TV Show Review “The Grand Tour”

So Friday was finally the return of Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson in the new Amazon Show “The Grand Tour”. But is it worth watching? I will tell you my thoughts.

The almost 5 minutes intro already got me packed for more.  Jeremy, while some news feed is playing about the BBS not renewing his contract,s is driving thought rainy London in a Taxi to the Airport – boarding towards Los Angeles.  Reaching there he takes his rental car , the radio precast sunshine for the day.  He starts driving and “I Can See Clearly Now” from the Hothouse Flowers plays.  Stunning and matching intro. Nothing more to say.

The chemistry of the three is great as ever. In the beginning they introduce each other with jobs they got fired from, a little hit on the story of Clarkson and the team leaving the BBS

They introduce the show and explain that they will broadcast 12 weeks always from a different country. First one is the USA second one South Africa.  The concept has not changed much from Top Gear which is great, but rather than the Stig they got a retired Nascar driver now. Nevermind.

There still is this amazing chemistry among the 3 of them that makes you not stop watching. Their friendly rivalry and sense of humor makes these guys so unique and brilliant.
Powerful cars and beautiful landscapes are captured in stunning camera shots. The opening scene itself, for example, is epic in my opinion.

Clarkson, Hammond, and May even manage to delight with old running gags and make jokes about their old show (which could still get legal issues with the BBC), but they also kind of reinvented it by adding funny new elements to it. Putting up a tent in another country for every new episode gives the show a global touch and makes it even more interesting.

he Grand Tour is for car fanatics as well as for people who aren’t into cars that much but just enjoy a really good laugh. I can’t wait for more episodes to come and will surely watch them every Friday.

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