Movie Review: The Mechanic 2: Resurrection

Another new film hitting cinemas this week is The Mechanic 2: Resurrection. The sequel of the 2011 Action Movie The Mechanic. The movie stars again Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop in his well known role as the Mechanic. an elite assassin with a strict code and unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets. It’s a job that requires professional perfection and total detachment, and Bishop is the best in the business. New in this addition is Jessica Alba as Gina. She is mainly just good looking then really proving her acting skills, neither his her role really understandable or believable and its hard to sell that this is the reason he is bullied into doing all the kill jobs. The romantic connection between the two is completely nil. Tommy Lee Jones whose screen time could have been more in my opinion portrays a rather odd looking (Ozzy Osbourne alike) villain, but that is just the way villains have to look nowadays I guess.

mechanic-resurrection01However back to the critics, if  you are looking for Oscar worthy acting or dialogues than The Mechanic 2: Resurrection is certainly not the right movie for you. It is as well not going to reinvent the action genre or is bringing a massive change into an established formula.  But if you are looking for the typical Statham movie where plenty of bad guys get wasted in a number of ways by Statham, which is always entertaining somehow, than you are right in this movie. This sequel is another pretty decent entry into Stathams filmography that as well further pits him as one of the top action stars of this generation.

The CGI was partially too much and I would have preferred rather classic stunt work now and then, but nevertheless the movie is watch and enjoyable at all times.  The scenery is chosen well with great locations in Rio, Sydney and South East Asia. The pace of the movie is quick but a bit bumpy at times. But this doesn´t harm the entertainment factor.


I really enjoy Jason Statham films and hence liked The Mechanic 2: Resurrection quite a lot.  If you are not into the typical Statham movies

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  4.0 Stars


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