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The story so far – this formula of the world of serials and television series has long been a fixture of narrative cinema. Movies come today like in series, and since there are always a lot of rework. So Almost programmatically “Jason Bourne”, the fifth part in a series about the same name CIA Agent starts with the murmur from the off set. “I remember everything” just not true. Jason Bourne does not remember anything. He only remembers scraps. This is also part of its program.

fixed-the-new-jason-bourne-posterHe must not know that his father was blown up in Beirut. It is best not to know that he once had to do with the CIA, because for American intelligence he has long become a nightmare reminiscent of long hushed secret programs. And now he clenches his fist to the melee in a time in which the Agency would like to potentially have their digital finger in place at all the places in the world. This asynchrony makes films about Jason Bourne, whose figure was invented in 1980 by the thriller-veteran Robert Ludlum, to good measuring instruments of the mood. In the fifth part of the relevant name for the current mood falls relatively soon. It is Edward Snowden. The whistleblower has once again changed the view of the intelligence services thoroughly. There have always been potentially dangerous double agents, but now that at least more enlightened contemporaries think of “national security” not only to espionage in exotic locations, but on their own mobile phone, is a “Central Intelligence Agency” the stronger subject, they could sacrifice patriotism for the privacy of their own citizens. The special agent is thereby a particular type of reformer.

His “sola fide” is however is retraining: he can think only of himself. In any case, at the end it becomes a modern subject: a man who quarrels with his program and hangs in the air. In the fourth part with Jeremy Renner in the lead role, the “Bourne” series had its special agents so cornered that a solution no longer seem plausible: If one’s own body heat betrays to the drone of the enemy, then you are just as good at hiding in a cave for an eternal sleep.

The central premise is now clearly: power to act. A hero like Jason Bourne acts for himself, even now, as the network of monitoring further tightens continuously. he is discovered after he has entered Europe at the Greek-Albanian border, in Athens. Bourne comes as a refugee, and in this respect he is a picture puzzle: an elite functionary of a superpower he landed on the other side, the army of the Nameless. As for the people behind the screens he is recognizable. They are soon on his track after his ally Nicky Parsons connects an old hard drive to a computer in Iceland, which reports this immediately to Langley, Virginia.

Jason Bourne (2016)The “Bourne” movies are all about physical movement, which takes on the digital ubiquity. On the streets of Berlin, London or Goa someone is running for his life, while people with mice and headsets in the operational centers play the game with the movement patterns. Since it always is the same processes, there are often more changes to be seen in the user interfaces – where it is one of the conventions that also encrypted contents are labeled neatly. The Audience is reading…

The Hollywood cinema as a visual medium drives the alienation of users ahead of the processes. Particularly exciting in this aspect is a casual episode in “Jason Bourne” in which an agent of the distance uses a mobile phone close by the scene to delete the data from the computer on which Jason Bourne is just trying to reconstruct his story. The screen goes black, a clear sign for him that he has to keep moving.

You can understand it as programmatically and quite possible that the final chase in “Jason Bourne” takes place in on the boulevard of Las Vegas, in restored analog conditions. The control and access dispositifs are turned off, Bourne alternately steps on the accelerator and the brake. This however leads to a funny binary code as a results: starting and outbraking results not in halt, but in total freedom.

What happened so far, is what will always happen , when it comes to the question of the “Agency”. The institutions want robots, but the programming is never perfect. This results in open spaces, similar to those after the fall. “Jason Bourne”, the fifth part in the series, is trying to remember something that is only invisible to the hero. The audience is privy to everything because it has seen in detail in four long films what Bourne occurs repeatedly in the minds. That with the return of Matt Damon in his signature role still no boredom comes up has mainly to do with the thieving pleasure that we have when we see Agencies , against which nobody would have the slightest chance to trick, are taken out by this single man.

Conclusion: For me this is a brilliant movie and a must watch if you are into action and spy films.

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  5.0 Stars


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