one can call it dissapointing. I decided on the first, because I was well entertained, and for the higher demands there are luckily the above mentioned films.

Acme Blog Movie Rating3.0 Stars

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