Reviewed: Rodizio Baumhaus, Hannover

I had been out with some friends to try out the Rodizio Baumhaus in Hannover. It is a fully in wood build house which give the whole thing a lot of charme. Rodizio is a Brazilian Churrascaria which is basically an all you can eat Restaurant.  The grilled meat is served fresh from the stick at your table. The service staff cuts of the desired slices of meat directly at the table with a very sharp knife. Periodically, the staff offers different sorts of meats to try out.

While that sounds great it took ages until some Cortadores (Waiter) make it to the table again. We might have had bad luck sitting outside and hence missing the most runs, bit we had been there 3 hours and did not really get much to try out.  The most meats tasted very good while some had been already cold and not been on the grill for long enought time. Something you wouldn´t expect on a 24,90€ pricetag.

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The side dishes had been alright, the trick is to eat not too many sides while waiting for the meat to come around, else you are full before the second round. What was brilliant however was the banana bread they served as a free complimentary startet. This bread and the different dips had been amazing. I would have loved to take some home with me.

Overall it is a pretty cool location with super friendly service, but unfortunately we had been unlucky with the meat and timings of it. Luckily the location and the brilliant service has saved them the total result. I will go back there at a later stage to see if we had been out of luck this day.

Review: Rodizio Baumhaus, Hannover
great ambiance, nice place
Good concept, sadly average meats
Extremely friendly and attentive Staff
A cool place with great service but slow and average food.

Rodizio Baumhaus, Hannover

  +49 511/72712584

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