Movie Review: The Magnificent Seven

the-magnificent-seven-0aA classic film reinvented with the cinematography of today.A well vision movie about the Old Wild West, the rustic feeling, the vibe, the scenery and the history re-imagine for viewers who love the nostalgia of cowboys and the west.

The movie started with Sam Chisolm, a well rounded gun man & bounty hunter (played by Denzel Washington) was hired by Emma Cullen, a simple farmer women (played by Haley Bennet) to get revenge and get back her hometown that was taken by the notorious industrialist Bartolomew Bogue, (played by Peter Sarsgaard). For that reason, Sam recruit camaraderies, to join and help him fire guns to this town stealers until they get what they deserve.

The first part of the movie, the recruitment of the six, is a bit long and makes the story line slowly develop until it reach the climax, which then they make it short, making it less entertaining.

They have casted top actors in which helps the movie and their characters create  well built personalities.

The end part and the climax is well directed,dose of action , gun fights, bullet shots and explosion, with talented actors who can do justice for their part making you feel every scene worth watching.

I would say the movie, ” Magnificent Seven” is a classic movie in modern vision, with perfect scenery shot of the Old West, well played characters that make the movie interesting,and a nostalgia of the movies enjoyed by the good old days.

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  3.0 Stars

The Magnificent Seven is starting in UAE cinemas on 22.09.16. Check out the Trailer below:

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