Google Photos got 4 new improvements

The machine learning-powered features can turn your photos right side up, or find memories and highlights from now on Google has published in a Blog Post.

 The latest AI-powered upgrade for Google Photos brings four tricks. The first and simplest one, which autodetects sideways pictures and prompts you to correct them. Two others dig into its talent for facial recognition, as it will detect people in your new photos, and offer to “rediscover old memories” of those same people in older pics, or, it can pop up a highlight reel showcasing the best pictures of a frequent subject.

First, Google Photos will now help you rediscover old memories of the people in your most recent photos. As your photo library continues to grow, they hope that features like this one make it easier to look back at your fondest memories.


Second, they are making it easier to look over the most recent highlights from your photos. If you take a lot of photos of your child, for example, you may occasionally get a card showing the best ones from the last month.


Third, there had always been animations made from photos, but now they make animations from your videos, too. And not just any videos. They look for segments that capture activity — a jump into the pool, or even just an adorable smile — and create short animations that are easy to share.


Finally, when  pictures are found sideways in your collection, you’ll get a card that helps you easily put them right side up.


You should see the new features available on Android, iOS and the web, and if it’s just a little too creepy, you can go into settings to disable face grouping or its assistant prompts.

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