Reviewed: Big Fernand @ The Outlet Village

The other day we had been invited to the grand opening of Big Fernand. Big Fernand was established in 2012 in Paris where 3 French guys with a mustache and a bad French humor got the idea of inventing a genuine French burger, with actual French cheese. This way Big Fernand was born. « Big » because it is Generous, and « Fernand » because it’s French !!

The Branch in The Outlet Village is their first branch in UAE. Originated as said above from France where they have more than 20 branches. The outlet has 80’s music and a wooden décor to go with it. The interiors and fit-out of the restaurant carry elements of French streets so you fell a bit like being in France while actually being in the sand pit.

Big Fernand  serves seven signature hamburgers with a possible 3840 combinations.  We tasted the very excellent and delicious “Leonard” burger which is lamb, raw milk and grilled eggplant with coriander with Tonton Fernand sauce which we chose as the most special among the others. A brilliant burger.

Next was the “Victor” , this one is composed of veal meat which is milk fed, cheese with caramelized onion and coriander with tonton fernand sauce as well. Again a brilliant taste and really a gourmet burger.

The next burger that changed our taste buds forever was “Charles” made out of chicken fillet with raw milk, caramelized onion, tabasco,coriander chopped tarragon and tonton fernand sauce. Just a delight to have this one.

And last but not the least we had the even more juicy  ” Big Fernand” burger with 100% angus beef with cheese and sundried parsley with tata fernand sauce with is homemade mayonnaise.

Even this was just the opening day there was a huge crowd ordering up masses of burgers. No wonder as you cannot go wrong with any of them.  All Burgers came with french fries which in itself would be already worth going there.


Review: “Big Fernand @ The Outlet Village
easy to find, charming interior
Amazing taste
Extremely friendly and attentive Staff
If you love Burgers You will love to have Big Fernand Burgers..

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Big Fernand @ The Outlet Village

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