These are the 10 largest airports in the world!

It’s just a stereotype that Americans are travel muffles. They do travel, but just prefer it in their own country. This shows the list of the ten largest airports in the world: Four of them are in the US. If one counts however only international passengers, the Dubai Airport is at the forefront, followed by London and Hong Kong, as the current Worldwide Airport Traffic Report of Airports Council International (ACI) shows the determined passenger numbers totaling 1144 airports worldwide for 2015.

All airports in the top ten recorded 2015 growth. Total passenger numbers rose year on year by 6.1 percent. And the trend is very likely to continue in the coming years. Many airports face this with new terminals being build.

10. Dallas/Fort Worth

The home base and hub of American Airlines serve as the other three US airports in the top ten, especially air travel within the country. Last year, 64.07 million passengers were handled here. That amounted to 0.9 percent more than the year before.


9. Paris Charles-de-Gaulle

The “concrete-Camembert” has become a bit old, but he still has the taste of the future, although many travelers called the Airport “confusing”. Since 1974, start the French and all who fly with Air France, the futuristic Terminal 1 of the airport Charles de Gaulle. Meanwhile, the terminal was renovated with its satellites and greatly expanded the airport. Nearly 65.77 million passengers got here, 2015, from or

8. Hongkong

With a growth of 8.2 percent and now 68.28 million passengers the airport of Hong Kong is one of the most important in Asia. Cathay Pacific flies from here to more than 50 airports around the world. Overall, the Airport is served by some 100 airlines which drive 190 goals, including 50 in the Chinese mainland.hongkong

7. Los Angeles

The hub of California is probably the most sung airport in the world. Many of the nearly 74,940,000 passengers buzzing probably still  “L.A. International Airport “, the catchy tune of country singer Susan Raye from the 1970s on the approach.

6. London Heathrow

While London Heathrow with around 73.4 million passengers handled , landed last year in third place, it fell this year despite 2.2 percent more passengers – in numbers: around 74.99 – to sixth place only.

5. Tokio Haneda

The according to Official Airline Guide (OAG) most punctual major airport in the world ranking in terms of passenger figures on rank 5. Around 75.32 million passengers were handled according to ACI 2015 here. And up to the Summer Olympics 2020, capacity is expected to increase significantly.

4. Chicago

The O’Hare Airport, named after a pilot in World War II, is the gateway to the US Midwest. Above all,  United Airlines uses it as a hub. In 2015 it landed and took off and landed here around 76.95 million passengers.

3. Dubai

Many passengers flying to East and Southeast Asia, to India or Australia, stopover in Dubai. The Airport recorded 10.7 percent more passengers  in 2015 compared to last year and ended up with about 78,01 passengers in third place. In international passenger comparison the airport landed , as well as in the previous year, on the first

2. Beijing

In 1978 the international capital airport in Beijing carrie just over 1 million passengers, in 2012 there were already nearly 82 million, and in 2014 the airport already came to 86.1 million travelers. A big push brought the Terminal 3 designed by star architect Norman Foster, which doubled the number of passengers before the Olympic Games of 2008. In the current ranking Beijing airport managed with a volume of nearly 89.94 million passengers to hit on the 2nd place.

1. Atlanta International Airport

The world’s largest hub lays in Atlanta – and that for the 18th time in a row. Around 101 490 000 (!) Passengers started or ended in 2015 to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in the US state of Georgia. Thus, the airport has for the first time cracked the 100 million mark.

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