Akamai presents the latest Global Average Internet Connection Speeds

The latest quarterly Global Average Connection Speed Report by Akamdai is out, and it shows a quarterly global increase of 8,6% to 5,6Mbps.  South Korea remains in the Top Spot of the list with the highest speeds followed by Sweden and Norway.  The US comes in on 14th and Germany on position 22 with an average speed of 12.9Mbps.


The UAE reaches with 6.9 Mbps the 55th spot on the list while Brazil is down on 88th position.  The Philippines even make it to position 107 ony with an average speed of 3.2Mbps.

So if you choose the place of living based on the internet speed, than the UAE is not the best place to be, specially if you compare how much you pay for this pretty bad service. South Korea really seems an option here.

If you are interested in the Full list you should check out Akamai´s website here: [LINK]

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