Acme Blog Book Recommendation: Grow the F*ck Up

The Festive Season is just kicking in and we can recommend you a pretty great book to either ask for or gift to somebody.

Growing up is hard work, you have to get a job, pay your bills, get student loans, buy a house, pay your mortgage, mow your lawn, fix your car, get married, make sweet love to your wife, and then you die. There’s a lot to figure out in the middle there, and this book tells you how to get through it all. With a 44 step how-to, the Grow The Fuck Up book teaches late teens and young adults important lessons they won’t learn at home or in the classroom, and gives you a satirically blunt crash course on how to become an adult and how to get through life. Lessons include how to manage your money, preparing for a job interview, using a credit card, turning off thewater to your house, writing a resume/cover letter, and more.

grow-the-fuck-up-book-2084The best thing is you can as well get is as an ebook on your phone or tablet! Check out the link to buy it: [LINK]

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