how much money Car Manufacturers make per car in 2016…

Back in 2012 and 2013 I wrote on how much car manufacturers ear per car they are selling. Well, now the figures are out now for 2016.

Manufacturer profit Margin profit per sold car Number of sold cars
Ford 8,7 Percent 1652 Euro 3,4 Millions
General Motors 8,6 Percent 1210 Euro 4,8 Millions
Toyota 8,0 Percent 1602 Euro 5,0 Millions
Peugeot-Citroen 6,8 Percent 855 Euro 1,5 Millions
Hyundai-Kia 6,0 Percent 755 Euro 3,9 Millions
Fiat-Chrysler 5,9 Percent 1330 Euro 2,3 Millions
Renault-Nissan 4,7 Percent 899 Euro 3,6 Millions
VW 4,5 Percent 801 Euro 5,2 Millions

while the profits compared to 2013 have increased overall you can see clearly winners and losers here, Renault had made a loss per car back in 2013 and now earns while VW has increased as well the revenue per car, but is in the list among the lowest earners.

The Premium Cars segment has its own rules of course.

Manufacturer profit Margin profit per sold car
Ferrari 18 Prozent 56 000 Euro
Porsche 16,7 Prozent 15 641 Euro
Jag-Landrover 7,0 Prozent 4068 Euro
Maserati 4,8 Prozent 4000 Euro
BMW 9,5 Prozent 3389 Euro
Audi 8,8 Prozent 3337 Euro
Mercedes 7,9 Prozent 3192 Euro
Volvo 6,7 Prozent 2340 Euro

Though Porsche is earning less money right now these are profits which are just huge.  In the first half of 2016 Ferrari sold his sports cars on an average of 310,250 euros per vehicle while Porsche was at 93,410 Euro and 83,615 Euro  onMaserati.

Ferrari has with whopping 18 percent by far the best profit margin in the premium market. This raises for Ferrari in the first half of 2016 earnings per vehicle of EUR 56 000!

Source: Center Automotive Research

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